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7 Beautiful Ideas for Wedding Day Hair

If you’re struggling to determine how your hair should be styled for your wedding day, here are 7 fantastic styles that will provide some much-needed inspiration!

1. The Romantic Side Bun

This soft style is elegant and simple to create. It looks fantastic with floral accents or even vintage hair combs. The best thing about this look is that it works perfectly for every dress style.

Wedding Hairstyle - Side Bun
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2. The Classic Chignon

Another very romantic style, the classic chignon is a great choice for your wedding day. It’s pretty twist works well with headbands, veils and fascinators and all dress styles.

Wedding Hairstyle - Chignon
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3. The Messy Low Bun

This is a beautiful, messy look that is flirty and fun. It’s actually achieved by braiding the hair in a fishtail braid style before pulling the braid to make it loose. It’s then rolled and pinned low for this messy bun look. It’s super pretty and works well for most brides.

Wedding Hairstyle - Low Bun
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4. Half-Up with Soft Waves

This pretty hairstyle is created by curling the hair, and then taking small sections of the front and bringing it back before pinning it. When the hair is pulled back in an alternating style (right side, left side, right side etc.) it creates a charming look.

Wedding Hairstyle - Half Up

5. Braid Headband

This sweet look is done by separating a section of the hair in the lower back part of the head and braiding, and then stretching it up and around the head like a headband. The rest of the hair is then either left down or pinned in a low bun for a romantic look.

Wedding Hairstyles - Braid Headband
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6. Fun Updo with Flowers

This is an easy-to-create updo, and is done by parting the hair up front and then pulling the hair into a high ponytail. The ends are flipped over and pinned to the base of the ponytail, creating arcs. Flowers are then pinned into the hair.

Wedding Hairstyles - Flowers

7. Polished Updo

This polished up do is a more refined version of the “fun updo with flowers.” The hair is parted and then pulled into 1-2 ponytails in the back. The hair is curled, pinned and sprayed. This works very well with tiaras and veils.

Wedding Hairstyles - Sleek Updo

These fun ideas should give you some inspiration for your own wedding hair, and it should be easy to find one that looks fantastic on you!

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