You have a hashtag for your wedding right?



Over 50% of weddings now have their own hashtag. Most are specifically Instagram, but Twitter as well. But why?

Simple. Group photography! You probably used a decent chunk of your wedding budget on a videographer and photographer, right? Why did you do that? Because you want to remember the day, the moments, your family and friends having a good time, all of it!

Having your own Instagram hashtag and having your guests tag their images will increase the number of photos (memories) you’ll get by a lot. It could be double, or even triple what your photographer hands over a couple months after your wedding day. No, they’re not professional shots that will hang on your wall and be passed down, but they may be the pics that you get the biggest laugh out of, and there will definitely be shots that your photographer never would have gotten.

Do you remember in the ‘olden days’, when couples would have disposable cameras on every table at the reception? Exact same. The couples let guests collect the funny, weird and crazy pics that their photographer would never get. These moments are cherished just as much as the professional shots. They’re not better, they’re different, and why not collect them all!

1 How hard is this?

Don’t be scared, you don’t have to be a Mark Zuckerberg to collect memories by hashtag, see how easy it is…

  • How should I pick a hashtag?
  • Keep it specific and obvious, people have to be able to tag their images remember!
  • Do a search on for your choice, make sure it’s not a heavily used hashtag.
  • Don’t make it too short or too long. Too short will be heavily used, too long will just be confusing.
  • Keep special characters and numbers to a minimum.
  • Make it clever if your last names can be combined or rhymed. Uniqueness always wins.

2 How do I get everyone to use my hashtag?

You need to put it in their face! In a good way of course. 🙂

I’m sure you have seen chalkboards, table cards and posters framed with wedding hashtags on, those are all good ideas. We love the idea of a beautifully designed 8″x10″ framed by the guest book. You know everyone is going to be standing there, waiting to sign, so they will see it perfectly. You don’t want to crowd tables with it, and you don’t want it left outside where guests may not see it. Print a poster to be framed where every single guest will be.

Okay, I just said make a beautiful poster, but how do you do it if you’re not a designer? Wow, you sure asked the right person… we offer you free Hashtag posters in 8″x10″ size that you can print out with your hashtag already on it!

Just use our wedding hashtag generator to find a hashtag to add to your poster, or use a hashtag you already plan to use. Yes, it’s 100% free.

3 How do I see and share the pics?

Having guests tag pics is step one, but how do you see them all and share them with all your guests? Easy. No really, this is one of the easiest parts, definitely easier than choosing your hashtag. All you do is add them to your wedding website. Your wedding website at eWedding has advanced Instagram integration and allows you to create ‘Instagram Albums’. We then load your tagged images right into your album on your website automatically, you don’t have to do anything. We even let you reorder and delete any you don’t like. Of course people can comment and love them as well.

One simple way to load them into an album and one central location for everyone to come back and see them. Perfection? Yup.

Ready to make your hashtag and poster?

Use our hashtag generator to find and print your perfect hashtag right on a beautiful 8″x10″ poster.

Pick and Print Hashtag

4 What if someone tags something inappropriate?

This can make people nervous, and for good reason. Heck, it would make me nervous if I was running a livestream of hashtagged images. Why? Because every image, whether it was tagged by someone you know or even from your event, will show up. No better way to disturb great aunt Alice more than having, errr, ‘unplanned images’ appear in a live stream slideshow.

This is again why sharing your images on your eWedding website is the best idea. The advanced integration allows you to moderate images by deleting any you don’t like or want. This will also come in handy if someone else decided to use #SmithWedding and you have the battle of #SmithWedding photos streaming through Instagram.

Creating a hashtag is easy, sharing your hashtag with guests is easy and collecting and sharing the images for all your family and finds couldn’t be easier with eWedding. We did the hard part already, just click here to use our wedding hashtag maker now and you can stroke this off your todo list.


5 How to share your wedding hashtag online

… Already have your hashtag made and poster downloaded? You will be ready to add it your wedding website then:



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Best Wedding Website Ever!!

Best Wedding Website Ever!!

It all started when I had this idea of creating a website for our Wedding and I came across ewedding to find the simplest, easiest and yet the most creative material you could use to build your own wedding website. Our wedding theme is classic luxury and I happily implemented this theme into our website using the colors I liked and here let me make a note that you could stick to any color palette you have and use your own hex codes for the font color to create a matching theme!! I was a bit confused at the beginning because so many themes are nice and especially when you could play with the colors and fonts, but later on I decided to go with what we have on our website now which I believe is something different and classy. Even if you are not a designer or have a minimum creativity, this website could make your life easy if you want to create it on your own.

You cannot imagine my feeling on adding my personal touch on this website and making it go live and receiving so many positive feedbacks. This is the best feeling a bride could have. I really thought it’s going to take me more time to create a website for my wedding than what it really took here! We even added our special song to our website!!! Souad & Walid Dubai


Here’s a wonderful idea for soon-to-be brides that plan on having a family. Create a wedding diary to give to your oldest daughter when it’s time for her to start planning a wedding! It’s a super special gift that she’ll absolutely love. Here’s how to do it.

The Book

Purchase a small scrap book with plenty of pages and make sure it’s acid-free paper so it will last a long time without fading or turning yellow. There are many different kinds of books, and you can even get one embossed with your name and wedding date.

Wedding Scrap Book
Photo Source:

What to Add

As you go through the wedding planning process, make little notes and tips that will be useful for your future daughter. You can add magazine clippings, pictures from brochures, pictures you’ve taken yourself or other little mementos from your planning. Add invitations from your bridal shower, wedding invitations and save the date cards, etc.

Photo Source:

Making it Extra Special

When the wedding is over, place a beautiful wedding photo at the end of the book and perhaps an inspirational quote or something similar. This will wrap up the book and create the “happily ever after.” This is a wonderful gift that your daughter will absolutely love, and if you don’t have a daughter, it can be a very touching gift for a daughter in law or close family member.

Wedding Kiss

If you’re the kind of guy or gal who will spend hours checking out that long-awaited video game, then this post is for you. If you’re a couple who enjoys video games together, that’s even better. Here are some fantastic video game themed wedding ideas for the gaming couple.

Mario Themed Wedding Cake

This is a fantastic shout out to old-school video games. In this stunning cake, Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, Luigi and Yoshi all appear. It also includes those fun warp tubes, a castle, and some other beloved characters from the game.

Mario Wedding Cake
Photo Source:

A Collection of Games

This cake is great for gamers who started with the regular Nintendo or the Super Nintendo…it includes Mario and company, Zelda and even Mr. and Mrs. Pacman as toppers. It’s a menagerie of fun characters from the favorite oldies.

Mr. and Mrs. Pacman Cake and Topper
Photo Source:

8-bit Wedding Invitations

These invitations are perfect for a video game themed wedding and will even work for other themes, such as technology or “nerdy” themes. They’re adorable, and feature the bride and groom turned 8-bit.

8-bit wedding invitation
Photo Source:

Gamer Dress

There are even gamer-style wedding dresses available. This beautiful dress was designed by Avail & Company, and is inspired by the Final Fantasy video game series.

White and Purple Wedding Dress with Green Leaf Details
Photo Source:

Wedding Cake Topper

If you’re not sure whether you’re going to go with a specific game theme, but you definitely want to include gaming elements, something like this is perfect. It’s a custom topper with the bride holding a copy of Harry Potter and the groom enjoying some gaming time.

Gamer Wedding Cake Topper
Photo Source:

As you can tell, you can absolutely plan a wedding with nearly any theme imaginable. If you’re considering a gaming theme, let these fun pictures inspire you.

If you’re the type of couple who really enjoys laughing, then you’re going to love these funny wedding picture ideas. These are great for the couple with a real sense of humor, and will be hilarious to look back at years later.

Friends Style Wedding Party Picture

This funny wedding party picture looks like it could be from a movie cover. It’s clever and fun and although set-up would take a few minutes, it’s totally worth it.

Unique Wedding Party Photo
Photo Source:

Goofy Faces

Why take yourself so seriously? Have a group gather to take a picture and make it really hilarious by making funny faces. This may not be the picture you want to have created into a canvas to hang above the mantel, but it will be treasured nonetheless.

Funny Face Wedding Photo

He’s Getting Away!

This funny wedding picture seems to take after the popular wedding cake toppers where the bride is pulling back the unwilling groom. It’s funny and can be done either way (groom pulling bride, bride pulling groom).

Funny Groom Getting Away Photo
Photo Source:

Fun Props

Whether its colored sunglasses or sombreros, pictures taken with fun props can be absolutely priceless.

Fun Props Wedding Photo
Photo Source:

Silly Boys

Get funny pictures of the groomsmen to remember through the years. Boys are usually so silly that you can just tell them you want to take funny pictures and they’ll handle the rest!

Silly Groomsmen Wedding Photo
Photo Source:

These great ideas for funny pictures are just a few that should be captured by your photographer. They’re sure to become some of your favorite pictures from the big day.

If you want to save money, you can make your own boutonnieres easily and quickly.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 blossom

1 piece of greenery (ferns, leaves, etc.)

1 spray flower (baby’s breath, etc.)

Double sided floral tape

Ribbon in wedding color


First, you’ll want to cut the stem on the blossom down to about 1 and ½ to 2 inches. The same goes for the greenery and the spray flower. If there are any wilted leaves on any of them, go ahead and remove them so they stay beautiful for the big day. (These should be made only a few days in advance and can be kept in the freezer.

Now you will want to place all three stems together and play with it a little bit until you get the look you want. Use the double sided floral tape to secure the stems together. Don’t be afraid to tape right up to the blossoms because it will all be covered.

Next, use a small length of the ribbon to go around the floral tape. You can use a hot glue gun for this if the tape isn’t sticking well. Make sure the ribbon is wrapped tightly and hide the end of the ribbon near the back of the boutonnière.


That’s it – you’ve created your own beautiful boutonniere and you can adjust it if you want to with additional flowers, feathers, etc.

You may be inviting family and friends from out of town or out of state to your wedding, and one of the best ways to keep them updated is through your wedding website. Here are 3 touching things you might want to consider posting on your wedding website.

Your Proposal Video – Were you lucky enough to have your proposal video taped? If so, this is a wonderful thing to include on your wedding website. The individuals who weren’t present for the proposal can be a part of the magic moment and share in the joy and fun of the proposal.

Your Song – Another wonderful thing to post on your wedding website is your song. Most couples have a song that is the “theme” of their relationship, or one that seems to describe their love. Sharing your song with your friends and family is touching and very sweet.

Pictures – Everyone loves pictures and your wedding website should be full of them! Post baby pictures of the two of you for comparison, pictures you took while dating, silly pictures, sappy pictures…post them all! This is a great way to bring your family and friends into the celebration and allow them to get to know more about the love story that belongs to you and your future spouse.

Photo Source:

Wedding websites are becoming more popular because couples are able to share their touching moments, their story, and all the little things that are so amazing about their relationship. Your friends and family are sure to love seeing these wonderful posts!

Brides have worn something blue for centuries, and it’s a fun tradition as well as a lucky one, according to some. With roots in ancient Rome, this tradition requires that the bride wears something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Here are 5 creative ways to wear something blue.


Choose a beautiful bridal tiara featuring blue rhinestones dotted here and there. The look is pretty, modern and feminine. You can also change this idea up and use hair combs with blue gems or a blue headband.

Blue Bridal Hair Comb
Photo Source:

Wear Blue on Your Garter

You can wear a pretty and feminine garter that features blue, especially if your attire doesn’t allow for blue that will be visible. This is a great way to add the color in and you can save it as a sweet memento.

Vintage Wedding Garter with Blue
Photo Source:

Wedding Shoes

Even if you’re wearing a white dress, you can rock blue shoes for your wedding. This look is especially pretty when the shoes are visible and you wear blue jewelry to tie the look in with your overall ensemble.

Blue Wedding Shoes
Photo Source:

Blue Jewelry

Blue jewelry is a great and non-intrusive way to wear blue for your wedding day. From a beautiful sparkling necklace to a vintage sapphire ring.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
Photo Source:

Blue Bouquet

Carry blue flowers or some blue accessory on your bridal bouquet. There are many great choices and your florist can come up with something truly breathtaking so you can get your blue in!

Blue Wedding Bouquet
Photo Source:

These are just a few ideas that you can use so you’re carrying or wearing something blue on your wedding day.

If you’re not the traditional type, you should think of your wedding as a blank canvas. Fill it up with the colors that suit you best. You don’t have to wear a white dress and you certainly don’t have to promise to obey your husband. Here are 3 fun wedding alternatives to consider for your big day.

The Traditional Flower Bouquet

If the traditional cut flower bouquet isn’t your cup of tea, you should know there are a lot of alternatives. Ladies are carrying pearl bouquets, metal brooch bouquets and a variety of other alternatives. Think about your personality and try to come up with something that is all you. Carry balloons, faux butterflies or whatever else you want.

Pearl Bouquet
Photo Source:
Butterfly Bouquet
Photo Source:

Brooch BouquetThe Wedding Guest Book

Skip the traditional guest book and go with something a little edgier. Have guests paint portions of a large canvas that you can hang in your home. Each guest can be assigned a color and a letter, and can find the letter on the canvas and paint it their color. Imagine the fun and the memories.

Wedding Guestbook
Photo Source:

Wedding Ring Alternatives

You don’t have to go with the traditional valuable metal and diamond. Why not try something a little more “you?” Go with wooden, eco-friendly wedding rings, tattoo wedding rings or something else. After all, it’s your wedding, your ring and your love!

Tattoo Wedding Rings
Photo Source:

Use these ideas as inspiration when you want to have a wedding full of alternatives. Traditional weddings aren’t for everyone and more and more brides are embracing the non-traditional.

One thing most couples want to do on their wedding website is tell the story of how they met. Why do it in a plain and boring fashion when you can really spice it up? Here are 3 cute ideas for telling the story of how you met on your wedding website.

1. Become the Next Disney Story

Tell your story like the next Disney story, and be sure to include the cute photographs for a visual aid. It can start with “Once Upon a Time” and end with “Happily Ever After,” and you’ll need to throw in a few dramatic twists to make it really interesting. If you really want to make it funny, create a video of you and your future spouse singing a Disney-esque ballad together.

Disney Movies
Photo Source:

2. Choose Your Favorite Movie or Television Show

Tell your story as if the two of you were a part of your favorite movie or television show. This works really well if you plan to do the wedding theme in the same way. For instance, if your show is a crime drama, include black and white photos and plenty of criminal lingo. It’s funny and super cute.

Hunger Games Wedding
Photo Source:
Country Wedding
Photo Source:
Mad Men Wedding
Photo Source:

3. Finish Each Other’s Sentences

Make the story of how you met hilarious by “interrupting” each other to tell how things really went, or to finish each other’s sentences. It will make the story rich, not only for the content, but because it will be interesting and funny.

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

These are just a few ideas of how to tell your guests the story of how you met your future spouse. Use them for inspiration as you create your wedding website.

So maybe for your own wedding you’re going to stay more on the traditional side of things, or maybe you’re going to do the complete opposite. No matter what your own wedding theme will be, you can enjoy these 5 hilarious wedding themes!

The Superhero Wedding

Imagine walking down the aisle in a cape and mask. This superhero wedding cake looks as though it would belong to just such a wedding. It’s certainly not traditional, but you have to admire the skill of the baker.

Superhero Wedding Cake
Photo Source:

ATV, anyone?

This couple must have really loved their ATVs, as you can tell by the wedding cake. No, this isn’t the groom’s cake! It comes complete with sand hills and tiny ATVs that look like they’re attempting to tackle those hills.

Wedding Cake with ATV
Photo Source:


Apparently, this couple was really into the Bioshock video game. Here’s hoping the bride actually loved her cake and wedding theme.

Bioshock Wedding Cake
Photo Source:

Zombie Wedding

This funny wedding theme may not be something you’re considering, but you have to admit that it’s entertaining. Note that in this picture, the wedding party is being consumed by zombies.

Zombie Wedding
Photo Source:

Hunting Wedding Theme

Sure, there are a lot of hunters out there but how many choose to use the theme for their wedding? We’re guessing not many. Still, it’s nice to know someone else has chosen to take the leap.

Hunting Wedding Cake
Photo Source:

Maybe you’re thrilled at one of these themes and have decided to adopt it as your own, or maybe you’re horrified and need to thumb through your wedding planning book just to cleanse these images from your mind. In either case, these ideas can serve as inspiration for your own wedding.