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3 Adorable Wedding Website Ideas for the Story of How You Met

One thing most couples want to do on their wedding website is tell the story of how they met. Why do it in a plain and boring fashion when you can really spice it up? Here are 3 cute ideas for telling the story of how you met on your wedding website.

1. Become the Next Disney Story

Tell your story like the next Disney story, and be sure to include the cute photographs for a visual aid. It can start with “Once Upon a Time” and end with “Happily Ever After,” and you’ll need to throw in a few dramatic twists to make it really interesting. If you really want to make it funny, create a video of you and your future spouse singing a Disney-esque ballad together.

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2. Choose Your Favorite Movie or Television Show

Tell your story as if the two of you were a part of your favorite movie or television show. This works really well if you plan to do the wedding theme in the same way. For instance, if your show is a crime drama, include black and white photos and plenty of criminal lingo. It’s funny and super cute.

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3. Finish Each Other’s Sentences

Make the story of how you met hilarious by “interrupting” each other to tell how things really went, or to finish each other’s sentences. It will make the story rich, not only for the content, but because it will be interesting and funny.

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These are just a few ideas of how to tell your guests the story of how you met your future spouse. Use them for inspiration as you create your wedding website.

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