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Taming Wedding Day Jitters

If you’re experiencing wedding day jitters, you’re not alone. Having cold feet is normal, especially the day before and the day of the event. Here are some tips for taming those wedding day jitters before they get the best of you!

Many brides struggle with taming wedding day jitters and end up wondering if they are a sign of something more serious. How do you distinguish between cold feet and real pre-marital dilemmas? This can be a tough question to answer, especially when your mind is crowded with pre-wedding anxiety.

Fortunately, pre-wedding worries are very common and are perfectly normal, but they are not always easy to get rid of. Use the following tips to try and tame your wedding day jitters:

Get away from it all—If possible, go for a drive and snag some alone time the night before the wedding. Get up extra early on the day of and go for a jog, spend time outdoors, get some fresh air, and be alone so you can hear yourself think. The week of the wedding is a hectic time, and much of the stress and fear that causes wedding day jitters is related to the wedding planning process.

Get those endorphins pumping—Extra exercise during the week before the wedding up until the day of can help you burn off stress, fight those wedding day jitters, and increase your energy. Additionally, you’ll sleep better, feel great, and be able to think clearer.

Talk it out—Whether it’s your maid of honor, best friend, or your mother, talk about your wedding day jitters with a trusted confidante. It’s helpful to get someone else’s view on the reason for your anxieties, and that other person might be able to offer some insight as to whether or not those anxieties are legitimate or just a product of normal wedding stress.

Identify the source of the stress—This is the best way to tame your wedding day jitters—identify what is scaring you in the first place! If abuse or infidelity of any kind is involved, it’s important to seek help right away and recognize that your wedding day jitters are warranted and need professional attention. On the other hand, if you’re simply questioning which house you’ll live at or how your life will change following your marriage, chances are you’re experiencing very normal wedding day jitters.

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