Tips for Turning Your Reception from Drab to Fabulous

Have you hired a wedding coordinator and put together all of your wedding reception details but still feel like something is missing from your decor or theme? Try some of these tips to turn your reception from drab to fabulous.

Decorating your wedding reception is no easy task, but using tips that can turn your reception from drab to fabulous makes the planning process a little easier. There are so many details to put together when you’re decorating your reception, no matter how large or small your occasion will be. From the place settings and linens to the floral arrangements and chair covers, pulling together a beautiful look for your reception is a lot of work, and even after all of that work, you still might feel like your reception decor is lacking in some way. Try the following tips to put those special, finishing touches on your reception decor:

Select attention-grabbing wedding favors—Wedding favors might seem like small details, but they have the potential to pack a lot of punch when it comes to your reception decor. The beauty is in the details! Guests take notice, and how can they not? When you choose stylish, unique wedding favors, your table place settings stand out and steal the show. Try using personalized favors or practical favors with chic designs to really amp up your reception’s style.

Express your personality—When it comes to decorating and turning a drab occasion into a memorable, spectacular party, personality is everything. From the the details you use in your floral arrangements to the decorative accents you place around the gift and cake tables, incorporating touches of your personality instantly transforms the look of an event. Try placing your favorite candies in decorative dishes around the tables, or provide each guest with their own personal CD that is complied with your personal music playlist.

Add unique, personal touches throughout the reception location—From the moment your guests walk through the door, you should add unique touches to your reception space. You can do this from the entryway to the tables and place settings. For example, try hanging a vintage-style clothing line over your entryway table and clip your seating cards on clothespins. You can also place photos of you and the groom on the tables with a blank scrapbook, some supplies, and a Polaroid camera. Everyone at the table can take their own photos along with the photos you provided and create a scrapbook of the wedding to take home with them or gift to you. This is a great activity for guests in between dancing and meals and it makes a wonderful conversation starter. This is one of the many tips you can use to turn your reception from drab to fabulous.

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