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The Best Wedding Hashtag Generator

You have a hashtag for your wedding right?     Over 50% of weddings now have their own hashtag. Most are specifically Instagram, but Twitter as well. But why? Simple. Group photography! You probably used a decent chunk of your wedding budget on a videographer and photographer, right? Why did you do that? Because you […]

Fun Wedding Diary: Future Gift

Here’s a wonderful idea for soon-to-be brides that plan on having a family. Create a wedding diary to give to your oldest daughter when it’s time for her to start planning a wedding! It’s a super special gift that she’ll absolutely love. Here’s how to do it. The Book Purchase a small scrap book with […]

A Wedding for Gamers: Video Game Themed Weddings

If you’re the kind of guy or gal who will spend hours checking out that long-awaited video game, then this post is for you. If you’re a couple who enjoys video games together, that’s even better. Here are some fantastic video game themed wedding ideas for the gaming couple. Mario Themed Wedding Cake This is […]

5 Funny Wedding Picture Ideas

If you’re the type of couple who really enjoys laughing, then you’re going to love these funny wedding picture ideas. These are great for the couple with a real sense of humor, and will be hilarious to look back at years later. Friends Style Wedding Party Picture This funny wedding party picture looks like it […]

How to Make Your Own Inexpensive Boutonnière

If you want to save money, you can make your own boutonnieres easily and quickly. Here’s what you’ll need: 1 blossom 1 piece of greenery (ferns, leaves, etc.) 1 spray flower (baby’s breath, etc.) Double sided floral tape Ribbon in wedding color Pin First, you’ll want to cut the stem on the blossom down to […]

3 Touching Things to Post on Your Wedding Website

You may be inviting family and friends from out of town or out of state to your wedding, and one of the best ways to keep them updated is through your wedding website. Here are 3 touching things you might want to consider posting on your wedding website. Your Proposal Video – Were you lucky […]

5 Creative Ways to Wear Your “Something Blue”

Brides have worn something blue for centuries, and it’s a fun tradition as well as a lucky one, according to some. With roots in ancient Rome, this tradition requires that the bride wears something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Here are 5 creative ways to wear something blue. Tiara Choose a beautiful […]

3 Fun Wedding Alternatives to Make Your Day Your Own

If you’re not the traditional type, you should think of your wedding as a blank canvas. Fill it up with the colors that suit you best. You don’t have to wear a white dress and you certainly don’t have to promise to obey your husband. Here are 3 fun wedding alternatives to consider for your […]

3 Adorable Wedding Website Ideas for the Story of How You Met

One thing most couples want to do on their wedding website is tell the story of how they met. Why do it in a plain and boring fashion when you can really spice it up? Here are 3 cute ideas for telling the story of how you met on your wedding website. 1. Become the […]

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