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5 Tips to Make Your Honeymoon More Affordable

For most couples, a honeymoon where money is no object is out of the question. Therefore, anything that allows you to save a little dough for the big trip is a valuable tip! Here are 5 of those valuable tips that will help you save money while on your honeymoon.

Tropical Honeymoon

Take Your Honeymoon during the Week

Everyone travels during the weekend. If you travel during the week, you can save money. Most merchants (airlines, hotels, rental cars) have cheaper prices during the week because this is what is considered their “down” time.

Negotiate for a Better Price

Most merchants are willing to negotiate and many set their prices higher because they expect travelers to negotiate. This is especially true with the hotel you choose. Ask if they have a honeymoon discount or if they’d be willing to shave down the price per night if you stay more than one night. Most of the time, they will work to accommodate you.

Tropical Honeymoon
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Purchase Food and Make It

Rather than eating out the entire time you’re on honeymoon, purchase food and cook it yourself. Microwaveable food that you can make in the room is cheaper than running to a restaurant for every meal. You should also go to the local grocery store and purchase fruits, drinks and snacks to eat.

Don’t Visit Tourist Traps

Think of a place you’ve always liked to see and then avoid the tourist traps. For instance, if you want to honeymoon in Ireland, pick a quaint village with a bed and breakfast that’s not far outside the city you’re interested in rather than staying at a hotel inside the city. Everything will be cheaper.

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Skip the Tours

Rather than paying for tours of the area you’re visiting, print out information and make your own tour. This will prevent you from having to pay for the tour or tip the tour guide. Plus, it’s a fun adventure that you can do together.

Using these tips will help you save big on your honeymoon and you won’t have to sacrifice fun!

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