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Wedding Tips: How to Look Your Best on Your Big Day

Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day, especially when the photographer starts snapping pictures. If you want to ensure that you are glowing on your big day, you should start a few months in advance. Here are some tips for looking great for your wedding. 2-3 Months in Advance If […]

Pre-Wedding Facial DIY

All brides want to look absolutely stunning on their wedding day. While you’re choosing the perfect dress and making sure your skin has that warm golden glow, you may want to pay special attention to your face. This pre-wedding facial DIY is the perfect way to ensure that your skin is magnificent for your big […]

5 Delicious Fall Scents for Your Wedding Day

If you’re planning a fall wedding and want the perfect new perfume for the occasion, you’ve come to the right place. The following 5 scents are perfect for a fall wedding and are sure to impress your future hubby! Peace, Love & Juicy This fragrance from Juicy Couture starts out feeling like a summer scent, […]

How to Create the Smoky-Eye Makeup Look for Your Wedding

One mistake many brides make is letting someone else do their makeup for their big day. Sure, many times the look comes out beautifully, but many times, it doesn’t and there may not be time for a re-do on the day of your wedding. Remember, you’ve done your makeup thousands of times and you know […]

7 Beautiful Ideas for Wedding Day Hair

If you’re struggling to determine how your hair should be styled for your wedding day, here are 7 fantastic styles that will provide some much-needed inspiration! 1. The Romantic Side Bun This soft style is elegant and simple to create. It looks fantastic with floral accents or even vintage hair combs. The best thing about […]

One Wedding Hairstyle That Says Simple and Sophisticated

Wedding hair is something that most brides spend months thinking about, and then typically spend up to a hundred dollars bringing to life. Here’s one simple hairstyle that is sleek, sophisticated but super easy to do, and it will cost you nothing. Step 1: Tease out your hair gently to give it lots of volume. […]

5 Wedding Day Makeup Ideas

Your wedding day makeup style and colors will depend upon your theme, the dress you’re wearing and even your hair. Check out these 5 beautiful wedding day makeup ideas that look great on everyone! Soft and Natural This is perfect for a wedding in the middle of the day and combines subtle tones that highlight […]

When Good Bridal Looks Go Bad

What do you do when a good bridal look goes bad at the last minute? Don’t panic! Check out these tips for fixing your bridal ensemble on the fly. For whatever reason, sometimes good bridal looks go bad at the last minute. This means lots of stress for the bride-to-be, especially when the entire ensemble […]

Wedding Accessories to Avoid Like the Plague

Not every wedding accessory works for every bride. In fact, some brides should avoid certain wedding accessories like the plague—at any cost! Here are some tips to help you avoid wedding accessories that will hinder, not help, your wedding day ensemble. As nice as it would be, some wedding accessories do not fit all. From […]

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