5 Perfect Winter Wedding Color Palette Ideas

Winter weddings are magical, and the perfect wedding color palette can make it even more amazing. If you haven’t quite decided on the wedding color palette for your winter wedding, these 5 ideas should provide you with some inspiration.

Blush Pink, Silver and Gray

These colors are perfect for winter, as they have a certain “frosty” feel. They’re also great for the bride who wants a bit of a feminine feel for her wedding. The pink and silver colors also provide a lot of fantastic possibilities when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses and décor.

Blush Pink, Silver and Gray Color Scheme

Gold, Teal and Ivory

This couple used a muted teal combined with pretty ivory and luxurious gold to create the perfect winter wedding color palette. The result of the color combination is a vintage feel that is really great for the winter season.

Gold, Teal and Ivory Wedding Colors
Photo Source: artsyweddingblog.com

Cranberry, Taupe and Gray

This wedding color palette is festive and beautiful; perfect for winter. The base colors, which are taupe and gray, provide a neutral foundation while the cranberry gives the perfect pop of rich color.

Cranberry, Taupe, and Gray Winter Wedding Colors
Photo Source: theperfectpalette.com

Mocha, Blush and Sand

This color palette really brings some beautiful warmth to a winter wedding. It’s also perfect for finding adorable bridesmaids’ dresses. Because these are all neutral colors, they work well within any setting and with any theme you might choose.

Mocha, Blush, and Sand Color Palette
Photo Source: victoriamaryvintage.blogspot.ca

Red and White

What says winter more than red and white? Red and white provide a very peppermint feeling to a wedding, which is excellent for winter. Plus, there is a lot  you can do with this color palette and décor items are easy to find!

Red and White Wedding Colors
Photo Source: theperfectpalette.com

These are just a few winter wedding color palette ideas that will give you inspiration as you plan your own beautiful winter wedding.