Coordinating Your Favors with Your Fall Wedding

There are plenty of easy ways to match your favors to your fall wedding theme, but start with these basic tips to make sure you end up with the results you’re looking for.

Coordinating your favors with your fall wedding is just one tiny part of planning the look of your wedding theme and décor, but it makes a big difference in the overall appearance of your reception. Coordinating your favors with your fall wedding will also leave an impression on your guests, from the minute they arrive at your reception to long after they go home. If you want to coordinate your fall wedding favors with your wedding décor to accentuate its theme, keep the following tips in mind.

Choose Fall-Themed Favors

This is wedding coordination 101! An element as simple as a wedding favor can make a big impact on how your décor is perceived, so start by choosing wedding favors that have specific fall themes. You can find everything from candy tins and kitchen utensils, coaster sets, personalized coffee mugs, and even yummy warm coffee or tea brews that come in autumn-themed packaging.

DIY and Edible Fall Favors

If you can’t decide on favors that have designs with obvious fall themes, consider making your own favors that are related to the season in some way. Edible favors are ideal because the season is full of cooking and baking, and they offer very versatile options for presenting to your guests.

Stick to a Maximum of Two or Three Colors

Whether you choose fall-themed novelty favors or you take the plunge with DIY fall favors, you can make coordinating your favors with your fall wedding much easier by sticking to one color scheme. Plan ahead when choosing your ceremony and reception décor and opt for two (or three maximum) colors to work with.

If your table linens, floral arrangements, and place setting décor are all based around two colors, your reception will be versatile enough for you to find fall wedding favors to match. Keep things simple and work within your color scheme when coordinating your fall favors with your fall wedding.