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The Hottest Wedding Color of 2013: Mint

Mint is a hot new color for 2013. It’s fresh, beautiful and works very well with a variety of different colors. If you’re considering mint for your own wedding, it’s worth checking out the other colors mint works well with. Here are some great ideas for your big day.

Mint and Gold

Mint and gold is a wonderful color combination. It’s beautiful and simple, but looks fantastic together. The great thing about this combination is that it will work well for any season. Gold has a royal feel, and mint is unassuming, making this palette perfect for virtually any theme, including traditional.

Mint and Gold China
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Mint and Gold Earrings
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Mint and Gold Wedding Cake
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Mint and Peach

Mint and peach are perfectly contrasting colors, combining the cool feeling of mint and the warmth of peach. Accent colors can be added with mint and peach, such as silver or gold. Mint and peach are perfect for spring and summer weddings, lending beauty and warmth to any theme.

Mint and Peach Color Palette
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Mint and Peach Color Scheme
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Mint and Pale Pink

Pale pink goes really well with mint, and gives a subtle feminine feeling to the wedding. Great accent colors for pale pink and mint include muted mustard and tan. Mint and pale pink palettes look fantastic for spring.

Mint and Pink Wedding Cake
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Mint and Pale Pink Color Scheme
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Mint goes really well with most colors. The only ones you should steer clear of when it comes to mint would include dark purple, crimson, and blue. All other colors are fair game so if you’re planning to use mint, you’ll have a lot of fun choosing your accent colors.

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