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Delayed Honeymoons Have Their Benefits for Newlyweds

Can’t decide where you would like to go for your honeymoon? Do you think you’d rather travel during a different time of year? Consider scheduling your trip a few weeks or even a few months later.

It may sound strange to some, but delayed honeymoons are becoming increasingly popular among newlyweds today for a myriad of reasons. Although it may sound like a complete drag to wait instead of rushing off to the airport the minute you’re hitched with your knight in shining armor by your side, there are certain perks that come with the choice to delay your trip. In our modern world full of hectic distractions such as unreasonable demands on our time from employers and the like, we don’t always have the choice to take off a week or two exactly when we’d like to—even if we plan ahead and request the time off beforehand. It’s a sad reality, but not everyone has this luxury, not even for their own wedding. What is this world coming to?

On a brighter note, there are plenty of good reasons to consider postponing your honeymoon. In fact, the benefits aren’t half bad. Everything is a matter of perspective, right? First, it helps to consider all of the “technical” reasons that can sway you to book your trip for a later date. There are certain times of the year that airfare, accommodations, or weather can all fluctuate depending on the locale. If you and your hunny have any budget restrictions, these are all valid things to consider. Waiting to fly to Bermuda at the end of the summer or in early spring can sometimes be significantly less expensive if you went say, smack in the middle of the summer.

Another reason for the trend in delayed honeymoons is responsibility. Directly after your wedding day, there may be no one in town long enough to drop your dog of at the kennel, or you may need someone to look after the house for certain dates but someone isn’t available that week. Things can also come up at work, as hard as you may try to avoid it. In a world of ever- changing business transactions where your phone is attached to your hip and you are expected to be “on call”, it can be easy to get tied down at any time. It may make you or your spouse feel better to get some things done at work first like a lingering project or a last minute assignment. This way it can be done and you can be worry free for the honeymoon, as you should be.

By booking a trip spontaneously, you will not only open yourself up to last minute travel deals but will also add a splash of excitement to your getaway. After the hectic wedding day, take a few days to run your errands and get everything situated. Update your wedding website with pictures and posts about your wedding. Guests love to see wedding websites updated as soon as possible. Then when you both feel ready to get away, call and book the next available flight to the destination of your dreams. It’s your honeymoon. Being impulsive is allowed and even encouraged. It’s you and your spouse’s time to celebrate! While many things can be planned ahead and taken care of beforehand so you can be ready for your honeymoon, don’t be afraid to try something different and move things around to suit your personality, budget, or your unexpected responsibilities.

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