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How to Handle the Bridal Speech at Your Wedding

Nervous about your bride and groom speech? Not sure what to say? Want to be certain that the speech you give makes a lasting impression on your guests? Here are some hints that will help make your bridal speech everything you’re hoping for. 

Are you nervous about the bridal speech at your wedding? Are you unsure of what to say or how to deliver a speech that will deliver the gratitude you feel towards your guests? You’re not alone! Countless brides have stressed over their speeches. Some stress because they are nervous about public speaking in general, while others stress because they just don’t know what to say. Whatever the reasons behind your apprehension, there are a few things you can do to make sure the bridal speech at your wedding makes a lasting impression.

Consider Combining the Bride and Groom Speech

One of the easiest ways to curb nervousness during the bridal speech at your wedding is to combine the bride and groom speech into one. While your husband is speaking, you can take the time to regain your composure and prepare for your next set of lines in the speech.

Put a Notebook and Pen in Your Purse

In the weeks before your wedding, place a pen and a notebook in your purse. This will give you somewhere to write down speech ideas or lines when you think of them. The notebook can also provide organizational benefits for other aspects of your wedding besides the bridal speech at your wedding.

Use a Funny Story

A funny story in your speech will help break the ice, loosen your nerves, and give your guests something special to remember. You can share a funny story about the proposal, how you met, or your first date to make the story a little more intimate.

Address Big Contributors Directly

Did your mother make your wedding dress? Did your best friend cater the event? Did your aunt bake the cake? Let them know just how much their contribution meant to you by giving them a special “thank you” during the bridal speech at your wedding.

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