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The Benefits of Creating a Mailing List for Your Upcoming Wedding

Whether you’re thinking about creating a wedding website or not, there are a lot of benefits for creating a mailing list. This list should include (at the very least) your wedding party but can also include all of the guests who are attending. Here are just a few benefits of creating a mailing list:


You can allow your guests to RSVP through email. Not only will they be more ready to RSVP faster when they can do it through email but it gives you a convenient place to save your RSVPs so you know how many guests are attending the wedding.

Email RSVP
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Important Information

It’s a great way to relay important information about your wedding and reception to guests. You can remind them of the directions for getting to the ceremony and reception sites, including important information about things they should bring (such as sunscreen if your wedding will be outdoors), and answer any questions that your guests might have easily.

Wedding Directions
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Last Minute Changes

While all our plans would stick perfectly in a perfect world, it’s just not a perfect world. You might have some last minute changes to make and you want to make sure all of your wedding party or your guests receive the information. Sending a group email can ensure that your guests do receive the information or last minute changes.

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Your wedding website is the best way to create a mailing list, but you can simply call guests and ask for their email information if they want to be part of that list.

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