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The New Fashion in Wedding Cakes: Ombre

If you’re planning a spring or summer 2013 wedding, you’ve probably already seen the ombre wedding cakes that have been posted across social networking sites and decorating bridal magazine pages. There are many different kinds of ombre cakes, and they can be made to fit with every possible theme.

If you’re still on the fence about the ombre thing, here are some different cakes that have been created using the technique. Checking them out might help you decide whether this is for you or not.

Traditional/Highly Embellished Style

This beautiful wedding cake is highly embellished and very beautiful. It has a very formal feel and the shades go from a medium teal up to an ivory color. This is perfect for a more traditional or formal wedding.

Embellished Ombre Wedding Cake
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Beautiful Rose Ombre Cake

This gorgeous cake is embellished with roses that move from a deep crimson red color to a very light shade of pink. This is a fantastic choice for a spring or summer wedding and has vivid color that is wonderful for any theme.

Rose Ombre Wedding Cake
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Classy and Elegant

This classy and elegant cake looks perfect for a fashionista. Created in shades of blush that move from a warm rose to a very pale pink, this cake is absolutely gorgeous and fit for a wedding princess.

Classy, Elegant, and Vintage Ombre Wedding Cake
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Artistic Wedding Cake

This gorgeous wedding cake in shades of vivid purple is perfect for a bride and groom with a little artistic flair. It’s also great for summer or spring.

Artistic Ombre Wedding Cake
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Modern Ruffles

This ruffled cake is absolutely gorgeous and is done in shades of black and gray. It has a very modern look that is perfect for more modern themes.

Modern Ruffled Ombre Wedding Cake
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As you can see, there are a variety of different styles that can be done with the ombre fashion. It can literally be done in a variety of different ways so you’re sure to find something that suits you well.

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