Most brides want to hang on to their wedding dress after the big day, and many will want to pass their dresses on to their daughters in the future. It’s important to learn how to preserve the dress so it will last throughout the years of your marriage.

Have a Seamstress Examine It

After the ceremony, have a seamstress examine the dress to make sure there are no loose threads or missing bead work. The seamstress can make any necessary repairs before you store the dress to ensure that it’s in excellent condition.

Wedding Dress

Have the Dress Cleaned

Next, you’ll want to have the dress professionally cleaned. You can take the dress to your local dry cleaner’s and ask them to make sure it’s professionally cleaned, and not with other types of clothing. If your local dry cleaner doesn’t have the equipment to properly clean the dress, they will have resources that you can use to get the dress cleaned.

Storing the Dress in a Box

It’s best to store your dress in a box, because years of hanging on a hanger can be stressful on the fabric. There are acid-free boxes and acid-free tissue paper online that you can order to store your dress in. Carefully fold the dress, wrap it in tissue paper and place it in the box. It should be kept in the closet, away from sunlight. The dress should be taken out of the box every year or so and allowed to breathe for a day before you store it again.

Wedding Gown Preservation
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There are professional companies that offer wedding dress preservation services, if you don’t feel you can do it or don’t want to risk doing it yourself. It’s important to preserve that beautiful dress so you can pass it on to your loved ones in the future.

Your wedding website is a treasure trove of information that your guests need, and is a super convenient way for them to RSVP if you’ve chosen to allow it. Most brides put all the helpful information they can think of on the website to ensure that their guests have everything they need. However, most don’t think about putting the following 4 things, which can be very helpful:

RSVP on Wedding Website

A Phone Number for the Venues

If your guest has a question for a representative of the venue, they can find the number quickly and easily on your wedding website. This could include anything from more detailed directions to questions about special accommodations.

Discount Codes or Coupons for Nearby Hotels

This is a wonderful thing to add to your wedding website for out of town guests, and will enable them to save when booking a nearby hotel room. Be sure to include contact information for the hotels as well!

Information for Out of Town Guests

Vendor Information

Putting vendor information on your wedding website is a wonderful way to pay tribute to the people who have worked so hard for you and to give recommendations to friends and family members who might be planning their own wedding soon. From the shop where you bought your dress to the artist that made your bridal headband, you can include their websites and contact information on your wedding website.

Vendor Information on Wedding Website

Special Thank-Yous

For those who are absolutely priceless to you, especially during your wedding planning, why not put a special thank you on your wedding website? It’s a great way to show your gratitude for those people who go above and beyond for you!

Thank You Notes on Wedding Website

Along with all the other wonderful things you will put on your wedding website, add these in to ensure that guests have everything they need!

While you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get stressed out and to worry about whether the day will be perfect like you hope. The easier you can make things on yourself, the better it will be and the less stressed you will be. Here are 3 genius wedding tips that will make things a little better and easier for you.

The Request a Song Option

On your RSVP cards, add a small line where guests can request a song to hear at the reception. This will allow you to prepare the DJ when it comes to the requested songs list. It makes things easier on you and your DJ, plus your guests will get to hear their favorite songs! It doesn’t take much room or effort to add this, and it’s a great time-saver for the big day.

Song Request for Wedding
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Invest in a Good Videographer

While getting pictures is important, many brides stress that a videographer is important. The day flies by and with all the excitement, it can be easy to miss and forget little details. With a video of the big day, you can revisit it and relive it any time you want. Make sure to make your videographer a priority and if you hire a student or friend to take pictures, you might want to invest in a professional videographer.

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Have Someone Else Be In Charge

Enlist help for your big day. Whether it’s your mother or your maid of honor, make sure they’re in on the plan for your wedding day. This will help you ensure that you’re having a great time and that you don’t have to take care of everything yourself.

Bride and Groom with Wedding Planner

These 3 genius tips will help your day be a success and take a lot of the stress from your shoulders!

Choosing the wedding cake can be a lot of fun, especially since you get to taste several different delicious flavors! However, it’s important to know how large your wedding cake should be. You never want to end up without enough cake to serve your guests, so here’s a great guideline when it comes to ordering cake.


Most brides want some sort of tiered wedding cake, and typically, it’s made from sponge cake. You can always have larger tiers for more guests, or smaller tiers if you’re having fewer guests. Dummy tiers are also great, especially if you want a three or four-tiered cake but it’s just too much cake for the number of guests you’ll have. These tiers are decorated just like the rest of the cake, but they’re not actually edible.

Tiered Wedding Cake
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Sponge Cake

Sponge cake will serve fewer individuals than fruit cake, so you’ll need a larger cake for the same number of guests. A typical 3-tiered sponge cake with a 10-inch bottom layer, 8-inch middle layer, and 6-inch top layer will serve around 72 guests. If you’re having closer to 150 guests, a cake with four tiers is closer to what you’ll need, and those tier sizes should be 14-inch, 12-inch, 10-inch and an 8-inch top tier.

Sponge Wedding Cake with Fruit
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Backup Cake

If you order a cake and you’re simply not sure whether you’ll have enough (especially if you’re serving the wedding cake as dessert), then you can have a sheet cake made as backup and keep it in the kitchen of your venue. Your guests won’t know whether they’re not getting the actual tiered wedding cake, and you’ll be sure to have enough to serve all of your guests.

Sponge Sheet Cake Pieces

By using this guideline, you can ensure that you have plenty of wedding cake for your festivities!

Your wedding vendors will go a long way toward making your day special, from the caterer to the DJ. It’s important that you choose vendors that suit your needs specifically, and that the vendors you choose are reputable. Here are a few important tips for choosing wedding vendors.

Wedding Photography
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Ask for Hidden Costs

After you’ve discussed the price the vendor will charge you, ask them specifically if there are any hidden costs. These can sometimes be added to the bill in the form of “charges” or “fees” you weren’t originally informed of. Have your vendor put the price in writing so they can be held to their end of the bargain.

Wedding Decor
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Ask for Referrals

Before choosing just any wedding vendor, ask friends and family for referrals. When individuals have had a great experience with a vendor, they’re usually glad to recommend them. This allows you to get some inside information on the vendor as well as giving you confidence that you’ll be a happy customer.

Wedding Cake
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Wedding Makeup
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Book in Advance

Perhaps one of the most important tips, it’s essential that you book the vendor well in advance. This gives them time to prepare for your wedding and ensures that they have a spot available at the right time. If you wait too long, you could end up missing the chance to get the vendor that you really want.

Wedding Photography with Bride
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By making sure you know how to choose the right vendor, you can avoid frustration and unpleasant surprises down the road.

You’ll want to have a nice long talk with your photographer before your wedding ceremony and reception to ensure you can have all the pictures you want of the touching moments throughout the day. Some photographers will bring an assistant to help them catch all of those sweet moments, so you can remember and cherish them forever. Here are some of the must have reception photos most brides want.

The Newlywed Entrance – Here, the bride and groom make their first entrance among their friends as husband and wife. It’s a beautiful moment and one for the photo album, for sure.

Reception Entrance

The Cake – You’ll want a photo of the cake table before its disturbed so you can see how lovely the display is. Of course, you’ll most definitely want a picture of the bride and groom cutting the cake together and then feeding each other the cake. This is one of the most beloved photos so it’s important not to miss out on that one.

Wedding Cake
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Wedding Cake
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Special Dances – The photographer should be able to catch pictures of each special dance at the reception, such as the mother/son dance, the father/daughter dance, and the ring bearer/flower girl dance.

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance
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First Dance
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The Bouquet Toss – This is another of the most beloved photos, along with the photo of the lucky gal catching the bouquet. It’s one you’ll cherish for many years to come.

Bouquet Toss
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Garter Toss
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The Newlyweds Leaving – Finally, one of the greatest opportunities for a picture comes at the end of the night, when the newlyweds are leaving together. Some groups will toss rose petals their way, or blow bubbles as they leave together. No matter what tradition you choose at your wedding, you’ll want pictures.

Reception Exit
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Reception Exit
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Make sure you discuss with your photographer the pictures you want, and create a list so he or she has a reference. This way, you can be sure you get the beautiful pictures that signify the most special moments of your big day.

When you’re planning your wedding, organization is a must. With the many different aspects for you to take care of, it can easily become overwhelming if you don’t stay ahead of the game. Here are 5 essential tips that will help you stay organized as you plan your big day.

1. Estimating the Number of Guests – While you will have to wait until all of your invitation recipients RSVP to find out the exact number of guests, you can do a quick estimation by assuming that 30% of the people you invited won’t show up. So, if you invite 100 guests, you can estimate that 33 guests won’t show up.

Wedding Guests Dancing
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2. Treat it Like a Job – Wedding planning is supposed to be fun, and it can be, if you treat it a bit like a job. Take it seriously and make sure you set aside time each week to get another task or several tasks completed.

Eat, Drink and be Married
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3. The Wedding Notebook – Purchase a binder and divider tabs and use it as your wedding planning notebook. Keep important things inside like vendor numbers, locations, vendor information and venue information. You can also keep contracts inside the binder so they’re in a safe location where you can access them easily.

Wedding Planning Binder
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4. Vendor Agreements – Always get vendor agreements in writing, even if the agreement changes and it’s a tiny change. It’s essential that you get every agreement in writing in case the vendor defaults on a promise and you need to take action against them.

Wedding Vendor
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5. Get Help – Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family members or friends. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and your best buds can really help. Just make sure no matter what they do, that they maintain your organization of the planning.

Wedding Planner
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By staying organized, wedding planning can be more like a fun hobby than a dreadful chore! These 5 tips can help soon-to-be brides maintain their organization and sanity.

There’s a little saying that men are supposed to spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring for their future wife, but how do you know what you’re supposed to be paying per carat or for the highest quality versus lower quality? This post will help clear up the pricing questions you might have so you can determine whether you’re getting a good deal or not.

White Flash Yellow Diamond Ring

Price Per Carat

The price of diamonds per carat will be different with every store, every designer and every style. Some designers are more popular and the cost will be higher, and diamonds that are larger are rarer than small diamonds, so the price per carat will rise with larger diamonds. One way to be sure you’re paying a fair price is to choose a supplier that is reputable; you can also compare prices in stores with the same rings.

White Flash Diamond Engagement Ring

Saving Money

You can save a lot of money by not jumping on the first ring you see and love. If you buy designer engagement rings online, you can compare the prices and make sure you’re saving money. You can save money in a few different ways as well. For instance, rather than purchasing platinum, go for white gold. The look is very similar but the cost for white gold is far lower than the cost for platinum. In addition to that, you can choose clusters rather than one large diamond.

White Flash Three Stone Engagement Ring

Searching Based on Budget

Finally, you can save money on your engagement ring by searching based on your budget. Some stores, like the Houston jewelry store – will allow you to find diamonds based on budget, size, and cut type. When you narrow down your options in this way, you’re left with the most beautiful and brilliant options that will suit you best. This store also permits you to purchase loose diamonds if you already have the setting and simply need the stone.

White Flash Diamonds

It’s definitely possible to save money while shopping for an engagement ring, so to answer the question, you should spend the least amount possible without sacrificing quality and beauty.

White Flash Diamond Engagement Ring

Do this by going for high quality stores, comparing rings in different stores and searching based on your budget. This will allow you to choose the perfect ring and still have money left over for your beautiful wedding and a super fun honeymoon.

While your wedding is an event designed to celebrate the union of marriage, there isn’t a bride alive who can deny the desire to be center stage on her special day. Being center-stage- ready means starting with the right wedding dress. Use these tips to help you find the perfect wedding dress for your special day.

Finding the perfect wedding dress may seem effortless to most of your guests, but all brides know that the task is not one to be taken lightly. Hours and hours go into finding the perfect wedding dress. You’ll try on more wedding dresses than you can fathom. But when it’s all said and done, with a few helpful tips, you will walk down the aisle in seemingly effortless beauty.

Wedding Dress

Start with Your Budget

Finding the perfect wedding dress should always start with the perfect budget. Your budget will help you determine what kind of dress you can afford and where you should purchase it. Setting your budget ahead of time will also help ensure that you don’t have to scrimp somewhere else in your wedding details later. Once you’ve set your budget, stick to it, no matter what. Even if you find a dress that you absolutely love. There are alternatives to help you afford the dress of your dreams.

Wedding Dress

Photos and Magazines

Before even stepping foot into a bridal shop, it’s important to know what kind of dress you’re looking for. This will narrow down your options in the bridal shop, which will make finding the perfect wedding dress just a little easier. You can cut out photographs of wedding dresses you like and assemble them in your planning folder or just write down details that are important. A few examples would be dress color, cut, length, strapless, or sleeved.

Wedding Dress Styles
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Enlist Some Help

Now that you know what kind of dress you want, it’s time to start narrowing down the choices even further. For this step, you’ll need to find some allies. Your maid of honor should be one of them, but it’s best to find at least a couple more. The most important trait of your allies is honesty. They need to be able to tell you the truth–if a dress makes you look too curvy or if it’s too busty—even if it’s not what you want to hear while finding the perfect wedding dress.

Bridal Gown

Bridal Gown
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Wedding days are memorable by their very nature, right? Well, here are some tips for making your wedding day as memorable as possible so you can relive the entire event for years to come.

It’s kind of hard to forget the details of your wedding day, but tips for making your wedding day memorable can really come in handy when you want to capture those memories and keep them fresh in your mind for the years ahead. You might remember the basics of your wedding day, but it’s those little details that make a difference. They have the power to create vivid reminders of your big day long after the event has come and passed.

Wedding Photography
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Use the following tips to make your wedding day memorable:

Bring in the professionals—One of the best ways to ensure your wedding day is memorable is to invest in professional vendors who can capture your event, such as videographers and photographers. Bringing in these kinds of professionals can often cause your wedding expenses to grow, but the investments are worth it when it comes to making your wedding day memorable.

Wedding Photographer
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Wedding Videographer
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Preserve your gown—This is an inexpensive, easy way to make your wedding day memorable. After you’ve walked down the aisle, returned from your honeymoon, and are ready to settle in to married life, send your gown off to a professional preservation company to make your gown a keepsake. Preserving your gown will keep your dress from deteriorating, fading, or discoloring, and it will display and store it in a decorative way for you to admire for years to come.

Wedding Gown Preservation
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Make a playlist—Songs are ideal for jogging our memory and reminding us of special times in our lives. Make a playlist that includes all of the songs played at your wedding reception, including those played during your first dance, your father-daughter dance, and so on. You can download all of the songs (if you don’t already have access to them) and listen to them on your iPod while you work out, in the car on the way to work, or when you just feel like reminiscing about your big day. This is one of the best tips for making your wedding day memorable.

Wedding Playlist
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Wedding Playlist: Personalized CD
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