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If you’re anything like me, you compare everything online. Personal wedding websites are no different, services are as different as night and day. Don’t make a mistake that will affect your planning, organizing and the success of your wedding webpage to all of your family and friends… Let’s start off with a little chartage….   […]

If you’re anything like me, you compare everything online. Personal wedding websites are no different, services are as different as night and day. Don’t make a mistake that will affect your planning, organizing and the success of your wedding webpage to all of your family and friends…

Let’s start off with a little chartage….




Well that’s pretty clear isn’t it? Are we done? Did you start building your site already? 😛

At eWedding, we offer you a high end wedding webpage that is amazingly affordable. In fact, it’s 100% free (Did I surprise you with that?). We also offer you a Premium service for just $7 per month that adds additional premium features and functionality. This makes having a Premium wedding website one of the most affordable parts of your wedding, and yet it’s one of the most seen aspects of your wedding celebration. Your wedding webpage is the face of your wedding celebration for the months leading up to your wedding.

Our Free service offers more than most paid services.

How is it that we created a service so much better than the other providers?

Easy. It’s all we do!

Big box wedding planning sites make their money from local vendor advertising. They need you to come and stay on their site so that they can market vendors to you. If you create a wedding website there, that’s a sure way to keep you coming back (so they can advertise to you more). Like Facebook and Google, they make their money from targeting you by location, wedding budget and other online activities.

Our vision at eWedding has always been to offer the most advanced, flexible, mobile friendly, and easiest to use wedding website builder on the Net. And guess what, we did it. 🙂

We have spent years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, investing in our website builder. We have been running our builder for nearly 14 years now and we know what brides want and need in a builder. We’re a pioneer in this industry, but our drive for making couples websites even better means we’re always updating to cutting edge technologies and advanced features.


Don’t take my word for it, here’s a video testimonial from Ariana and Brett, current users of eWedding.

First, here’s an amazing video Brett made for Ariana before he left for Afghanistan:



We get constant feedback from couples who have wanted more than a basic wedding website and switched to eWedding. After all, it is the face of your upcoming wedding celebrations. Every day couples leave other services to come to ewedding. Once you compare services, you will see how eWedding is different.

We have succeeded in building the most powerful wedding webpage creator on the Net with the easiest to use interface. It looks simple, but don’t be deceived, we have layered in all the tools and options you could dream of (plus some more). 🙂

We pride ourselves on so many aspects of our system. Things like:

• Our new ’Total RSVP’ system.

• New guest list management

• Upload your songs for background music

• Custom background photos and patterns

• Custom domain name

• Email and text notifications

• Easiest to use builder

• Elegant themes

And so much more…

Okay okay, this is a lot of talk, why don’t you just try it yourself! Guess what? You don’t even need to make an account to try it. Just click here and you can start editing your names, date, adding your photos and more right now.

Take a peek at some of these sites for inspiration, these couples were awesome enough to say I could share them with you!


A BEAUTIFUL site where their engagement photos are accented with the websites theme color and their music sets the perfect mood. A+

View Sayonara and Ladarian’s televised proposal here:

“One of a kind website!!
I’m so thankful for E WEDDING, I searched for the perfect website to display all of our lengthy information for our destination wedding to Puerto Rico,and I’m so happy we found them. It was so easy and simple to create,the how to’ videos were great they walked you step by step. It has a perfect music selection for any wedding music preference and it was easy to link pictures and videos!! My family and friends are in total awe! They are in love with it too!! The website looked so amazing and classy that we don’t even have to send out invitations in the mail!! Which saves us more than 1300!! This website did it all for us!! I have the most perfect fiance,the perfect Steve Harvey show proposal, the perfect ring,the perfect destination wedding and now The Most Perfect Website!!!! Thank you!!! Sy &LaDarian. 8.27.16”

Joey and Taylor included everything their guests could need. Great job!

Custom fonts and repurposed sections make this a well customized website!

“At first we thought we would build our own website, what could be simpler right? Big mistake! It was a nightmare. It was taking ages and we were getting impatient. So much so, that whilst my partner was working on it, I Googled and found eWedding. An hour later, we had an amazing website up and running and the invites were sent to print.

It was so easy to use and the end result is stunning. Our guests are hugely impressed and love it as much as we do. eWedding literally saved us from having our first argument. We can’t recommend it enough!”

Ready to start your own awesome website?

Collect and share your wedding info with the best builder on the Net!

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There’s no shortage of custom wedding webpage builders on the web, but there are huge differences between us.

Let’s review a few more…

1 RSVP systems

eWedding: New proprietary ‘Total RSVP’ system means you collect RSVPs your way. You can choose from an Open RSVP where everyone can RSVP and RSVP for any guests. The setup for this is very quick and easy. The other option is our Closed RSVP. The Closed RSVP is based off of your guest list. Once you add your guest list you are able to select which guests can see which RSVP’s. This means guests don’t see RSVP’s for events they’re not invited to. No hurt feelings or awkward un-invites.

Other services: No ‘Total RSVP’ system.

2 Photo options

eWedding: We know that photos are one of the most popular parts of a wedding webpage. Here’s what we offer you for your photos:

• Huge slideshows.

• Add unlimited photos to your slideshow

• Add unlimited slideshows

• Facefinder technology for smart cropping

• Unlimited photos in albums

• Giant images in your albums

• Photo ‘loves’ and commenting

Other services: A small slideshow (if they offer a slideshow) and small limited albums.

3 Unique themes

eWedding: We don’t offer hundreds of themes just for the sake of numbers. We instead focus on quality. While we have many more themes in the works, the ones we offer now are truly unique, just like you and how you want to your wedding celebration to be.

Other services: Most other services offer cookie cutter themes, or the same themes, because they’re coming from invitation services.

4 Easy to use builder

eWedding: What good is having a jet if you can’t fly it? We offer you more options than most other services while keeping our builder simple to use. Really. It looks like it’s a very basic system, but once you start building you find the layers of advanced functions.

Other services: Most other services offer a cockpit of confusing features or just a really bad user interface. This is where our 14 years of experience shines again; we are able to put amazing power at your fingertips without overwhelming you.


Start your eWedding website now!

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Posted by Amy Kelly

Amy is a Co-Founder of and the mother of 5 crazy little ones. Along with her husband Matt, they have developed the Net’s most advanced wedding website builder.

Best decision I've made

Best decision I've made

My eWedding experience has been absolutely amazing so far. I love how we can customize every aspect of our wedding website, including our website URL! eWedding has provided excellent customer service, and is quick to offer assistance if needed. There is an ease in knowing my wedding website is easy to access, update, and view. I looked at other wedding websites, and am so glad I decided to go with eWedding. With all the stressful decision-making that planning a wedding brings, choosing eWedding has been one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve made. Thank you, eWedding!

Corrine & Jon MI, USA
  • Matt Kelly • Founder
    “I know you’ll have even more fun managing your wedding with our tools then we had making it. Our satisfaction comes from your amazing feedback. Have fun!”