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DIY Wedding Food: Creating Delicious. Elegant Meals on a Budget

These days, brides are taking more things into their own hands when it comes to their weddings. Rather than hiring wedding planners, DJs, and a whole slew of individuals, a lot of brides are doing things themselves or recruiting friends and family for help. Wedding food is no different, and your meal can be even […]

Wedding Thank-You Note Cheat Sheet

So you’ve looked up tips on writing wedding thank you notes, but you’re still not sure what’s right and what’s not. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve created this helpful wedding thank you note cheat sheet to help. Dear _____ (always insert the proper name!), Thank you [thanks] so much [a ton/a whole bunch/ever so much] […]

5 Creative Ways to Wear Your “Something Blue”

Brides have worn something blue for centuries, and it’s a fun tradition as well as a lucky one, according to some. With roots in ancient Rome, this tradition requires that the bride wears something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Here are 5 creative ways to wear something blue. Tiara Choose a beautiful […]

3 Fun Wedding Alternatives to Make Your Day Your Own

If you’re not the traditional type, you should think of your wedding as a blank canvas. Fill it up with the colors that suit you best. You don’t have to wear a white dress and you certainly don’t have to promise to obey your husband. Here are 3 fun wedding alternatives to consider for your […]

3 Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

If you want your wedding vows to be extra special, you might want to write them yourself. However, many people who aren’t accustomed to writing often will have trouble writing their vows. Here are 3 tips that are sure to help. Create a List Think of the things you want to give your future spouse, […]

Sponsored Post: What Should You Pay for Your Engagement Ring?

There’s a little saying that men are supposed to spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring for their future wife, but how do you know what you’re supposed to be paying per carat or for the highest quality versus lower quality? This post will help clear up the pricing questions you might have so […]

Songs You Will Need to Choose for Your Wedding

Most brides create a “play list” with songs they want the DJ to play during certain special moments throughout the day. Chances are, you’ll want to do the same thing, but how many songs do you need to choose, exactly. By knowing what events will require a special song, you’ll know how many to choose. […]

Handmade Rose Petal Holders: Rice-Throwing Alternative

Many brides have their guests blow bubbles or toss bird seed instead of throwing rice. Another great idea is to have your guests throw rose petals. With these beautiful handmade holders, you can create a wedding décor element as well as a fun little way to present rose petals to your guests for tossing. What […]

10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know about Weddings around the World

Most weddings are full of superstitions that have been turned into tradition; the groom not seeing his bride in her dress until the wedding, tucking a sixpence in the bride’s shoe, etc. However, these certainly aren’t the strangest wedding traditions or facts. Check out these 10 hilarious facts about weddings around the world. 1. Rain, […]

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