How to Choose the Right Entertainment for Your Wedding Day

If you’re struggling to decide which kind of entertainment is right for your wedding, we have a few simple tips that can help you narrow down your options.

For some couples, choosing the right entertainment for the wedding day is an easy task. You might already have an idea of the exact DJ or band you’d like to have at your wedding, or you might not have anything particular in mind and want your wedding coordinator to handle all of it for you.

Wherever you find yourself in the wedding entertainment decision-making process, we have a few suggestions for narrowing down your options as you plan your big day. You already have enough to plan as it is, right?

Keep the following things in mind when choosing the right entertainment for your wedding day if you want to make your wedding planning easier, right from the get-go.

Think Outside the Box—While you’ll definitely want music around for dancing if you’re having a larger wedding, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to hire a DJ, band, or musician. If you’re having a small, intimate ceremony, or you’re hosting a very unique wedding, your form of entertainment can be anything you desire. From magicians and street performers to dance teams and acrobats, you can entertain your guests however you’d like.

Determine the Style of Music You Want—Some bands or musicians you hire will only play certain styles of music, while a majority of them are prepared to play a number of different kinds. Most bands and musicians who play at weddings offer lists of songs they know how to play, and they may also take specific requests. Be sure of the style of music and the style of band you are looking for before you start meeting with entertainers.

Consider the DJ’s Personality—Whether you’re hiring an individual DJ or a team, remember that the DJ’s personality will affect the room’s mood. Some DJ’s are excellent at getting guests up and dancing, while others are more reserved and are better suited for low-key weddings. Get a feel for each DJ as you sit and meet with them, and then decide if they are the right entertainment for your wedding day.