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Bridal Gown Keepsake Ideas

Out of the many keepsake ideas out there for brides who want to remember their wedding day fondly, bridal gown keepsakes are the most popular, and with good reason. Here are some bridal gown keepsake ideas to check out if you want your dress to provide memories for a lifetime.

Bridal gown keepsake ideas are plentiful, and they offer brides one of the most unique, sentimental ways to remember their special day. Brides save all kinds of things from the wedding day, including pieces of silverware, champagne glasses, and jewelry. Some even have their bouquets dried and preserved.

However, bridal gown keepsake ideas are often the most popular due to the fact that the gown is what represents the whole day; how you felt, how you looked, and what you hoped for on the big day all comes rushing back with one look at the gown. And to top it off, your gown was uniquely yours, fitted just for you. It’s hard to find another wedding keepsake with qualities as personal and special as these.

Here are some bridal gown keepsake ideas to consider if you want to preserve one of the most prominent parts of your wedding day:

Material collage—One fun keepsake idea is to request additional material from your gown during alterations, or if you can part with some of the dress, take the shawl component or a piece of the sleeve to use for a framed collage. Use the material as the backdrop and add pictures or any other mementos you’d like to create a wall collage.

Professional preservation—This is a classic bridal gown keepsake idea, and one that is affordable and well worth the investment. Have your entire bridal gown preserved by a professional company that offers this service. Your gown will be sealed into a decorative box or case to keep it from fading and deteriorating over the years.

Bridal pillow—Another keepsake idea to consider is to take a piece of your gown (or that additional material we mentioned earlier) and hire someone to sew it on to a pillow keepsake. If you’re crafty, you can try this yourself. This is one of the many special bridal gown keepsake ideas you can use to remember your big day.

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