There’s no better inspiration than real couples…

real couples wedding websites

Seeing what other couples are doing, or have done, with their wedding is always the most interesting type of inspiration. We love our eWedding couples and they love us. Here’s 10 couples that said we could share their sites and their feedback on our wedding website builder.

These couples have used different themes, music, colors, different sections of content on their sites and re-ordered their sections to make completely unique and elegant designs.

Take a look at these, but please remember, these are REAL COUPLES SITES. Enjoy!


1 Jenny & Guillermo – NY, USA

Theme used: Charlotte [Pink] – Use this theme!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.56.54 AM

2 Alexa & Thomas – PA, USA

Theme used: Milah [Pink] – Use this theme!

Feedback: Two words: EWEDDING RULES. As a technologically challenged individual the site was so easy to navigate and manage. The designs that were available were so much better than any other site I had visited – I was even able to add music for a little extra flare which is important to me and my fiancé! Overall, a great experience and highly recommended. We have received a multitude of compliments and referral requests already!

3 Vanessa & Antonio – Bahamas

Theme used: Avery [Green] – Use this theme!

Feedback: Before choosing eWedding we reviewed many websites to determine who would deliver the best service for us. We were very particular on the look we were going for which was contemporary and user friendly, and we got just that! The RSVP feature that eWedding provides was the icing on the cake and will really help to make our planning a lot easier and stress free. We have received so many compliments on our website and everyone was so impressed by how much work we put into it!! Matt is really receptive to any ideas you may have and responds very quickly if you have any issues. Hands down our eWedding website boosted our wedding anticipation to the next level and serves as a place for us and our guests to visit to get excited all over again!

4 Stephanie & Oscar – VA, USA

Theme used: Alice [Blue] – Use this theme!

Feedback: What we loved most about using was its simplicity and facility! It’s so easy to use, so simple to figure out, but also so detailed it lets you add your own personal touch whereas other websites create a template and you have to go around it. Ewedding allowed us to add our own touch and more, I feel like we created our own actual website without having to pay all the extra money. I also love that our url is what we wanted it to be and not some generic version of Overall it’s been an amazing experience, the amount of data we’ve been able to put, the songs, the pictures the colors. If I could I would keep it forever.

5 Jessica & Luis – Mexico

Theme used: Milah [Purple] – Use this theme!

Feedback: Best option even if you are in México!


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6 Amy & James – WI, USA

Theme used: Diya [Blue] – Use this theme!

Feedback: I love all the options we had and being able to make our website match our personalities. People love our website!

7 Karen & Vince – CA, USA

Theme used: Abigail  – Use this theme!

Feedback: All in all we have been pleased with eWedding products and services. These special times can be hectic and stressful but you guys lessened much of that.

8 Heather & Randall – MI, USA

Theme used: Milah [Black]  – Use this theme!

Feedback: eWedding made it very simple to share our wedding information to family and friends in various states! I especially enjoyed the templates, it really helped take the guesswork out of what to put where on the site.

9 Tara & Joseph – NY, USA

Theme used: Alice [Pink]  – Use this theme!

Feedback: Ewedding has been the first wedding website that had themes that fit exactly what I was looking for aesthetically. The layouts are easy to use, edit, and navigate, and the customer service has been great. I really do love this site.

10 Kevin & Dylan – IA, USA

Theme used: Avery [Gray]  – Use this theme!

Feedback: We have been very happy with the service and accessibility of eWedding. We are what you might call a nontraditional couple and we are having a nontraditional wedding – to say the least. After the engagement, we weren’t even sure we would have a wedding website. In fact, we had visited other sites and cringed at some of the layouts and content and usability of the sites.

The first thing that sold me on eWedding was the ability to create a personalized URL. Once we explored the site, we were so happy with the custom layouts, fonts and color options and especially the “contact us” features that we actually made the wedding website a crucial part of the whole day. We are only requiring people to RSVP on eWedding – which has been great because we receive emails and text messages each time a guest does. Our custom URL,, has been hash tagged and made it’s way into all wedding communication – save the dates, invitations, party favors, napkins, etc…

Our guests love the site because it is easy to check on their computers and on their smart phones. It’s really allowed us to add the personal touches that make the site and our big day unique.

The support from eWedding has also been great. I had to replace my credit card and forgot to update my information on eWedding. I received an email when my payment didn’t post and the support team walked me though the steps needed to update my information and keep my custom URL, which was so important. I’ve been very pleased with every aspect of eWedding and I’m happy to recommend it to any couple looking for the perfect place to express yourself, organize important information and really wow your guests before the big day.

Click here to see all of our available themes, you can start customizing one in a single click with no account required. View our wedding website themes

I hope you enjoyed looking through these couples sites, I know I always do. There’s so much that you can customize and so many ways to share and collect data. Add unlimited new sections and rename and reuse for new and different purposes.


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Posted by Amy Kelly

Amy is a Co-Founder of and the mother of 5 crazy little ones. Along with her husband Matt, they have developed the Net’s most advanced wedding website builder.

Selecting a venue for your big day is in the top-three of most important wedding tasks, alongside finding a man and a dress, and quite a bit of wedding planning cannot occur before you discover and reserve the perfect location. In urban areas, the wealth of choices is staggering; in L.A. alone, there are more than 600 ballrooms, halls, and event spaces available to host your ceremony and reception, and few people would blame you if the sheer volume of opportunities slowed your planning progress.

Fortunately, one L.A.-based company is working to make sure venue selection is easier on an already-stressed bride and groom. L.A. Banquets owns seven distinct venues, each with its own unique style and size that provide a maximum range of possibilities with minimal effort. Below is an overview of some of L.A. Banquet’s venues. Be sure visit these many spaces before making your final decision.


Brandview Ballroom

If, try as you might, you simply cannot clip your guest list below the 300 mark then you will need a big space for your wedding. Fortunately, you don’t have to skimp on style and beauty just because you need to fit a large party, especially if you reserve the Brandview Ballroom. This venue is the epitome of sophistication: Built in 1921, it retains its inherent historic elegance — with a handful of essential modern touches. This is a dazzling event space for a stunning wedding.


The Patio at the Brandview

Just off the larger hall, the Brandview Patio presents a livelier, less formal setting for a smaller celebration. Outside under open sky, this area takes full advantage of southern California’s mild year-round weather and provides fresh air and gorgeous views.

Whether you choose light Mediterranean cuisine from Anoush or some other invigorating fare, your guests will undoubtedly be comfortable celebrating your wedding in this excellent outdoor space. Additionally, extra-large parties can reserve both the ballroom and the patio to spread out and take advantage of both indoor and outdoor experiences.


Le Foyer Ballroom

Another big space, Le Foyer Ballroom is grandiose where Brandview is glamorous. As your guests enter, they’ll see a magnificent 25-foot fountain of Italian marble, an opulent chandelier of glittering crystal, and no fewer than 16 European-style arches around the hall. This ballroom is ideal for a classic wedding with an old-world feel; I can see the twinkling Parisian lights and smell the roses near the Seine just thinking about it.


Le Foyer Lounge

More intimate than the wide-open ballroom but just as unbelievably chic, the lounge at the Le Foyer venue holds just about 70 guests. In this cozy marbled hall, you can spend time with your closest loved ones and truly appreciate the beauty of your wedding day.

Despite its size, the lounge boasts many amenities, including a stage for your entertainment and a bar to keep the good mood flowing. Plus, like the Brandview Patio, this lounge is also available as an addition for bigger parties in the Le Foyer Ballroom that wish for a smaller space to relax.


Glenoaks Ballroom

Plenty of brides and grooms have such a profound personal style that they need a venue that offers a clean slate for complete wedding customization. Glenoaks Ballroom is a stylish contemporary space, with soaring ceilings and simple décor, and it is just begging for your distinctive flair.

While all L.A. Banquets ballrooms are adaptable, Glenoaks is particularly open to your interpretation. Because the hall is so flexible, it easily accommodates any wedding theme you can dream up, from modest and modern to elaborate and extravagant.


Galleria Ballroom

A favorite among L.A. Banquets spaces, the Galleria Ballroom is intricately decorated with old-style chandeliers, detailed woodwork, and lavish fabrics; stepping into the hall is like moving back through time into the Victorian era.

Galleria celebrations often feel inherently steeped in tradition, which can provide a satisfying sense of significance to your nuptials. If you fall in love with this space, you might take further inspiration from the era to guide your wedding events and style.


Galleria Lounge

If you want the same age-old atmosphere for a smaller party, you should take a look at the Galleria Lounge. Timelessly sophisticated, the lounge mimics a Victorian parlor rather than an expansive ballroom, and accordingly, it provides a warm, personal feel that larger halls often lack.

However, if you require the space of the ballroom, you might consider booking the lounge for smaller pre-wedding events, like your engagement party or bridal shower, to give guests a taste of the splendor to come.

Images provided by L.A. Banquets

Don’t include these and you may as well not even have a personal wedding website…


There’s no question that every engaged couple today needs to have a wedding website. Personal wedding websites are to give your guests the information and tools they need, just as much as it is for you to share your news, photos and updates.

Your guests NEED certain information from you, and you need to collect pertinent information from them. Make sure you follow these basics to assure your wedding webpage is useful for everyone and is a successful tool in your wedding planning arsenal!

Already have a website? Compare it with our list…


1 The Nitty Gritty (That most forget!)

Yes, this seems like a super obvious one, but are you REALLY answering these basic details properly? These details are especially important for guests that live out of town.

  • Is there special parking or transportation?
  • Do people need to car pool or find a shuttle?
  • Is there a dress code for this event?
  • Does anyone need to bring anything?
  • Can they bring a guest or children?
  • Should you provide city transit details?

Be sure to include all the details for each event, your guests aren’t privy to the research you have done for each location.

Are you embedding a map for each event? We allow you to embed a map for every single event and location (without HTML, just type the address), or, you can even embed a full width Google map with our HTML section. We have you covered. :)


2 Complete RSVP (Get EVERYTHING you need)

Many couples offer online RSVP’ing for ease of use and the savings. Maybe most importantly though, it makes your planning much easier, all your RSVP responses in one centralized location.

Collecting RSVP information online means you can collect more data than with regular RSVP cards. You can collect the obvious details like guest attendance, who they’re bringing, meal choices, etc. But with eWedding, you can also collect emails, phone, address and collect any extra information in a note section like food allergies, special requests and more.

You could also password protect some events RSVP function if everyone isn’t invited or if you want to make sure there aren’t any surprise RSVP’s. Limit how many guests anyone can RSVP for as well.

Be sure to download a CSV (spreadsheet) of your responses and see who has, but more importantly, who HASN’T RSVP’d yet. Don’t leave any stragglers until the week before, hit them up again as soon as possible. Ah yes, last but not least, eWedding offers you real-time text notifications to your phone when your guests RSVP on your site!


3 Request Guest Information

It seems like wedding planning is about half what you want and the other half is what your guests want or need. Not collecting feedback and answers from guests can be devastating to the success of the most important event in your life. You NEED to collect data from everyone, make sure you collect it far ahead of time on your wedding webpage.

  • Collect song requests
  • Collect food allergy information
  • Collect addresses
  • Collect travel and transportation requirements
  • Collect babysitting requirements for events
  • Collect stories from your childhood to share on your site
  • Request photos from when you were kids

There’s so much information you need from your guests, be sure to ask these questions on your wedding website (‘Requests’ section) to allow you to plan far ahead and not be left guessing.


4 People LOVE Timelines

Yes, many of your close friends and family members know your story, but does everyone? Your extended family and the rest of your friends are dying to know it intimately. They maybe know when you got engaged, but do they know when you met, when your first date was, first kiss?

Laying out these relationship milestones on an actual timeline, with date, photo and description makes your story so amazing, and real, to your guests. It answers those questions they have been wondering and allows you to share them intimately.

Don’t skimp with just a story, add a detailed timeline where your family and friends can really appreciate and understand the history of you and your fiancé.wedding website timeline

5 “Who the heck is that?!”

Yup, those 5 words are uttered at every single wedding and event. Nip that in the bud quickly and easily by doing all the introductions on your wedding website first.

Adding your wedding party is a given, but did you add some real history with each of your attendants? Let your family and friends know the personal story, not just a name with the mug shot. eWedding allows you to share as much history as you want with each wedding party member, let your guests really understand your relationship with your closest friends.

  • “Is that her dad?”
  • “Is that a twin sister?!”
  • “Does she have a brother?”
  • “Is that family or a school friend?”

The list goes on past your wedding party, you should introduce your families online as well! Why not add another wedding party section and rename it to ‘Family’ and let your guests get to know your family so that they can put a face to all the names in your program. You can also add photo albums to introduce family and other important groups that you want to introduce ahead of time.

Your guests will thank you, figuring out who is who is ALWAYS something each guest spends time trying to figure out at your wedding events.


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6 Cake, Cupcakes or Candy Bar?

Make your family and friends feel like part of the wedding by sharing your planning journey on your blog. Not only is it fun for you to journal your planning process, it’s fun for your family to be able to follow along.

Blogging about your planning can also lead to another great perk, advice! You can detail the options for different decisions you have to make and collect feedback. Share your headache of trying to decide between a wedding cake, cool cupcakes or the trendy candy bar options for dessert. Ask people to share their thoughts in a wall post or you could even setup a custom poll and collect real numbers!

Things you can blog about on your website:

  • What you’re wearing (but no pics!)
  • Color and theme options
  • Menu options
  • Show closeup of rings
  • Your venues
  • Travel / accommodation information
  • Upcoming wedding parties and events
  • Stress levels :)
  • Thanking those who are helping you
  • Vendor reviews
  • Requesting help
  • Intimate stories (When you met, first kiss, engagement, etc.)

Collecting feedback or help in decision making isn’t required, but sharing the process and your personal journey would be amazing. After all, you’re planning the biggest day of your life, this is definitely something your family and friends will appreciate being included in on your wedding website.

wedding blog

7 The Forgotten Sections

There’s no such thing as a ‘little’ thing when it comes to wedding planning, but all the details need to be ironed out. The most important ‘little things’ are the ones that need shared with your guests, the things that impact them as they come together to celebrate you.

What are some of those little things that you need to share with your guests on your wedding webpage?

  • FAQ’s
    We love it when we see couples add an ‘FAQ’ section on eWedding. Being proactive makes sure your guests are happy and not left scratching their heads or worrying about little things they think you may still need to share with them.
  • Attire
    Yes, lots of couples have different dress codes for different events. Make it easy on your guests by creating an ‘Attire’ section if there’s any events that should be clarified.
  • Children
    Are kids invited to the ceremony? What about the reception? Do you have kids meals available? Are you offering babysitting or any other special events for kids. Be sure to clarify your wishes and options for children at your events.
  • Travel/Accommodation
    If you have ‘out of towners’ coming you need to make sure they feel 100% comfortable in the plans and arrangements that have been made for them. From picking up at the airport, to hotel or home stay options, car rentals, things to see and do and more. Take care of your travelers!

These are just a few examples of the ‘little things’ that you can take care of on your personal wedding website. Or, you can just have everyone call you all day every day. 😉

8 Community

You family and friends ARE your community. They are your co-workers, your aunts, uncles, college friends, well, everyone you care about! They are all coming together, for at least one day of their lives, to celebrate YOU.

Your website is the ‘hub’, if you will, for this celebration. Why? because from the day you share your website URL to long after the wedding itself, this is where your community comes to celebrate YOU!

Your wedding website is an extension of your wedding day itself. This is where all your family and friends read your complete history, where they can understand who and why each person is in your wedding party, who everyone in your family is, see all your pics and write to you, and others on your Wall. Your website isn’t just for YOU, it’s for your COMMUNITY!

We allow you to add unlimited new sections, so you could add a new ‘Wall’ section, rename it ‘Rides’ and allow your community to write to each other about car pooling, or other travel issues that may pop up.

Use your unlimited polls and quizzes to see how many guests are interested in going to the local aquarium one day. Or, collect feedback in your ‘Requests’ section, on which restaurants people would like to get together at.

There’s so many things you can do, offer and collect from your guests to make the days surrounding your events so amazing for your family and friends. Don’t leave your ‘community’ twiddling their thumbs or wondering if there’s anything to do.

9 Crazy Big Pics!

Your website visitors EXPECT a lot of great photos. Not just great photos, but large, clear, amazing photos!

We offer you a very large slideshow right near the top of your wedding website. We even crop the photos you upload to fit perfectly. You can even add more slideshows and add more photos to each slideshow if you wish, there are no limits!

Slideshows AND photo albums? Heck yeah! Add unlimited giant pics to your photo albums as well! Add an album of childhood pics, your engagement pics, travel pics, add as many albums as you like.

We also lets your guests ‘love’ your pics and comment on your pics. How will you know if that happens? We will email and text you, of course!

Get uploading!

photo albums


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These are just nine of the many reasons your wedding website is built for your guests. Whether your family and friends are coming from next-door, or from around the world, you need to make sure you answer all their questions and provide all the details they really need.

Your wedding website is tool to help plan and organize your wedding events. It’s also the ‘fun hub’ for all the interactions between your wedding guests for the months leading up to your big day, make sure you use it to its fullest extent.


Posted by Amy Kelly

Amy is a Co-Founder of and the mother of 5 crazy little ones. Along with her husband Matt, they have developed the Net’s most advanced wedding website builder.

I get QUICK answers

I get QUICK answers

We have loved your website and the customer service you provide. The templates make it so easy to set up and it is so easy to get in touch with customer service and get QUICK answers. It is also a great price for a unique URL, I saw some places charged $30/month for the same thing. Veronica & Christopher CA, USA

A beach is the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding and reception. With plenty of sunshine, water and sand, your beach only needs some unique décor to make it outstanding. Consider these unique ideas for beach wedding décor when planning your romantic beach wedding.

Abalone Shells

Abalone shells are a wonderful decorative accent for a beach wedding, and feature a gorgeous mother-of-pearl coating on the inside. They can be placed on tables, filled with a little sand, and then used to hold candles. When turned upside down, they make such a great container that they can also be used to hold tiny flower arrangements for each guest.

Abalone Shell Alter Decor
Photo Source:
Abalone Shell Chair Decor
Photo Source:


Driftwood is a beautiful and natural accessory that can be used many different ways for beach wedding décor. Brides can glue tealight candles to larger “branches” of driftwood for an elegant candle display, and bundles of driftwood can be tied with raffia and placed as table centerpieces. Include a few colorful flowers and you’ve got a gorgeous centerpiece that works very well for a beach wedding.

Driftwood and Flower Centerpiece
Photo Source:
Driftwood and Flower Aisle Decor
Photo Source:


Umbrellas can make an ordinary beach wedding into an extraordinary affair. Large umbrellas can be purchased or rented to provide shade for guests as the couple says their vows. Colorful drink umbrellas can also be used to decorate tables and dress up foods in a tropical beach wedding.

Parasols for Wedding Guests
Photo Source:
Umbrella Wedding Decor
Photo Source:

Large Garden Poles

Garden polls with hooks normally designed to hold planters can double as lantern or hanging candle holders at a beach wedding. They’re great as aisle markers that the bride will walk through as she meets her future husband at the altar. Although they traditionally come in black, they can be painted in the bride’s wedding colors easily.

Garden Pole and Flower Aisle Decor
Photo Source:
Garden Pole Aisle Decor
Photo Source:

Messages in a Bottle

Few things are more romantic than a message in a bottle, and they make fantastic beach wedding décor. They can be used as table décor, and with careful construction, can even be used as place cards for each guest.

Message in a Bottle Decor
Photo Source:

Beach weddings are beautiful and memorable, and with the right décor, can be breathtaking. Consider these décor elements for your beach wedding, and let your creativity and imagination run wild.

Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day, especially when the photographer starts snapping pictures. If you want to ensure that you are glowing on your big day, you should start a few months in advance. Here are some tips for looking great for your wedding.

2-3 Months in Advance

If you want to lose a few pounds before your big day, now is the time to start. Increase your exercise regimen to include a 15 to 30 minute brisk walk each day, and start eating lighter. Avoid sugary and fatty foods and snack more on vegetables and fruits. You can also burn more calories by making your day a little bit harder. For instance, take the stairs rather than the elevator, swim for an hour each day and park further out in the parking lot when you go shopping.

Woman Exercising

1 Month in Advance

You’re probably considering a spray tan or several afternoons in the tanning bed to give you a healthy glow before the big day. If you’re going to start tanning, you’ll want to start now, and visit the tanning bed 1 to 2 times a week. If you’re going to get a spray tan, try one now so you know it’s not going to be too orange or streaky for your wedding day. If you want a brighter smile, now is a great time to consider having your teeth whitened or using an at home whitening kit.

Woman getting a Spray Tan
Photo Source:

1 Week in Advance

Now is when you should get your final spray tan. You never want to get it the day before, just in case the tan doesn’t work out well. Getting it now gives you a week for it to fade slightly. If you’re considering having a haircut, now is the best time to get it. Again, doing this the day before could create panic if the haircut doesn’t turn out how you planned.

Wedding Day Haircut
Photo Source:

2 Days in Advance

Exfoliate your skin thoroughly now, so it has time to heal and any reddening can fade before the big day. You’ll want to do your manis and pedis now, too, so your fingers and toes look great (especially if you’re wearing open toe shoes). Now is also a great time for waxing to make sure your skin is smooth, silky and hair-free.

French Style Mani Pedi
Photo Source:

If you follow these tips, you’ll have the day before to relax before getting make-up and hair done the morning of your wedding, and you’ll look fantastic for your groom and your wedding pictures.

Here’s a wonderful idea for soon-to-be brides that plan on having a family. Create a wedding diary to give to your oldest daughter when it’s time for her to start planning a wedding! It’s a super special gift that she’ll absolutely love. Here’s how to do it.

The Book

Purchase a small scrap book with plenty of pages and make sure it’s acid-free paper so it will last a long time without fading or turning yellow. There are many different kinds of books, and you can even get one embossed with your name and wedding date.

Wedding Scrap Book
Photo Source:

What to Add

As you go through the wedding planning process, make little notes and tips that will be useful for your future daughter. You can add magazine clippings, pictures from brochures, pictures you’ve taken yourself or other little mementos from your planning. Add invitations from your bridal shower, wedding invitations and save the date cards, etc.

Photo Source:

Making it Extra Special

When the wedding is over, place a beautiful wedding photo at the end of the book and perhaps an inspirational quote or something similar. This will wrap up the book and create the “happily ever after.” This is a wonderful gift that your daughter will absolutely love, and if you don’t have a daughter, it can be a very touching gift for a daughter in law or close family member.

Wedding Kiss

If you’ve chosen your flower girl and your ring bearer, you’re probably super excited to see them in action. You can make their job more fun and add some cute details to your wedding with these fun ideas!

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl
Photo Source:

Love Note

Send a love note down the aisle with your ring bearer or flower girl and instruct them to give it to the groom. It can say whatever you’d like! Try something like, “I can’t wait to kiss you,” or “I can’t wait to be your wife.”


Give the flower girl a flag to carry or if you have 2 flower girls, give them a banner that says, “Here Comes the Bride.” This is super cute and a charming touch to your wedding.

Flower Girls with Banner
Photo Source:


As the flower girl goes down the aisle with her basket of petals, have her select a few guests to present flowers to! This is a charming gesture and will really delight your guests. You can do the same with the ring bearer!

Themed Weddings

Make the most of your themed weddings by dressing your flower girl appropriately. For instance, for a country wedding, dress your flower girl in cowgirl boots and a tutu! For a hollywood wedding, give her oversized sunglasses and a head scarf. This is super cute and a great way to play up those themes.

Flower Girl in Tutu Dress with Flag
Photo Source:

For Older “Flower Girls”

If you want to include a young girl who is too old to be a flower girl, ask her to be your junior bridesmaid. This is perfect for a girl between the ages of 10 and 16. Her dress can be more age-appropriate, and she could walk hand in hand with an older ring bearer.

These fun ideas will delight your flower girl and ring bearer, and will add a touch of charm and a lot of “cute” to your wedding!

Wedding websites are the perfect way to provide information to friends and family members who will be attending your wedding. It gives them a centralized location to obtain information, such as the time and place, where you’re registered, and additional important information. Here are a few tips for utilizing your wedding website to its full potential.


Many wedding websites will give you the option of allowing guests to RSVP through the website. This is a wonderful idea because it’s so simple that many guests are likely to RSVP quickly. It gives them an additional RSVP option and allows you to determine more quickly how many guests are attending.

Wedding Website RSVP


One of the benefits of a high quality wedding website is the ability to upload maps. This is a wonderful help, especially for guests who will be attending from out of town. Maps can outline the ceremony and reception sites, as well as local area hotels, restaurants and shopping centers.

Wedding Website Maps

Mailing Lists

Another huge benefit of wedding websites is the ability to create a mailing list. You can have guests sign up so that they can quickly receive information as soon as it is posted. This might include information regarding meal choices, attire, location or anything else. It’s beneficial and convenient.

Wedding Website Mailing List


Photos are an integral part of a wedding website, and will allow your family and friends access to a sweet, intimate part of you and your future spouse’s life. You can include photos like the engagement photo, a series of photos outlining your relationship, wedding planning photos to get tips and advice, and more.

Wedding Website Photo Albums

Overall, the benefits of a wedding website are substantial. It allows friends and family the ability to keep in touch even during the months that you’re extremely busy planning your wedding.

These days, brides are taking more things into their own hands when it comes to their weddings. Rather than hiring wedding planners, DJs, and a whole slew of individuals, a lot of brides are doing things themselves or recruiting friends and family for help. Wedding food is no different, and your meal can be even more delicious if you do it yourself instead of hiring a caterer.

Delicious, Cheap Hors D’Ouevres

Cold hors d’ouevres are easier because you don’t have to worry about keeping them warm, but both can be done fairly easily and cheaply. Make delicious fruit kebabs with fresh sliced cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwi and peaches. You can also make tinier cold hors d’ouevres with mozzarella cheese, grape tomatoes, zucchini slices and black olives drizzled in vinaigrette.

Fruit Kabobs
Photo Source:

For hot hors d’ouevres, consider a buffet style warming plate to keep them hot. Broiled slices of roma tomatoes on top of wheat crackers and sprinkled with parmesan and herbs are a great and affordable option. Sliders are a very popular appetizer and very affordable as well.

Main Meal

For your entrée or your main meal, working with a budget can be difficult. However, there are some great ways to save money while creating delicious food. Consider foods that make large portions easily, like chili, certain types of stew, or spaghetti. When the food is cooked well and served elegantly, your guests will love it. You can also consider having a “potluck” meal where friends and family bring different dishes.

Italian Wedding Soup
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Many brides are doing non-traditional snacks or meals for their reception. Rather than serving food, have a candy buffet with an assortment of candy in pretty glass jars with scoops and bags available. Or, have a dessert menu that features some of your favorite desserts. These are great options for receptions that fall between meals when guests have likely already eaten.

Black and White Candy Buffet
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While wedding planning can be stressful when you’re on a budget, there are always DIY wedding food and other alternatives you can consider.

Every bride fears that something is going to go wrong on her wedding day. While there’s no way to ensure that absolutely nothing will go wrong, there are some great “hacks” that can help you take care of problems that arise quickly and easily.

1. You Wake Up with a Pimple

The last thing you want to notice in your wedding photos is a pimple on your face! You can shrink a pimple quickly by putting a dab of Listerine on it and leaving it for 10 minutes. The swelling will go down and it will be easier to cover with makeup.

Checking Ance in Mirror
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2. You Forgot to Include Something in an Invitation Envelope

If you forgot a RSVP card or a map in one of your invitation envelopes but don’t want to ruin the envelope, stick it in the freezer for 15 minutes. It will open easily and you will be able to re-use it. This is perfect for brides who pay for professional calligraphy.

Wedding Invitation Inserts
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3. You Feel Nauseous

It can be normal to feel nauseous on your wedding day – whether it’s your nerves, the heat, etc. To stop this feeling, eat a peppermint or chew mint gum.

4. Shoes Too Tight?

Whether it’s the bride’s shoes, the groom’s shoes or someone in the wedding party, here’s a quick trick. Put on a pair of socks, put the shoes on and then blow-dry the shoes for 10 minutes. They will fit!

Wedding Shoes with Rhinestones
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5. You Got Deodorant on Your Dress

This is a simple fix. Simply rub the deodorant stain with a dryer sheet. It will absorb the deodorant!

Blue Stripe Wedding Dress
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While you can’t prevent small disasters on your wedding day, you can certainly make them more bearable with these easy and simple fixes!