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3 Fun Wedding Alternatives to Make Your Day Your Own

If you’re not the traditional type, you should think of your wedding as a blank canvas. Fill it up with the colors that suit you best. You don’t have to wear a white dress and you certainly don’t have to promise to obey your husband. Here are 3 fun wedding alternatives to consider for your big day.

The Traditional Flower Bouquet

If the traditional cut flower bouquet isn’t your cup of tea, you should know there are a lot of alternatives. Ladies are carrying pearl bouquets, metal brooch bouquets and a variety of other alternatives. Think about your personality and try to come up with something that is all you. Carry balloons, faux butterflies or whatever else you want.

Pearl Bouquet
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Butterfly Bouquet
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Brooch BouquetThe Wedding Guest Book

Skip the traditional guest book and go with something a little edgier. Have guests paint portions of a large canvas that you can hang in your home. Each guest can be assigned a color and a letter, and can find the letter on the canvas and paint it their color. Imagine the fun and the memories.

Wedding Guestbook
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Wedding Ring Alternatives

You don’t have to go with the traditional valuable metal and diamond. Why not try something a little more “you?” Go with wooden, eco-friendly wedding rings, tattoo wedding rings or something else. After all, it’s your wedding, your ring and your love!

Tattoo Wedding Rings
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Use these ideas as inspiration when you want to have a wedding full of alternatives. Traditional weddings aren’t for everyone and more and more brides are embracing the non-traditional.

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