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What to Include on Your Personal Wedding Website

Wedding websites have become extremely popular for couples who want to keep their friends and family up to date on the plans as well as tell the story of how they met and fell in love. These websites can be very beneficial because they can provide essential information to guests. Here are some of the things you definitely want to include on your personal wedding website.

The Love Story

Most couples include the story of how they met, as well as the story of the marriage proposal and any other sweet details you want to include. This can be complete with photos of the two of you during different stages of your relationship to help readers connect with the story. This is a really fun part of creating a personal wedding website. Then you’ll want to make sure you add information that guests will find really useful.

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Event Information

Next, you’ll want to add information about the wedding, such as the wedding venue and reception venue, date and time. If you’re having a non-traditional wedding and wish for guests to dress appropriately (casual, in tropical clothing, etc.) make sure you place that information on your personal wedding website as well. If you have guests that you’ve invited from out of town, you may want to include information such as nearby hotels, cab companies and other travel information.

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Registry Information

While it’s not considered good etiquette to place registry information on invitations, it is acceptable to place that information on your personal wedding website. You’ll want to include the store names that you’ve registered with as well as links to your registry on their websites.

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Other Information

You may want to give guests the option of RSVPing online, because it’s more convenient for them. You may also want to add information such as whether you’ll be providing transportation to the reception venue from the ceremony venue, the wedding theme, and anything else you feel your guests will find relevant.

RSVP Online

Your personal wedding website is a wonderful way to keep family and friends updated as you prepare to celebrate your special day.

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