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Most Fragrant Centerpiece Flowers for Your Reception

If you’re looking for flowers that will fill your reception hall and tables with a wonderful aroma, there are several fantastic choices. Not only are these flowers very fragrant, but they’re beautiful and will look fantastic in your centerpieces.


Roses have a delicate fragrance that has been used for centuries in beauty products, perfume and candles. They put off a subtle scent that is very pretty and great for summertime. These are great in centerpieces by themselves or with other types of complementary flowers.

Rose Centerpiece


Peonies are a very popular wedding flower because they are large and beautiful. They’ve become very popular in the last several years and they have a strong perfume that is very fresh and summery. These look fantastic when paired with smaller flowers that are complementary.

Peonie Wedding Centerpiece
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The gardenia has a wonderfully strong and glamorous scent. It is strong enough to be carried a long way on the breeze, so if you decide to put these in your centerpieces, you may want to stick with a few tucked in here and there so as not to create an overpowering scent.

Gardenia Wedding Centerpiece

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are beautiful and have ruffled blossoms that are charming. The scent is very sweet and is perfect for spring or summer weddings. These look great when tucked into bouquets of other flowers. They can also be used alone in large groupings.

Sweet Pea Wedding Centerpiece
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Each of these is a wonderful choice for your reception bouquet. Browsing through pictures can show you how charming certain flowers look together in groupings.

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