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5 Wedding Worthy Holly Yashi Jewelry Sets

Holly Yashi is an American jewelry brand becoming more and more popular for the exquisite and lightweight designs that are both delicate and bold. If you’re looking for the perfect bridal jewelry, take a gander at these amazing sets.

1. The Hollywood Set

This beautiful set features classic pearls with hints of European crystals, all in warm tones that work perfectly for a bridal set. It’s stunning and since Holly Yashi jewelry is heirloom quality, can be passed down to a daughter or daughter-in-law who will cherish them.

Holly Yashi Hollywood Set

2. The Abigail Set

This set is unbelievably romantic, featuring sterling silver, gold, labradorite, European crystals and Swarovski crystals. It’s beautiful and colorful, without being overwhelming. It’s the perfect set to contrast with a simple and beautiful gown.

Holly Yashi Abigail Set

3. The Antonia Earrings

These stunning earrings are perfect for a bridal piece, and come in a rainbow of colors. They’re created from hand-hammered niobium, gold, sterling silver and brass and feature gorgeous European crystal.

Holly Yashi Antonia Earrings

4. The Ella Jewelry Set

This set is the perfect way to add just a little gilding to your wedding ensemble. It’s great for elaborate dresses, because it won’t take away from the detail but will still allow you to shine. It comes in gold-filled or sterling silver.

Holly Yashi Ella Necklace

5. The Jamila Earrings

If you want something that will catch the light and sparkle beautifully, the Jamila earrings will do the trick. They are outstanding, and feature a plethora of semi-precious gemstones like pearls, European crystals and amethysts.

Holly Yashi Jamila Earrings

These are just a few of the gorgeous sets available from Holly Yashi, and each one of these would be perfect bridal jewelry options.

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