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Dusk Wedding Ceremony: Super Easy Jar Lanterns

You’ve seen the pictures with the beautiful jar lanterns and you want to use that idea for your dusk wedding ceremony. How can you make it super easy, though, without having to add candles to each jar? This post will tell you exactly how to do that! You can buy Mason jars or you can save your jars for several months leading up to the wedding – spaghetti sauce jars, etc.

How to Create It:

Before you create the lantern jars, make sure the saved jars are clean and free of any stickers, etc. Now, you’ll want to purchase glow sticks. One for every jar is needed. The next step you will do a few hours before the wedding, so if you can enlist some help, that would be great!

Simply snip the end off of the glow stick and pour the liquid inside a jar. Shake around to coat the sides of the jar and allow the chemicals to mix. Voila – the glow stick liquid begins to glow and it coats the inside of the jar so that you have an instant lantern. It couldn’t be easier to create and when you have dozens of jar lanterns, the effect is magical!

Mason Jar Lanterns
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You can get the colors you want or make it a rainbow effect with all the different glow stick colors! The glow will last for a few hours, so make sure you do it at the right time (about 1 hour before the ceremony).

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