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How Much Will You Pay to Be a Bridesmaid?

If you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid by a friend or family member, you’re probably very honored. However, you may be worried about the cost for the event. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay to be a bridesmaid.


If the bachelorette party and wedding are in a different location, or you live far away from the bride, you’ll have to pay for travel. The average cost is about $300 for each event.

Bachelorette Party
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You should provide a gift for every event you go to – including the wedding shower, bachelorette party and the wedding itself. You should budget about $50 for each of these, unless you want to give the bride something more expensive or special to you.

Wedding Gifts

The Dress

You’ll likely pay an average of $150 for the bridesmaid dress. You will then have to factor in any alterations that need to be done to the dress.

Bridesmaid Dresses
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You will also need to budget for the accessories, hair and makeup and shoes. The cost of these will likely be around $200 total.

Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup
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Bridesmaid Shoes
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If there are no other costs associated with being a bridesmaid for you, then you’re looking at a total of about $800 to $1000. While this is rather expensive, you can save money by purchasing bargain accessories, doing your own hair and makeup, and traveling with other bridesmaids if possible.

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