eWedding perks that make the difference!

Many couples settle on their personal wedding website. Don’t make that same mistake, they’re not all the same… Scroll down to see our updated list!     Let’s outline just a few of the ways that your eWedding website will be better than any other: Our advanced ‘Total RSVP’ system One of the most important […]

Many couples settle on their personal wedding website. Don’t make that same mistake, they’re not all the same… Scroll down to see our updated list!



Let’s outline just a few of the ways that your eWedding website will be better than any other:

1 Our advanced ‘Total RSVP’ system

One of the most important parts of a wedding (after the dress, of course) is managing your guests. This is much more than a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, it can mean:

And so much more… Try collecting all that on a single RSVP card, or with another online service. Good luck!

We revolutionized the online RSVP process for weddings and created the most advanced RSVP system. Actually, we created two. One is quick and easy, the other requires some setup, but gives you 100% control and does all the heavy lifting and organizing for you.



Quick and easy to create. Guests see all your RSVPs and can RSVP for any event for themselves and any guests.


Closed RSVP

You have 100% control over who can see what and who they can RSVP for.

If you want the no setup fuss and trust no one will RSVP for extra people, go with the Open RSVP. If you can’t fathom the thought of uninviting people, you may want to opt for the Closed RSVP.

Both these RSVP options give you a color coded RSVP manager to make managing your RSVP’s a breeze. You can also download your RSVPs in a CSV spreadsheet at any time.


ewedding perks


2 Unlimited sections

Don’t be forced into a wedding website template where you can only fill in the blanks and can’t truly make it your own.

We break down the content of your site into sections. One section is a slideshow, another is a contact form, or wedding party, photos albums, you get the idea… Now that you have all these sections, you can now:



3 Notifications

You need to know what’s happening with your wedding planning at all times, this is a given. But, you also need to know what’s happening with your guests at all times as well. They have questions, problems, requests and more.

Your wedding website is your online hub for your wedding. Perfect for your organizing, but also for your guests to send you everything you need from them. When guests are interacting with you on your wedding website, you need to know. And not know later, you need to know now. It could be something as simple as submitting a song choice or answering a poll, but it could also be a concern over travel options, or which hotel you have rooms booked at. My point is, you need to know.

That’s why we created a totally new notification system. A system that you can get real-time text notifications to your mobile phone and also get emailed to multiple email addresses.

You can set your notifications to different people, emails and mobile numbers for each form. Why? It’s simple! Different people may be helping manage different parts of your wedding planning. If your mom is managing a bridal shower, you can have those RSVP’s go right to your mom’s email so she knows who is and isn’t coming. Or if you have a planner managing RSVP’s, you can copy her on who is coming to the ceremony and reception. Maybe your fiancé is in charge of music and song requests go to his email.

It all makes sense now doesn’t it? 🙂 Like our Total RSVP, we pioneered this new feature as well and left all other website builders in the dust. When this is all we do, we do it better. 🙂




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4 On page editing

Editing your wedding webpage on eWedding.com couldn’t be simpler. Click on a photo to add a photo, click on the text to edit the text. This seems simple, and it should be. We made editing so simple there’s no guess work involved. See your site as you work to make sure it’s just right.

Get stuck on something? Just click the support link on your left sidebar and you’ll open a support ticket immediately.


5 Background music and image

Want to add ‘your song’ to your website for your visitors to enjoy while getting up to date on your wedding plans? No problem, upload you own mp3, or two, or three! Don’t have an mp3? No problem, you can choose from our built in music collection to make your webpage even more customized. No service compares with the ease of use or ability add multiple mp3’s of your own.

Having a destination wedding? Maybe you want to add a custom beach background image. Or, maybe some nice old wood for a shabby chic rustic wedding theme? That’s under ‘Patterns’, pick from the variety of popular wood patterns. We offer a large variety of beautiful background images, patterns and colors you can use in a click. If you have something specific in mind you can upload your own image or pattern at any time.

Customizing your site to perfection is easy at eWedding, don’t settle for a cookie cutter site without your own background music and image options.

wedding website background options


6 Elegant themes

Don’t settle on the design of your wedding website. So many services use cookie cutter templates and just keep changing a graphic at the top and call it a day. Your wedding website is a direct reflection of your wedding celebration itself. Make sure you find a design that fits your style and gives you the opportunity to customize it with background music, patterns, font colors and more. Only eWedding gives you the flexibility to do ALL those things. We’ve heard from so many couples that left other services just for one of our themes and the flexibility they have. I know, we don’t have a ton, but this is because we spend so much time on each one, and I know it shows. We have more great themes in the works and I’m excited to get those released!

Don’t forget, you can change your theme at any time. In fact, you can edit the content on your site 24/7/365. Add new forms, photo albums, blog posts, anything at any time!

Well, thanks for sticking around this long to read through this list! Did I mention you can test our website builder without even creating an account? Just click any of the ‘Start website’ links to try it now, I’m sure you and our builder will be a perfect match. 🙂

wedding webpage themes


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Posted by Amy Kelly

Amy is a Co-Founder of eWedding.com and the mother of 5 crazy little ones. Along with her husband Matt, they have developed the Net’s most advanced wedding website builder.

Best decision I've made

Best decision I've made

My eWedding experience has been absolutely amazing so far. I love how we can customize every aspect of our wedding website, including our website URL! eWedding has provided excellent customer service, and is quick to offer assistance if needed. There is an ease in knowing my wedding website is easy to access, update, and view. I looked at other wedding websites, and am so glad I decided to go with eWedding. With all the stressful decision-making that planning a wedding brings, choosing eWedding has been one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve made. Thank you, eWedding!

Corrine & Jon MI, USA
  • Matt Kelly • eWedding.com Founder
    “I know you’ll have even more fun managing your wedding with our tools then we had making it. Our satisfaction comes from your amazing feedback. Have fun!”