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5 Beautiful Wedding Statement Necklaces You Have to See

A recent trend that has been taking the bridal world by storm is statement necklaces; worn with dresses that are simple but beautiful. There are statement necklaces of all colors and styles, so it’s easy to find something that suits you well. When they’re worn with a simple dress, they become the focal point and can really be breathtaking. Here are 5 beautiful wedding statement necklaces you have to see.

Glitz and Glamour

This amazing statement necklace is paired with a wedding dress belt that is out of this world. Both are silver in color and feature tons of rhinestones and shine, and rather than taking away from the dress, they enhance it. This look has an old Hollywood feel.

Glamourous Wedding Necklace
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Teal Statement Necklace

This colorful necklace looks simply stunning with the bride’s sleeveless dress and immaculate hairstyle. It features a pretty teal color in an abstract leaf-like pattern with gold toned base.

Teal Statement Necklace
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Ribbon Necklace

This beautiful statement necklace is a ribbon necklace with a very vintage feel. It features three drop chains hanging between large ovals and the center oval has three hanging tear drop shapes. The color is wonderful against the ivory of the dress as well.

Ribbon Wedding Necklace
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Pearl and Rhinestones

This bride’s statement necklace is a multi-strand, beautiful pearl and rhinestone necklace. It features five strands that vary in size and length, and the focal point is a large rhinestone flower that makes the necklace asymmetrical and stunning.

Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace
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Yellow Chandelier

This statement necklace is bright yellow and is reminiscent of chandelier style jewelry. The larger tear drop shapes are surrounded by beading and other intricate shapes so that the necklace would really be too busy with anything but a very simple dress.

Yellow Chandelier Necklace
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Each of these is striking in its own way and really shows how beautiful a wedding statement necklace can be. Allow them to inspire you as you plan your own wedding ensemble.

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