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Vintage Themed Wedding Must-Haves

Vintage-themed weddings are very popular right now. They are elegant, classy and easy to plan. If you’ve decided a vintage wedding is right for you, there are a few things you simply must have.

Vintage Paper Rose Petal Holders

Rather than throwing rice, your guests can toss rose petals. These can be created or you can purchase them from specialty stores. To create them, simply cut your paper into a triangle and use paper punches to create embellishments at the top. Staple the paper together in a cone and add your rose petals! Voila – a beautiful vintage themed accessory.

Vintage Rose Petal Holders


Chandeliers are absolutely gorgeous for a vintage-themed wedding. You can purchase real chandeliers to use for your reception or take advantage of chandelier-style candleholders.

Vintage Wedding - Chandelier
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Lace is a must have for vintage weddings. Even if you don’t want the traditional-looking lace wedding dress, there are a lot of ways to incorporate it. Have a bouquet holder created from lace for a gorgeous look that isn’t too traditional.

Vintage Wedding Bouquet
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Embellished Jewelry

Jewelry that is detailed and very embellished is perfect for a vintage wedding. Now is a great time to wear those heirloom earrings your grandmother gave you or the antique bangle from your great aunt.

Vintage Jewelry
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These beautiful accessories are the details that come together to create a beautiful vintage wedding. These are just a few of the things that you can add to make sure your wedding has that authentic vintage feel.

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