A beach is the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding and reception. With plenty of sunshine, water and sand, your beach only needs some unique décor to make it outstanding. Consider these unique ideas for beach wedding décor when planning your romantic beach wedding.

Abalone Shells

Abalone shells are a wonderful decorative accent for a beach wedding, and feature a gorgeous mother-of-pearl coating on the inside. They can be placed on tables, filled with a little sand, and then used to hold candles. When turned upside down, they make such a great container that they can also be used to hold tiny flower arrangements for each guest.

Abalone Shell Alter Decor
Photo Source: valleyandcoblog.com
Abalone Shell Chair Decor
Photo Source: briggsphotography.com


Driftwood is a beautiful and natural accessory that can be used many different ways for beach wedding décor. Brides can glue tealight candles to larger “branches” of driftwood for an elegant candle display, and bundles of driftwood can be tied with raffia and placed as table centerpieces. Include a few colorful flowers and you’ve got a gorgeous centerpiece that works very well for a beach wedding.

Driftwood and Flower Centerpiece
Photo Source: diy-enthusiasts.com
Driftwood and Flower Aisle Decor
Photo Source: yvonnedesign.com


Umbrellas can make an ordinary beach wedding into an extraordinary affair. Large umbrellas can be purchased or rented to provide shade for guests as the couple says their vows. Colorful drink umbrellas can also be used to decorate tables and dress up foods in a tropical beach wedding.

Parasols for Wedding Guests
Photo Source: juliemikos.com
Umbrella Wedding Decor
Photo Source: secrets.rainadawnevents.com

Large Garden Poles

Garden polls with hooks normally designed to hold planters can double as lantern or hanging candle holders at a beach wedding. They’re great as aisle markers that the bride will walk through as she meets her future husband at the altar. Although they traditionally come in black, they can be painted in the bride’s wedding colors easily.

Garden Pole and Flower Aisle Decor
Photo Source: bookmadlove.com
Garden Pole Aisle Decor
Photo Source: prwedding.com

Messages in a Bottle

Few things are more romantic than a message in a bottle, and they make fantastic beach wedding décor. They can be used as table décor, and with careful construction, can even be used as place cards for each guest.

Message in a Bottle Decor
Photo Source: partyresources.blogspot.ca

Beach weddings are beautiful and memorable, and with the right décor, can be breathtaking. Consider these décor elements for your beach wedding, and let your creativity and imagination run wild.

If you’ve chosen your flower girl and your ring bearer, you’re probably super excited to see them in action. You can make their job more fun and add some cute details to your wedding with these fun ideas!

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl
Photo Source: logancoleblog.com

Love Note

Send a love note down the aisle with your ring bearer or flower girl and instruct them to give it to the groom. It can say whatever you’d like! Try something like, “I can’t wait to kiss you,” or “I can’t wait to be your wife.”


Give the flower girl a flag to carry or if you have 2 flower girls, give them a banner that says, “Here Comes the Bride.” This is super cute and a charming touch to your wedding.

Flower Girls with Banner
Photo Source: http://thestarryeyedbride.tumblr.com/


As the flower girl goes down the aisle with her basket of petals, have her select a few guests to present flowers to! This is a charming gesture and will really delight your guests. You can do the same with the ring bearer!

Themed Weddings

Make the most of your themed weddings by dressing your flower girl appropriately. For instance, for a country wedding, dress your flower girl in cowgirl boots and a tutu! For a hollywood wedding, give her oversized sunglasses and a head scarf. This is super cute and a great way to play up those themes.

Flower Girl in Tutu Dress with Flag
Photo Source: bridalguide.com

For Older “Flower Girls”

If you want to include a young girl who is too old to be a flower girl, ask her to be your junior bridesmaid. This is perfect for a girl between the ages of 10 and 16. Her dress can be more age-appropriate, and she could walk hand in hand with an older ring bearer.

These fun ideas will delight your flower girl and ring bearer, and will add a touch of charm and a lot of “cute” to your wedding!

A relatively new idea when it comes to weddings is to skip paper invitations and give wedding video invitations to your friends and family members. If it sounds odd, you’re not alone. It’s not going to be found on any wedding etiquette list, but it may be a fun idea for you and your spouse, and there are some definite advantages.

How it’s Done

It’s rather simple, really. You and your future spouse create a fun and unique little video that invites friends and family members to your wedding. The video details the time, location, date, and all the other information you’d normally include on a wedding invitation. Then, you send the video electronically or place it on CDs and send those to the invited individuals.


It’s a fun, cute and unique idea that you can really have fun with. It’s a great way to save money because you won’t have to order custom-made invitations. It’s also perfect for an eco-friendly couple, as you’re saving a ton of paper by eliminating paper invitations, stamps and envelopes. You can suggest that guests RSVP via your wedding website or email. You can also get a lot more information into the videos than you’d be able to get into a written invitation, and it’ll give your guests a nice snapshot into your life as a couple and what they’re going to expect from the wedding.

If you’re a non-traditional bride and groom who love doing unique things, this is a perfect way to invite friends and family members to your wedding.

If you’ve seen those cute DIY vintage wedding signs floating around Pinterest, you know how adorable they look at a rustic or even a shabby chic wedding. The great news is that they’re super easy to make, even if you don’t have any vintage wood lying around.

Vintage Wedding Signs

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Coffee grounds (you can use the ones you brewed coffee with already)
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 White paint marker (to create the lettering on the sign)
  • 1 sign post or easel
  • 1 steel wool
  • Nails and hammer, or staple gun
  • 1 2×2 wood post (only $3 at Lowes or Home Depot)

Okay, now what?

  1. Start by adding the coffee grounds to the vinegar. Allow it to sit overnight until the vinegar soaks up the color of the grains. Don’t be stingy with the coffee grounds.
  2. Use the steel wool to apply the vinegar mixture to the wood. Rub the steel wool against the wood in circular motions, allowing the vinegar to stain the wood. The result will be a deep, muted brown that looks like vintage varnished wood.
  3. Let dry for at least 24 hours.
  4. Start painting! (You may want to write our your text in pencil lightly first to make sure your spacing works well)
  5. Nail or staple the wood to your post, or set on easel.

You can also embellish the sign with ribbon, bows, flowers or lace to make it more unique.

It’s just that easy – and your sign will have that same vintage look but without the years and years of aging. These signs are great for pointing out various parts of the wedding (food, restrooms, dancing, etc.) and are really impressive!

Vintage Wooden Wedding Sign
Photo Source: leahmceachernphotography.com

Winter weddings are magical, and the perfect wedding color palette can make it even more amazing. If you haven’t quite decided on the wedding color palette for your winter wedding, these 5 ideas should provide you with some inspiration.

Blush Pink, Silver and Gray

These colors are perfect for winter, as they have a certain “frosty” feel. They’re also great for the bride who wants a bit of a feminine feel for her wedding. The pink and silver colors also provide a lot of fantastic possibilities when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses and décor.

Blush Pink, Silver and Gray Color Scheme

Gold, Teal and Ivory

This couple used a muted teal combined with pretty ivory and luxurious gold to create the perfect winter wedding color palette. The result of the color combination is a vintage feel that is really great for the winter season.

Gold, Teal and Ivory Wedding Colors
Photo Source: artsyweddingblog.com

Cranberry, Taupe and Gray

This wedding color palette is festive and beautiful; perfect for winter. The base colors, which are taupe and gray, provide a neutral foundation while the cranberry gives the perfect pop of rich color.

Cranberry, Taupe, and Gray Winter Wedding Colors
Photo Source: theperfectpalette.com

Mocha, Blush and Sand

This color palette really brings some beautiful warmth to a winter wedding. It’s also perfect for finding adorable bridesmaids’ dresses. Because these are all neutral colors, they work well within any setting and with any theme you might choose.

Mocha, Blush, and Sand Color Palette
Photo Source: victoriamaryvintage.blogspot.ca

Red and White

What says winter more than red and white? Red and white provide a very peppermint feeling to a wedding, which is excellent for winter. Plus, there is a lot  you can do with this color palette and décor items are easy to find!

Red and White Wedding Colors
Photo Source: theperfectpalette.com

These are just a few winter wedding color palette ideas that will give you inspiration as you plan your own beautiful winter wedding.

Your flower girl is your little princess for the day! Whether she’s a relative or the child of a very close friend, it’s important to make this day special for her as well. One of the highlights for the flower girl is wearing the elegant and beautiful dress. Here are 4 stunning flower girl dress ideas that might help you decide on the perfect style for your little flower girl.

The Little Wedding Dress

Many brides want their flower girls to wear a mini wedding dress for the big day. This can be absolutely adorable and very exciting for the flower girl. This with a mini bouquet makes for plenty of “awws,” and gorgeous pictures.

Flower girl Wedding Dress
Photo Source: pinkmarie.com

Sunday Best

If your wedding will be more laid back than most, then you may want to go with something a little downplayed for the flower girl dress. Something she’d wear for a very special church service would probably be along the perfect vein.

Flower Girl Dress
Photo Source: by-beauty.com

Tons of Tulle

You can go with the latest trend and purchase (or make) your flower girl’s dress out of some satin and tons of tulle. These can be done in any color so it’s easy to find something that perfectly suits your wedding colors. They’re also very easy to embellish with whatever you’d like.

Tulle Flower Girl Tutu Dress
Photo Source: melissajaneboutique.blogspot.ca

Sleek and Pretty

A dress with a sash and jacket is great for your flower girl and looks very sleek and elegant. This is a great idea for older flower girls and looks fantastic.

Sleek and Stylish Flower Girl Dress
Photo Source: helenebridal.com

These beautiful dresses are all perfect for the flower girl! Take some time to think about which would suit your own wedding best and which style your flower girl would love most.

Though most of them weren’t overly extravagant, the 1930’s brought some of the most beautiful weddings in the history of the US. If you’re considering going with this theme, you’re in for a real treat. Here are some wonderful visual aids that will help you gain inspiration for this theme.

The Dress and Apparel

As you can see in the 1930’s, apparel was fairly simple. Brides wore mostly sheath dresses though some were embellished with decorative ruffles. Brides wore larger headpieces that were elegant and beautiful, sometimes plain and sometimes covered in flowers.

1930's Wedding Attire
Photo Source: lipstickandcurls.net
1930's Style Flapper Wedding Dress
Photo Source: lovemaegan.com

The Cake

This beautiful cake pulls from the 30’s era and is absolutely gorgeous without being too overwhelming. It’s embellished with charming golden bows and blue ribbon.

Nautical Wedding Cake

Wedding cake toppers in the 1930’s were usually made from bisque or celluloid, and were traditional figurines depicting the bride and groom.

1930's Style Cake Topper
Photo Source: fancyflours.com

The Décor

The décor in the 1930’s was simple and pretty. Linen tablecloths, silver, pretty vases; these are examples of what brides would use to decorate in the 30’s. There was still a bit of a flapper-era vibe at that point, so some brides used feathers and tassels.

Vintage Wedding Decor
Photo Source: lovemydress.net

Vintage Wedding Items/Flapper Era

These are just a few ideas to get you started planning your gorgeous 1930’s wedding. Not only will it be a lot of fun, but you’re sure to impress your guests.

If you’ve seen the personalized or special champagne flutes made for brides and grooms, you know they’re not exactly cheap. However, you can make an adorable version for just a few cents more than the cost of the flutes themselves. Here’s how to create these super cute DIY hubby and wife champagne flutes for toasts.

Bride and Groom Champagne Flutes

For the Bride

Start by cutting a rectangle of white tulle that will be the “dress” of the flute. Next, pick some white lace or trim and measure around the champagne flute. Cut the trim or lace to fit. Using a hot glue gun, go ahead and glue the tulle to the lace a little at a time, about ½ an inch from the top of the tulle. You’ll want to bunch the tulle up as you go so you create “ruffles.”

The width of the tulle should be about 1 and ½ inches after you’ve glued it. Next, you can glue one end of the lace to the champagne flute with a little dot of glue and bring the other end around to meet it, gluing that one as well. Finish up by gluing rhinestones or bead embellishments around the lace.

For the Groom

Measure around the flute with a piece of white grosgrain ribbon and cut the ribbon to fit. Go ahead and glue the ribbon to the flute, as this will be your foundation to work with. Next, cut two pieces of ribbon about 2 inches long. Using a lighter or candle, quickly hold the edges of the ribbon to the flame to seal them. Then, cross one piece over the other and glue them together. Now glue them to the white ribbon on the glass, at the point where the ribbon meets. Cut another piece of white ribbon about 3 or 4 inches long and cut one end into an arrow. Seal the edges with the flame. Glue this vertically to the top of your white “x,” as this will serve as the tuxedo shirt.

Now you will want to make a bow out of black ribbon and glue it to the top of the white ribbon, where the “x” meets. Finish the shirt by placing rhinestones down the vertical white ribbon to act as the tuxedo shirt buttons. Voila – you’ve created a beautiful set of wedding champagne flutes!

If you’re researching décor ideas for your fall wedding, then you’ll really appreciate this post. We’ve compiled 5 beautiful fall décor ideas that aren’t difficult to create and aren’t expensive, either. Allow them to inspire you as you plan your fall wedding!

Glitter Pumpkins

For this, you can use pumpkins of any size. Simply cut out a spot in the top for a candle to fit; votive or pillar, whatever you desire. Then, brush on craft glue and sprinkle glitter all over the pumpkin. Allow it to dry for several hours and you’re good to go!

Glittered Pumpkins
Photo Source: theweddingdecorator.blogspot.ca

Wheat Bunches

Instead of placing flowers on chairs or down the aisle, use bunches of wheat tied with ribbons.

Bunches of Wheat for Wedding Decor
Photo Source: wedding-blog.gigmasters.com

Mini Pumpkin Escort Cards

Purchase mini pumpkins and cut a slit in the stem for your escort cards to slip into!

Mini Pumpkin Place Card Holders

Candles and Berries

Group pillar candles together and place them on beautiful plates in your color choice. Then, surround the candles with colored fall berries. The look is whimsical and beautiful!

Candles with Berries
Photo Source: weddinggoal.com

Jar Candles

Place small pillar candles in jars and surround them with various fall items. You can use berries, candy corn, popcorn kernels, etc. You can really personalize this idea and make it your own.

Jar Candles with Berries

These are just a few ideas for beautiful fall wedding décor that are inexpensive and fun. Allow them to inspire you as you plan your fall wedding.

So you’re going to a wedding and you want to pick the best gift idea for your budget. Perhaps the bride and groom haven’t registered or maybe you want to get them something that will be a surprise. In any case, the following 5 great wedding gift ideas are perfect for the bride and groom!


If you were to take a survey of all brides and grooms on what their favorite wedding gift was or what they want most, the overwhelming answer would be cash. It’s great because they can use it for whatever they want – whether it’s the honeymoon or furnishing their home. When in doubt, simply give a nice cash gift!

Décor with Last Name

Another incredibly sweet idea is to give the bride and groom some sort of décor with their last name. It could be an outdoor decorative item or something for inside the home. There are a variety of different options available so you can find something that suits the couple well.

Last Name Tile
Photo Source: etsy.com

Small Kitchen Appliance

If you’re already married, think about the small kitchen appliance that you use most often. Is it a fantastic pressure cooker or perhaps a toaster oven? This kind of gift can be fun and practical, because the couple will get a lot of use out of it.

Wine of the Month Club

The wine of the month club or (insert item) of the month clubs are very fantastic couples gifts. Make sure you know the couple enjoys this specific item first, and you’ve got a winning gift. Each month, a new wine, cheese, cookie or other goody is delivered to the couple to enjoy.

Treat Them to an Event

Treating the couple to an event is another great gift. You could buy them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, their local spa, a great theatre, etc. This ensures that they enjoy their gift double time because they’re spending time together!

These are just a few great gift ideas that the bride and groom are sure to enjoy. Use one of these ideas or allow them to inspire you to give a fantastic gift.