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Fabulous Spring Wedding Cake Ideas that Embrace the Spirit of the Season

Deciding on a spring wedding cake design is just as fun as choosing flowers for your bouquets and arrangements. Keep the following tips in mind to choose the most festive cake design for your spring wedding. It is hard to think of a better time to choose flowers and cake designs than springtime, and spring wedding cake ideas and floral arrangements go hand in hand. Springtime is all about the senses. Smelling the flowers in bloom, admiring pretty pastels, and tasting the sweet flavors of the season are what make this time of year so enjoyable. And you can’t have a spring wedding cake design without some type of floral theme to complement it. When choosing a spring wedding cake design, there are three main things to keep in mind— flowers, colors, and flavors. If you pay attention to these three important elements, you will end up with the perfect spring wedding cake for your big day. Not only can you tailor these elements to suit the season, but you can customize them to suit your personality and wedding theme as well. Flowers Flowers such as lilies, peonies, tulips, and daisies are all excellent choices to use for your wedding cake design. Whether you use one simple topper arrangement or you choose an intricate cascading arrangement to drape across the cake, adding any flowers that commonly bloom in spring is a great way to enhance your spring cake design. Colors Obviously, spring is all about soft pastels, but you can use any colors with only hints of pastels instead, such as a dark brown chocolate cake with light pink trim, or white and sage green polka dot appliqués. Accents such as sugar-molded butterflies or birds can also add colorful hints of springtime if you’d rather have subtle hints of pastels instead. Flavors How your cake tastes is just as important as how it looks. The flavor can make a big difference, especially in springtime. You want to be able to taste the essence of spring, and the best way to do that is by choosing berry and lemon flavors, or any fruit filling you desire. Bavarian crème or chocolate cherry ganache is also a nice touch. Any of these spring wedding cake ideas can give you inspiration for your own special cake design. Personal wedding websites from
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