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A Seattle Honeymoon for Versatile Fun

Grab a few stereotypical flannel shirts, a warm cup of Joe, and upload a few good Nirvana songs on your iPod. Then make your way to the Starbucks capital for a romantic and versatile honeymoon that you will never forget.

For many couples, the idea of heading to a large city with noisy streets, crowded shops, and busy restaurants seems like the last place to go for a honeymoon. Usually, visions of lush tropical rainforests and warm sandy beaches or a romantic European getaway is more the norm when it comes to the list of ideal places to run off to with your new spouse. While it is true that big cities can be overwhelming and can lack the element of privacy for a honeymoon, there are many locations across the Unites States that have a lot to offer for a newlywed couple who is looking for some good, solid quality time.

Take the Pacific Northwest for example, or more specifically, the city of Seattle. Although it is known for a myriad of stereotypes and clichés, Seattle is a very diverse place with a variety of fun things to do. Even if you are not a city person, the outer areas of Seattle are buzzing with romantic possibilities if you just do a little homework to see what is available. Whether you are into art, music, and the environment, or you have a passion for nature and all-things-outdoors, Seattle and its city counterparts all have something you may be interested in. So before you cast any judgments, put aside your indie rock and coffee-drinking assumptions, and consider the possibilities. Although, if you’re an indie rock fan and a coffee lover—read no further, you’ve found your dream spot.

While there is a shred of truth to some of these clichés, there are plenty of other things to take advantage of in this exciting city. For a blissful honeymoon getaway, consider exploring the outside areas of Seattle, such as the San Juan Islands or the Port Angeles area. You will find tons of cozy bed and breakfast accommodations, as well as exhilarating activities to try out, including whale watching, kayaking, and hiking. You can also check out some common tourist attractions such as Pike’s Place Market, or you can have an intimate dinner at the Sky City Space Needle restaurant, where you can admire the breathtaking views of the surrounding water and mountain landscapes.

If you love music and the arts, catch a show at Benaroya Hall or browse Easy Street Records in the hip Queen Anne district for some new tunes. You can take advantage of all of these city hotspots as well as the rustic ambience of Washington’s “countryside” when you visit Seattle for your honeymoon. At the end of the day, you can always retire to a cushy hotel room with your spouse for some quiet time. These are only a few of the many things you can do in Seattle and its surrounding areas. If you can’t resist the typical tourist cliché’s such as checking out a Starbucks or visiting the Boeing Factory, you can do that, too.

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