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Personalized Wedding Cakes are Far from Ordinary

Forget those drab old wedding cakes and put a personalized spin on your traditional wedding dessert!

For many brides and grooms, wedding cakes are more than just a decorative sweet treat that is served as dessert after the reception dinner. Wedding cakes have long been a part of the traditional cake cutting ceremony that takes place during the reception. It is usually a highlight of the event which entails the newlyweds cutting the cake together before they so eloquently smash it all over each other’s faces. Guests then watch in anticipation as the messy frosting smears the bride’s flawless gown and crumbles all over the groom’s tidy tux. Lots of pictures are taken, laughs light up the room, and before you know it, the cake cutting pictures fit snugly in the wedding day album where they will be remembered for years to come.

Whether you picture a simple three-tiered wedding cake with white frosting and pretty pink flowers cascading across it, or a multi-tiered masterpiece complete with rich chocolate truffles and faux diamond accents, the cake will be a focal piece of your reception, so what you choose matters. The cake you pick is guaranteed to pop up over and over again in pictures and video footage down the road, so choose something you can live with. Better yet, make sure you love it! Besides, when is the next time you will ever spend that much money on a dessert again? Probably not for a very long time, so make it count.

One of the best ways to have a truly unique cake designed is to plan ahead before you visit the designer. Tap into everything and anything that ties into your personality somehow, and write it down. Make a scrapbook of pictures you love—not just of cake designs, but anything. Your favorite movies, your hubby-to-be’s favorite cars, or even architecture that appeals to you. The idea is to have a visual reference for you and your cake designer to look at when deciding on the look of the cake.

You no longer have only the option to use a bride and groom topper with swirly floral frosting decorating the edges of the cake. Today you can have anything that your heart desires made. Elegant pearl accents, animal motifs, or your favorite film poster that stars you and your partner can be brought to life by any cake-designing genius. Whether you want a jungle themed obstacle course or a fairy tale castle, your wish is the designer’s command. So jot some thoughts down and collect your favorite images, then head to your baker to create the one-of-a-kind wedding cake of your dreams. The sky’s the limit, so get creative!

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