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5 Easy and Beautiful Wedding Décor Ideas

If you’re trying to come up with fantastic wedding décor ideas, but are stumped, you’re in the right place. Here are 5 genius wedding décor ideas that are super easy and beautiful.

Charming Lights

Create these beautiful light strings using tulle squares and a string of white Christmas lights. Simply tie the tulle squares in knots down the string of lights, between each bulb. It’s super easy and really beautiful.

Charming Lights and Tulle
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Balloon Photos

Hang touching photos from balloons and using a little double-sided tape, keep the balloons in place on the ceiling so they don’t roam around. Do this over the gift table or somewhere else for a pretty and sweet touch.

Balloon Photo Holders

Aisle Décor

Create these beautiful, oversized bows using burlap and lace. Tie them to the guest chairs or benches and tuck a little sprig of baby’s breath in the middle. Charming and beautiful!

Burlap and Lace Aisle Decor with Baby's Breath
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Glitter Vases

Paint the bottom half of a jar with glue and then sprinkle on the glitter! Let it dry and you have a gorgeous vase that will really sparkle in the candle light.

Glitter Vase Centerpieces
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Easy Centerpieces

If you’re looking for a beautiful centerpiece, try this. Run burlap down the middle of your table, over the tablecloth. In the center, place a lace doily or placemat. Then, a small silver tray can be placed in the center, filled with candles, small vases, etc. It’s a pretty centerpiece that is simple to do.

Easy Burlap, Lace and Jar Centerpieces
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These are just a few of the easy décor elements you can create quickly! Plus, they’re beautiful. Using your own imagination you can expand on these ideas or come up with your own quick and fun décor ideas.

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