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Get Married and Leave Your Heart in the Heart of the Florida Keys

Have a destination wedding and celebrate your new life in the middle of a Floridian paradise. The middle is always the best place to be.

Getting married in the “Heart” of the Florida Keys— also known as Marathon, Florida, is one of the few places in the world where you can say your vows while wearing flip-flops and have your champagne toast while listening to Jimmy Buffett. There is something about the middle of the Florida Keys that makes you very aware you are trapped on a remote island oasis. You quickly forget the time and date and all you can think about is sunscreen and a margarita. Quiet relaxation in a lush paradise is the theme you’ll encounter in Marathon, and for a laid back couple who loves a romantic tropical ambience, it is the perfect wedding or honeymoon destination.

Time truly does stand still as you sway to the easy reggae music and take in the sea breeze with your spouse. Whether you are considering Marathon for your ceremony or just a honeymoon, it is one tropical location that almost steals the Australian expression “no worries”. Similar to the Caribbean Islands, the Florida Keys are just as relaxing except they are relaxing with style. A boater’s and diver’s heaven, Marathon is full of nautical appeal and a “no worries” attitude, making it the perfect getaway for any new couple.

The Continental Inn off of Key Colony Beach is only one of the many low key hotels that offer everything the Keys is known for all in one place. There is a lovely swimming pool in the center of the hotel with a beautiful view of the ocean, and it leads out to the private beach and grill area, which is great for sunbathing or having a quiet meal with your spouse. Across the street from the hotel you’ll find a restaurant called The Island Fish Co. which is a cozy tiki bar that extends out over the water and offers all kinds of delicious food and drinks.

Just next door you’ll also find The Dolphin Research Center where you can swim and interact with dolphins. You can also drive about a half an hour up the road towards Key West and experience the exciting night life and culture it has to offer. The most beautiful part of having your wedding or honeymoon in the middle of the Florida Keys is being outside at night. You can hold your spouse under the blinding stars as you gaze up at the clear, pitch black sky above you. You have access to this and so much more when you stay in the middle of the Keys. Sound good yet? Start planning your Marathon Florida wedding today!

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