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A Shorter Train for a Stylish Walk Down the Aisle

Shorter Trains are very in vogue and make your wedding ensemble chic and easier to wear throughout your wedding day.

Short trains are all the rage right now, especially popular amongst brides who prefer no fuss and want to be comfortable on their wedding day. Long, traditional Cathedral trains are still in style and always will be, but for the modern day bride who prefers dress styles that are sleek and chic, short trains are far more desirable. They are wonderful options for an outdoor wedding, or a vintage or retro style wedding. Casual yet sophisticated, dresses with short trains provide just as much style and functionality as the longer, formal trains, except they are easier to wear and require less maintenance. If you are in the process of dress shopping and are having second thoughts about the length of train you want to walk around with all day, consider a dress with a simple, short train.

One of the key features of a train that is short which makes it so appealing is the lack of material you are carrying around. Some dresses have trains that barely touch the ground, and some have no train at all. If you do not want to worry about dragging loads of dress behind you or don’t want to mess with a heavy, complicated bustle, then a short train dress may be just the thing for you. Another benefit to choosing one is the different style it provides. Compared to a more formal, traditional gown that is full of lace and detail, a dress with a short train exudes subtle elegance that is clean and chic. It is perfect for an afternoon wedding in a garden or at the beach, or it can make a sleek, couture fashion statement at a semi-formal evening wedding.

Try looking at gowns with a floor length, chapel, or sweeping train. These are currently the most popular short train style dresses, and they are very versatile to create whatever look you have in mind. They look excellent with ballerina flats or a sweet slip-on shoe, and some brides have even been known to wear sequined flip flops with a floor length train for a beach wedding. You can go as casual as you want with a short train, and you never have to worry about cutting fashion corners!

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