5 Ways to Calm Your Nerves on the Big Day

Pre-wedding jitters are not necessarily a sign of cold feet, and this is something that happens to almost everyone who ties the knot. It’s a big step and the future is always uncertain, so feeling anxious and nervous is normal. There are some things you can do to soothe your frayed nerves and enjoy the moment! Here are 5 simple tricks.

Learn Centering Techniques – When you learn to center yourself, you can calm your nerves almost instantly. A quick way to do this is to close your eyes, breathe slowly and imagine roots growing from your feet and into the earth below you. Imagine those roots curving back up on both sides and going back down into the crown of your head – a never ending cycle. Visualize this for a few minutes until you feel centered and grounded.

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Breathing Techniques – Have you ever been so nervous that you feel light-headed? Most of the time, this is due to breathing too quickly or hyperventilating. Practice breathing slowly; in through your nose and out through your mouth. Inhale slowly for eight seconds and then pause for eight seconds before exhaling for eight seconds. Breathing slowly will help you get your nerves under control.

Breathing Technique
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Sneak a Cocktail – You don’t want to go down the aisle smelling of booze but having a pre-wedding cocktail can really calm your anxiety and allow you to enjoy the process rather than being a bundle of nerves.

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Chew Peppermint – You can settle your tummy by chewing on peppermint candy before the wedding. The plus is that your breath will be minty fresh for your kiss with your new hubby!

Peppermint Candy
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Stay in the Moment – Many people have a defense reaction where they feel like they’re moving through a blur when they’re nervous. Force yourself to stay in the moment by noticing various things. For instance, “this is my wedding day. There is my future husband standing at the altar. This is my father’s hand that I’m holding.” Keep noticing small details like this to keep yourself firmly in the present.

Each of these techniques can help you calm down so that you’re able to enjoy the day and remember it clearly when you look back!