Go Cupcake Crazy on Your Wedding Day

Are you looking for decor or theme inspiration for your wedding day? Using sweet treats such as cupcakes is a great way to incorporate fun, feminine touches into your decor, dessert, and more. Here are some reasons to consider going cupcake crazy on your wedding day.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or you simply love to bake, if you’re looking for a fun, colorful theme for your wedding day, using cupcakes is a great way to enhance your wedding’s decor and please your guests’ taste buds. Cupcake decor items are everywhere when it comes to wedding decor. From favors and cupcake-themed wedding cakes to candy shop retro themes, cupcake accents can be used for a number of things on your wedding day.

Here are a few ways you can go cupcake crazy on your wedding day:

Cupcake bars—One popular way to incorporate these sweet treats into your wedding is to have a full-service cupcake bar. You can hire your caterer or baker to set this up according to your needs, and some vendors even provide this as a specialty service. Each guest can help themselves at the “bar” by choosing their own kind of icing, toppings, and cake flavor, much like an ice cream parlor. One thing to keep in mind with this option is price—it can be a hefty, additional expense depending on how elaborate of a setup you choose.

Personalized cupcake favors—An easy way to share something sweet with your guests is to send them home with personalized cupcake favors. This is a fun way to incorporate cupcakes on your wedding day that doesn’t require you to have an all-out cupcake theme. You can simply use cupcake favors to complement your wedding theme or color schemes. Choose wedding favor boxes that can be customized with designs and messages of your choice, and package miniature or full-size cupcakes in the boxes for your guests to take home.

Faux cupcakes—There are plenty of great ways to incorporate a little cupcake madness on your wedding day that don’t involve any calories! Try using accents such as the Sweet Little Cupcake Design Lip Gloss favors, Cupcake Place Card Holders, or Cupcake Candle favors. These items can dress up your reception tables and gift your guests at the same time, giving everyone a chance to go cupcake crazy on your wedding day!

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