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5 Fun Wedding Ideas Involving the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

If you’ve chosen your flower girl and your ring bearer, you’re probably super excited to see them in action. You can make their job more fun and add some cute details to your wedding with these fun ideas! Love Note Send a love note down the aisle with your ring bearer or flower girl and […]

5 Ways to Calm Your Nerves on the Big Day

Pre-wedding jitters are not necessarily a sign of cold feet, and this is something that happens to almost everyone who ties the knot. It’s a big step and the future is always uncertain, so feeling anxious and nervous is normal. There are some things you can do to soothe your frayed nerves and enjoy the […]

Your Upcoming Wedding Day – Keeping Your Family and Friends in the Loop

When you’re right in the middle of planning a wedding, it’s often difficult to find time to hang out with your family and friends. This can leave those special people with more than a few questions, from what type of wedding gift you want to the type of wedding you’re planning to have. There are […]

Sweet Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Literary Art

Jewelry, makeup and chocolate are all popular bridesmaids gifts, but it can be difficult to find something truly unique to give your girls. This DIY project is inexpensive but absolutely beautiful and very touching. It’s simple to create, too! Here’s what you’ll need: A Dictionary or Other Meaningful Book Heart-Shaped Paper Puncher Glue White (or […]

How Much Will You Pay to Be a Bridesmaid?

If you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid by a friend or family member, you’re probably very honored. However, you may be worried about the cost for the event. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay to be a bridesmaid. Travel If the bachelorette party and wedding are in a different […]

Creating Your Wedding Website: Tips and Suggestions

Most brides have a wedding website these days. It’s incredibly helpful for providing family, friends and guests with needed information. Plus, it’s a great way to capture certain memories that you will cherish for years to come. When you’re setting up your wedding website, consider these helpful tips and suggestions: Go Through Your Pictures First […]

5 Funny Wedding Picture Ideas

If you’re the type of couple who really enjoys laughing, then you’re going to love these funny wedding picture ideas. These are great for the couple with a real sense of humor, and will be hilarious to look back at years later. Friends Style Wedding Party Picture This funny wedding party picture looks like it […]

7 Great Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Your Guys

The groomsmen are your best friends, your brothers, or other family members who have been through it all with. A groomsman gift is a fantastic way to show your gratitude for your friendship as well as for them standing in your wedding. Here are a few great ideas for groomsmen gifts! 1. Personalized Flask A […]

Flower Girl Alternatives for Your Wedding Ceremony

Many brides have a slew of young relatives standing in line to be the flower girl, but many have no younger relatives that can act as the flower girl for them. No worries, because there are a ton of cute flower girl alternatives you can do for your wedding ceremony. Flower Petal Designs Rather than […]

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