Place cards can be a fun way to give out wedding favors, and they’re elegant as well as being functional. They allow guests to know precisely where they should be sitting, but they’re not the only option. This fun alternative to wedding place cards can be created easily and is a really fresh way to let guests know where to sit.

Wedding Place Cards
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What You’ll Need

One small canvas for each chair, or a thick piece of cardstock for each chair.

2 Yards of thick (1 inch or larger) ribbon for each chair.

Paint, or a Printer

Hot glue

How to Create Wedding Chair Seating Cards

Using your seating chart as a list, either paint the names (if you have fantastic handwriting) on the canvases or print the names using your favorite font onto the cardstock. Glue the cardstock or canvas to the center of the ribbon so you have an equal amount at the top and the bottom. (See illustration.)

Place Card Illustration

Bring the top part of the ribbon down over the back of the chair. Bring it down the back so that it meets the bottom ribbon, and then tie in a large bow. This is an attractive, elegant alternative to a place card that you can do yourself without a lot of hassle.

If you feel your wedding reception tables are lacking in some way, try these tips to take your wedding reception tables from drab to fabulous! You might even end up transforming the entire look of your reception.

Many couples end up hunting for tips to transform their wedding reception tables when they’ve done all they can do decor wise but still feel something is missing. Even when you work with a professional wedding coordinator, you can end up feeling dissatisfied with the outcome of your table decor choices at the last minute. Whatever reason you’re running into a decor road block, there are some tips you can use to help transform your wedding reception tables from drab to fabulous, and many of them are simple to implement.

Tips for Transforming Your Wedding Reception Tables from Drab to Fabulous
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Use the following tips for transforming your wedding reception tables from boring to all that and a bag of chips!

Make your place settings personal—Here’s a fun way to enhance your reception tables and give them a unique spin. Try making your place settings personal. Do this by using photo place card holders with different photos of you and your partner in each one, or have your napkin rings or linens customized with a special message or symbol of some sort. Whatever you do, use your place settings to enhance the look of your tables by making them unique to your theme and your personality.

Tips for Transforming Your Wedding Reception Tables from Drab to Fabulous
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Tips for Transforming Your Wedding Reception Tables from Drab to Fabulous
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Enhance with unique favors—Another way to kick up the look of your reception tables a notch is to pick out wedding favors that also act as decor pieces. While most wedding favors double as decor pieces, some are more decorative than others and have the power to accentuate the reception’s theme much better than others. Some are so unique that they can even take your table decor from okay to excellent. Consider key chains, candles, and bagged or boxed edible favors that complement your theme, whether it’s music, art, or a cultural theme.

Tips for Transforming Your Wedding Reception Tables from Drab to Fabulous

Rethink your centerpieces—One of the most obvious yet important ways to transform your wedding reception tables is to rethink your centerpieces. Your centerpieces are the first thing your guests will notice when they enter the room and spot your tables. If you had to choose small flower arrangements due to budget, consider adding candles or other decorative pieces around the arrangements to add a little extra something to the tables. If you can afford to add more flowers or have a unique, abstract arrangement put in place, these changes will also help transform your wedding reception tables from drab to fabulous.

Tips for Transforming Your Wedding Reception Tables from Drab to Fabulous

Tips for Transforming Your Wedding Reception Tables from Drab to Fabulous
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Have you hired a wedding coordinator and put together all of your wedding reception details but still feel like something is missing from your decor or theme? Try some of these tips to turn your reception from drab to fabulous.

Decorating your wedding reception is no easy task, but using tips that can turn your reception from drab to fabulous makes the planning process a little easier. There are so many details to put together when you’re decorating your reception, no matter how large or small your occasion will be. From the place settings and linens to the floral arrangements and chair covers, pulling together a beautiful look for your reception is a lot of work, and even after all of that work, you still might feel like your reception decor is lacking in some way. Try the following tips to put those special, finishing touches on your reception decor:

Select attention-grabbing wedding favors—Wedding favors might seem like small details, but they have the potential to pack a lot of punch when it comes to your reception decor. The beauty is in the details! Guests take notice, and how can they not? When you choose stylish, unique wedding favors, your table place settings stand out and steal the show. Try using personalized favors or practical favors with chic designs to really amp up your reception’s style.

Express your personality—When it comes to decorating and turning a drab occasion into a memorable, spectacular party, personality is everything. From the the details you use in your floral arrangements to the decorative accents you place around the gift and cake tables, incorporating touches of your personality instantly transforms the look of an event. Try placing your favorite candies in decorative dishes around the tables, or provide each guest with their own personal CD that is complied with your personal music playlist.

Add unique, personal touches throughout the reception location—From the moment your guests walk through the door, you should add unique touches to your reception space. You can do this from the entryway to the tables and place settings. For example, try hanging a vintage-style clothing line over your entryway table and clip your seating cards on clothespins. You can also place photos of you and the groom on the tables with a blank scrapbook, some supplies, and a Polaroid camera. Everyone at the table can take their own photos along with the photos you provided and create a scrapbook of the wedding to take home with them or gift to you. This is a great activity for guests in between dancing and meals and it makes a wonderful conversation starter. This is one of the many tips you can use to turn your reception from drab to fabulous.

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It’s hard to know who should pay for what in a wedding when there are tons of different traditional rules that tell us what the groom’s family should pay for and what the bride’s family should pay for. It’s enough to make any bride go a little crazy!

Fortunately, those traditional rules are just that—tradition. Although they represent the standard way to pay for things in a wedding, you and your partner can choose to fund your wedding however you wish.

For example, you may like the idea of splitting the costs 50/50, or maybe your parents aren’t as comfortable financially as your partner’s family, so your partner’s family is more capable of helping out with the expenses.

By all means, if circumstances such as these impact the way you intend on paying for your wedding, then feel free to make your own rules. After all, what matters is that it is being paid for, right? The details aren’t important.

So, Who Should Pay for What in a Wedding?

Still, if both you and your partner’s family are financially capable of paying for the wedding according to traditional responsibilities, here are some of the most common rules of thumb for who should pay for what in a wedding.

The Bride’s Family:

Gown, veil, and accessories

Floral arrangements

Photography and videography

Reception services

Church, ceremony spot, or synagogue

Transportation and invites




The Groom’s Family:

All-inclusive honeymoon

Rehearsal dinner tab and rehearsal dinner event location

Bride’s engagement and wedding ring (including any size changes, alterations, or custom design)

Bride’s bouquet and going-away corsage, as well as corsages for women in the bridal party

Boutonnieres for the fathers, grandfathers, and groomsmen

Marriage license and officiant fee

Groom’s tux, clothing accessories, and honeymoon attire

It also helps to keep in mind those items and services that neither the bride nor the groom are typically responsible for, such as the bridal party’s attire and accessories, hair appointments, or fitting appointments.

Unless you and your partner are very comfortable financially and would like to take care of these things for your bridal party, they are expected to take financial responsibility for them on their own. Keep these basic traditions in mind when deciding who should pay for what in a wedding.

Wedding planning stress can be a real bummer. Don’t let it take all of the fun out of the wedding planning process! Try these tips to blow off some steam before you walk down the aisle.

If you’re on the verge of pulling your hair out because of wedding planning stress, it’s time to slow down and blow off some steam before the wedding day. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the wedding planning process and to let your downtime fall by the wayside. However, if you don’t take some time for yourself during the planning process, you’ll quickly fall victim to wedding stress burnout, and there’s nothing fun about that! After all, planning your wedding should be fun, so don’t let the stress that accompanies the planning take all of the enjoyment out of the experience.

Here three effective ways to blow off steam before the wedding day:

Take some time for solitude. One of the best ways to blow off some of that wedding stress is to take some “you” time. Slip away to your favorite spot at the beach for a day, grab a good book and hit the pool, or go treat yourself to a day of pampering. Surround yourself with peace and quiet and take some time to reflect on your life and the things you’re grateful for.

Get moving. Without a doubt, the best way to kill stress before the wedding day is to get active and exercise. Kick up the intensity of your daily workouts or work more cardio into your routine. You can also take a yoga class a few weeks before the big day to help strengthen your muscles and clear your head. Make exercise a habit and you’ll find that managing your wedding day stress is much easier.

Paint the town. Another surefire way to blow off steam before the wedding day is to paint the town with a girlfriend or two. Go shopping, have some dinner and some drinks, and have a few laughs. Nothing kicks wedding planning stress to the curb like a fun night out!

Let your hair down and blow off steam before the wedding day with these three easy tips.

Are you looking for decor or theme inspiration for your wedding day? Using sweet treats such as cupcakes is a great way to incorporate fun, feminine touches into your decor, dessert, and more. Here are some reasons to consider going cupcake crazy on your wedding day.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or you simply love to bake, if you’re looking for a fun, colorful theme for your wedding day, using cupcakes is a great way to enhance your wedding’s decor and please your guests’ taste buds. Cupcake decor items are everywhere when it comes to wedding decor. From favors and cupcake-themed wedding cakes to candy shop retro themes, cupcake accents can be used for a number of things on your wedding day.

Here are a few ways you can go cupcake crazy on your wedding day:

Cupcake bars—One popular way to incorporate these sweet treats into your wedding is to have a full-service cupcake bar. You can hire your caterer or baker to set this up according to your needs, and some vendors even provide this as a specialty service. Each guest can help themselves at the “bar” by choosing their own kind of icing, toppings, and cake flavor, much like an ice cream parlor. One thing to keep in mind with this option is price—it can be a hefty, additional expense depending on how elaborate of a setup you choose.

Personalized cupcake favors—An easy way to share something sweet with your guests is to send them home with personalized cupcake favors. This is a fun way to incorporate cupcakes on your wedding day that doesn’t require you to have an all-out cupcake theme. You can simply use cupcake favors to complement your wedding theme or color schemes. Choose wedding favor boxes that can be customized with designs and messages of your choice, and package miniature or full-size cupcakes in the boxes for your guests to take home.

Faux cupcakes—There are plenty of great ways to incorporate a little cupcake madness on your wedding day that don’t involve any calories! Try using accents such as the Sweet Little Cupcake Design Lip Gloss favors, Cupcake Place Card Holders, or Cupcake Candle favors. These items can dress up your reception tables and gift your guests at the same time, giving everyone a chance to go cupcake crazy on your wedding day!

wedding favors
Sweet Little Cupcake Design Lip Gloss Favors
cupcake favors
Cupcake Placecard Holders
wedding favor ideas
Yummy! Cupcake Candle Favors

Whether you’re on a strict budget or just want to save a little cash on your wedding, these simple and easy money-saving tips for your wedding reception can help you avoid busting your budget. 

Using money-saving tips for your wedding reception doesn’t mean you have to have a boring or cheap-looking wedding. With a little research, a little time, and a lot of careful decision making, you can have a beautiful wedding that won’t bust your budget. Check out these easy money-saving tips for your wedding reception to find out how.

The Flowers

Flowers can easily be one of the most expensive items on your wedding reception budget, which makes these money-saving tips for your wedding reception so important. First, avoid scheduling your wedding date on or near a holiday. Flower prices are often higher during holiday seasons. Secondly, choose flowers that are in season. You can also save money by choosing flowers that are locally grown. Finally, you can also replace real flowers with silk flowers, which are an affordable and beautiful alternative.

The Table

Place settings can still be beautiful when you follow these easy money-saving tips for your wedding reception. Choose dishes that are trimmed with gold, use tea light candles to illuminate the dining area, and double your wedding favors as place settings by personalizing them.

The Food

Food is another big expense factored into your wedding budget. To help cut the cost, consider purchasing pre-made food trays in family sizes at your local grocery store and set up a buffet-style wedding. Request the assistance of family and friends for preparing the dishes. Another option is to consider asking family and friends to help make homemade dishes.

If the aforementioned tips seem a little too casual for your wedding, try taking a careful look at the menu items offered by the catering service. Chicken is often a better choice than beef in the matter of cost, making this one of the easiest money-saving tips for saving cash on your wedding expenses, even if you are planning a formal wedding.

Struggling to find that perfect wedding theme for your big day? Check out these beautiful inspirations that can easily create the perfect wedding theme for your wedding. 

Whether your wedding event is set to be casual, semi-formal, or formal, you can find beautiful inspirations for your wedding theme almost anywhere. From your childhood passions to the place he proposed, finding that perfect theme is only a step of creativity away. Need some help finding that inspiration? Check out these beautiful inspirations for your wedding theme.


Were you infatuated by butterflies as a little girl? Why not use these colorful and graceful creatures as beautiful inspirations for your wedding theme? Butterflies are becoming an increasingly popular wedding theme, but they aren’t so popular that your wedding will seem common or typical. Butterflies can be incorporated into almost any kind of decor. Butterfly cookies, origami butterflies at each place setting, bright colors, miniature butterflies on your wedding bouquet or the desert table, and even butterfly headpieces for flower girls are just a few ideas.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and they also make beautiful inspirations for your wedding theme. Glass charms and beads that are crafted to look like diamonds can be used at place settings, on your wedding invitations, and on your bouquet. Complement the diamonds with silver lettering and silver accents on everything from your reception tables to the lettering and border of your place cards.

Secret Garden

Whether you’re a nature lover or just have an admiration for beautiful flowers, gardens can make one of the most extravagant and colorful inspirations for your wedding. Create a garden trellis as a backdrop for your dessert table, add tasty and colorful fondant flowers to your wedding cake, offer topiary flowers to your wedding guests as favors, or choose brightly-colored fabrics for your wedding to incorporate these beautiful inspirations for your wedding theme.

Linen and Lace

Linen and lace lend to a very delicate and have a vintage feel. Create a full-on vintage wedding with antique car wedding favors and soda shop wedding favors, or simply allow the vintage theme to make itself known through the minor details, like traditional wedding invites and lace-fringed napkins. These beautiful inspirations for your wedding theme have endless possibilities and offer tons of flexibility.

There are plenty of easy ways to match your favors to your fall wedding theme, but start with these basic tips to make sure you end up with the results you’re looking for.

Coordinating your favors with your fall wedding is just one tiny part of planning the look of your wedding theme and décor, but it makes a big difference in the overall appearance of your reception. Coordinating your favors with your fall wedding will also leave an impression on your guests, from the minute they arrive at your reception to long after they go home. If you want to coordinate your fall wedding favors with your wedding décor to accentuate its theme, keep the following tips in mind.

Choose Fall-Themed Favors

This is wedding coordination 101! An element as simple as a wedding favor can make a big impact on how your décor is perceived, so start by choosing wedding favors that have specific fall themes. You can find everything from candy tins and kitchen utensils, coaster sets, personalized coffee mugs, and even yummy warm coffee or tea brews that come in autumn-themed packaging.

DIY and Edible Fall Favors

If you can’t decide on favors that have designs with obvious fall themes, consider making your own favors that are related to the season in some way. Edible favors are ideal because the season is full of cooking and baking, and they offer very versatile options for presenting to your guests.

Stick to a Maximum of Two or Three Colors

Whether you choose fall-themed novelty favors or you take the plunge with DIY fall favors, you can make coordinating your favors with your fall wedding much easier by sticking to one color scheme. Plan ahead when choosing your ceremony and reception décor and opt for two (or three maximum) colors to work with.

If your table linens, floral arrangements, and place setting décor are all based around two colors, your reception will be versatile enough for you to find fall wedding favors to match. Keep things simple and work within your color scheme when coordinating your fall favors with your fall wedding.