Selecting a venue for your big day is in the top-three of most important wedding tasks, alongside finding a man and a dress, and quite a bit of wedding planning cannot occur before you discover and reserve the perfect location. In urban areas, the wealth of choices is staggering; in L.A. alone, there are more than 600 ballrooms, halls, and event spaces available to host your ceremony and reception, and few people would blame you if the sheer volume of opportunities slowed your planning progress.

Fortunately, one L.A.-based company is working to make sure venue selection is easier on an already-stressed bride and groom. L.A. Banquets owns seven distinct venues, each with its own unique style and size that provide a maximum range of possibilities with minimal effort. Below is an overview of some of L.A. Banquet’s venues. Be sure visit these many spaces before making your final decision.


Brandview Ballroom

If, try as you might, you simply cannot clip your guest list below the 300 mark then you will need a big space for your wedding. Fortunately, you don’t have to skimp on style and beauty just because you need to fit a large party, especially if you reserve the Brandview Ballroom. This venue is the epitome of sophistication: Built in 1921, it retains its inherent historic elegance — with a handful of essential modern touches. This is a dazzling event space for a stunning wedding.


The Patio at the Brandview

Just off the larger hall, the Brandview Patio presents a livelier, less formal setting for a smaller celebration. Outside under open sky, this area takes full advantage of southern California’s mild year-round weather and provides fresh air and gorgeous views.

Whether you choose light Mediterranean cuisine from Anoush or some other invigorating fare, your guests will undoubtedly be comfortable celebrating your wedding in this excellent outdoor space. Additionally, extra-large parties can reserve both the ballroom and the patio to spread out and take advantage of both indoor and outdoor experiences.


Le Foyer Ballroom

Another big space, Le Foyer Ballroom is grandiose where Brandview is glamorous. As your guests enter, they’ll see a magnificent 25-foot fountain of Italian marble, an opulent chandelier of glittering crystal, and no fewer than 16 European-style arches around the hall. This ballroom is ideal for a classic wedding with an old-world feel; I can see the twinkling Parisian lights and smell the roses near the Seine just thinking about it.


Le Foyer Lounge

More intimate than the wide-open ballroom but just as unbelievably chic, the lounge at the Le Foyer venue holds just about 70 guests. In this cozy marbled hall, you can spend time with your closest loved ones and truly appreciate the beauty of your wedding day.

Despite its size, the lounge boasts many amenities, including a stage for your entertainment and a bar to keep the good mood flowing. Plus, like the Brandview Patio, this lounge is also available as an addition for bigger parties in the Le Foyer Ballroom that wish for a smaller space to relax.


Glenoaks Ballroom

Plenty of brides and grooms have such a profound personal style that they need a venue that offers a clean slate for complete wedding customization. Glenoaks Ballroom is a stylish contemporary space, with soaring ceilings and simple décor, and it is just begging for your distinctive flair.

While all L.A. Banquets ballrooms are adaptable, Glenoaks is particularly open to your interpretation. Because the hall is so flexible, it easily accommodates any wedding theme you can dream up, from modest and modern to elaborate and extravagant.


Galleria Ballroom

A favorite among L.A. Banquets spaces, the Galleria Ballroom is intricately decorated with old-style chandeliers, detailed woodwork, and lavish fabrics; stepping into the hall is like moving back through time into the Victorian era.

Galleria celebrations often feel inherently steeped in tradition, which can provide a satisfying sense of significance to your nuptials. If you fall in love with this space, you might take further inspiration from the era to guide your wedding events and style.


Galleria Lounge

If you want the same age-old atmosphere for a smaller party, you should take a look at the Galleria Lounge. Timelessly sophisticated, the lounge mimics a Victorian parlor rather than an expansive ballroom, and accordingly, it provides a warm, personal feel that larger halls often lack.

However, if you require the space of the ballroom, you might consider booking the lounge for smaller pre-wedding events, like your engagement party or bridal shower, to give guests a taste of the splendor to come.

Images provided by L.A. Banquets

This is the year of the bride who appreciates natural settings, vintage venues, and repurposed spaces – creating some of the most interesting wedding reception venue trends of all time. If you’re planning a wedding and still haven’t chosen from your short list of wedding reception venues, check out these hot trends for some fresh ideas you might fall in love with.

Barn Wedding Receptions

Farm weddings and barn receptions are super hot right now, and when planned correctly can be very rustic chic. Anything vintage or recycled can work very well with a barn wedding reception. Mason jar lights or centerpieces, old wooden barrels used to ice down bottles of lemonade, copious amounts of flowers and handmade wooden signs are all beautiful pieces that would work well for a barn wedding reception. Barns are great for bridal and wedding photos, and there is always enough room no matter how many guests you invite.

Barn Wedding Reception
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Vineyard Wedding Receptions

Another popular, natural setting for wedding reception venues is vineyards. This is another venue in which vintage and rustic items can become elegant and beautiful. For vineyard receptions, couples often serve food that is complementary with wine, such as fresh fruits, different types of cheese and other hors d’oeuvres. Wine bottle stoppers make excellent wedding favors, as well as any other wine-related item.

Vineyard Wedding Reception

Garden Wedding Receptions

Garden wedding receptions are beautiful, and create perfect platforms for tea party-themed wedding receptions as well as virtually any other theme a bride can dream of. Gardens come complete with floral décor, which can be reflected in the tabletop décor and centerpieces. Strings of white twinkling lights are perfect for evening receptions, as well as paper lanterns strung to low-hanging boughs. Garden wedding receptions are versatile enough to work perfectly with fine bone china and a served entrée or decorative napkins and finger foods.

Garden Wedding Reception
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Other Hot Wedding Reception Venue

In addition to these wildly popular venues, brides are more and more attracted to venues that are natural and relaxed. Beach side banquet rooms, gazebos near the lake and state parks are becoming more popular as wonderful wedding venue spots. Perfect for breathtaking photos and charming celebrations, these venues may give you something to consider when planning your own wedding reception.

Beach Wedding Reception
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Lakeside Wedding Reception
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A FAQ or frequently asked questions section on your wedding website is a wonderful idea. It allows guests to get answers to common questions without you needing to repeat yourself dozens of times. Here are a few important questions you should answer on your wedding website:

Wedding Website

How Do I Get to the Venues?

This is an important one, especially if you’ll have different venues for your wedding ceremony and reception. Give guests the directions to the venues, the phone numbers of the venues and the link to Google maps so they can make sure they know the route.

Wedding Website Maps

Where Should I Park, and Will I Have to Pay for Parking?

In some areas, parking will be limited while others will have plenty of parking available for guests. Provide them with the location of the parking area and let them know whether there’s a cost to park in that specific area or not. Many guests arrive not knowing they have to pay for parking and not having correct change, not bringing their wallet, etc. Prevent this problem by answering in advance.

Car Parked on Road
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Is There a Dress Code?

It’s really important to tell your guests whether you expect them to dress to go with your theme or not. Not having the answer to this question up could result in serious embarrassment for the guest!

Wedding Dress Code
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Will Transportation between Venues and to/from the Hotel Be Available for Out of Town Guests?

Many brides choose to do this for their family members who have come in from out of town to attending their wedding. It’s important to clarify what kind of transportation will be available and who exactly can take advantage of it.

Wedding Website Out of Towners

By adding these questions to your FAQ, you can ensure that guests have all the information they need!

Even with help from a professional wedding coordinator, tackling the wedding planning process can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for which tasks to handle first and how to go about them.

Every couple has to stop and ask which wedding planning tasks to tackle first, even if they have help from a professional wedding planner. While a wedding coordinator can handle much of the planning process for you, it’s still your big day, and you’ll be in charge of making those final decisions. Sure, a coordinator can help you select the best theme, style, and decor for your event, but the details will be up to you. This is why it’s important to be involved in the planning process and to know how to handle it as best as you can.

Tackle the following wedding planning tasks first to make sure everything else falls into place early on:

Scout out ceremony and reception locations—Your planner will suggest venues to meet your preferences, but you’ll still need to do some legwork. Out of everything you should worry about first, selecting your ceremony and reception locations is the most important task. Venues book quickly and you don’t want to get stuck marrying at a venue you don’t like. Additionally, the venues you choose will set the tone for the rest of the event.

Get the dream dress—Depending on where you shop for your gown, chances are it will take months for your dress to be made. Whether it’s being custom made or you’re ordering a design from a bridal boutique, order your gown before you do anything else so you have it in time for fittings before the wedding.

Nail down your guest list—When it’s time to book your vendors, plan your catering, and order floral arrangements, the numbers on your guest list will matter. Sit down and write out your guest list early on to plan the rest of the wedding properly. You’ll also need to do this to get the invitations out on time and to allow everyone to RSVP well ahead of time. Without a doubt, putting together the guest list is one of the first wedding planning tasks you should tackle.