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Choosing the Locale for Your Wedding

Maybe you never gave a second thought to where you wanted to hold your reception and ceremony because you thought you had it all figured out. Whether you had a locale idea in mind or you’re starting your search from scratch, here are some tips for choosing the locale for your wedding.

Choosing the locale for a wedding used to be easy. Most brides had their weddings in churches and other traditional settings. But today, things are much different. Beaches, backyards, and even museums and homes of family members have become increasingly popular locations for weddings. Many of these options have an appeal that even the most prepared bride can’t ignore. No matter what the reason, if you can’t seem to decide where to have your wedding ceremony and reception, this guide to choosing the locale for your wedding can help.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings have an appeal that few brides can’t resist at least thinking about. Benefits are plentiful with this type of wedding, making it a very popular choice. Not only can you experience your wedding in an exotic or nostalgic location, you can also save tons of money because you don’t have all of the same planning elements you’d need for a traditional wedding. This is something you may want to consider when choosing the locale for your wedding.

Church Weddings

For some brides, a traditional church wedding is the only way to go, no matter how much the times have evolved. But don’t think that a church wedding has to be formal or rigid when choosing the locale for your wedding. It may be a way to bring a sense of spirituality to your wedding. Churches can accommodate large weddings easier than some other vendors. You may also be able to skip the cost of seating and a separate reception location.

Backyard and House Weddings

Backyard and house weddings have a certain intimacy about them, probably because they are familiar to those who attend the wedding. Backyard and house weddings are also traditionally smaller, which adds further intimacy to this type of wedding. Saving money is a big plus, but bad weather or limited seating accommodations can be a turn-off. This is an important disadvantage to consider when choosing the locale for your wedding.

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