An Alternative to Wedding Reception Place Cards: DIY

Place cards can be a fun way to give out wedding favors, and they’re elegant as well as being functional. They allow guests to know precisely where they should be sitting, but they’re not the only option. This fun alternative to wedding place cards can be created easily and is a really fresh way to let guests know where to sit.

Wedding Place Cards
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What You’ll Need

One small canvas for each chair, or a thick piece of cardstock for each chair.

2 Yards of thick (1 inch or larger) ribbon for each chair.

Paint, or a Printer

Hot glue

How to Create Wedding Chair Seating Cards

Using your seating chart as a list, either paint the names (if you have fantastic handwriting) on the canvases or print the names using your favorite font onto the cardstock. Glue the cardstock or canvas to the center of the ribbon so you have an equal amount at the top and the bottom. (See illustration.)

Place Card Illustration

Bring the top part of the ribbon down over the back of the chair. Bring it down the back so that it meets the bottom ribbon, and then tie in a large bow. This is an attractive, elegant alternative to a place card that you can do yourself without a lot of hassle.