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An Alternative to Wedding Reception Place Cards: DIY

Place cards can be a fun way to give out wedding favors, and they’re elegant as well as being functional. They allow guests to know precisely where they should be sitting, but they’re not the only option. This fun alternative to wedding place cards can be created easily and is a really fresh way to […]

Tips for Transforming Your Wedding Reception Tables from Drab to Fabulous

If you feel your wedding reception tables are lacking in some way, try these tips to take your wedding reception tables from drab to fabulous! You might even end up transforming the entire look of your reception. Many couples end up hunting for tips to transform their wedding reception tables when they’ve done all they […]

Tips for Turning Your Reception from Drab to Fabulous

Have you hired a wedding coordinator and put together all of your wedding reception details but still feel like something is missing from your decor or theme? Try some of these tips to turn your reception from drab to fabulous. Decorating your wedding reception is no easy task, but using tips that can turn your […]

Who Should Pay for What in a Wedding?

It’s hard to know who should pay for what in a wedding when there are tons of different traditional rules that tell us what the groom’s family should pay for and what the bride’s family should pay for. It’s enough to make any bride go a little crazy! Fortunately, those traditional rules are just that—tradition. […]

Three Ways to Blow Off Steam Before the Wedding Day

Wedding planning stress can be a real bummer. Don’t let it take all of the fun out of the wedding planning process! Try these tips to blow off some steam before you walk down the aisle. If you’re on the verge of pulling your hair out because of wedding planning stress, it’s time to slow […]

Go Cupcake Crazy on Your Wedding Day

Are you looking for decor or theme inspiration for your wedding day? Using sweet treats such as cupcakes is a great way to incorporate fun, feminine touches into your decor, dessert, and more. Here are some reasons to consider going cupcake crazy on your wedding day. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you simply […]

Easy Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding Reception

Whether you’re on a strict budget or just want to save a little cash on your wedding, these simple and easy money-saving tips for your wedding reception can help you avoid busting your budget.  Using money-saving tips for your wedding reception doesn’t mean you have to have a boring or cheap-looking wedding. With a little […]

Beautiful Inspirations for Your Wedding Theme

Struggling to find that perfect wedding theme for your big day? Check out these beautiful inspirations that can easily create the perfect wedding theme for your wedding.  Whether your wedding event is set to be casual, semi-formal, or formal, you can find beautiful inspirations for your wedding theme almost anywhere. From your childhood passions to […]

Coordinating Your Favors with Your Fall Wedding

There are plenty of easy ways to match your favors to your fall wedding theme, but start with these basic tips to make sure you end up with the results you’re looking for. Coordinating your favors with your fall wedding is just one tiny part of planning the look of your wedding theme and décor, […]

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