I hope you don’t have to have ‘that talk’ with anyone. Ever.  Ever ever ever!

I’m referring to the awkward un-invite conversation. I honestly can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than telling a relative or friend that they can’t actually come, or that all their kids they RSVP’d for aren’t invited.



This happens. It actually happens a lot. People will RSVP for themselves and family members that you didn’t actually invite. Or, everyone is invited to the ceremony, but not all other events you have and they RSVP for those as well.

This is why we revolutionized online wedding RSVPs.

Our new ‘Total RSVP’ tool fixes this problem. You now have two options when setting up your RSVPs; Open RSVP and Closed RSVP.


1 Open RSVP

  • Any visitor to your website can see all your events and the RSVP forms for each
  • Any visitor can RSVP for any event
  • Any visitor can RSVP for any amount of guests
  • Quick setup
  • Manage RSVP’s 24/7/365 in your RSVP Manager
  • Download CSV of results


2 Closed RSVP

  • You add your guest list on ‘My Guests’
  • You set which events RSVPs each guest can see and RSVP for
  • Guests have to search by their name on your site to see the RSVP forms
  • Guests only see RSVPs for events they are invited to
  • Guests can only RSVP for themselves and anyone you connect to them
  • Guests cannot RSVP for anyone you don’t allow
  • See which guests are coming, not coming and who hasn’t responded yet
  • Manage RSVPs 24/7/365 in your RSVP Manager
  • Download CSV of results

The Open RSVP is quick and easy to setup and works well for many couples. The Closed RSVP gives you total control though, this is important if you have limited seats, needs exact numbers for catering, need to make sure you control who RSVPs, etc. If your wedding ceremony and reception isn’t going to be a free for all, you should be using our proprietary Closed RSVP system.

Collecting RSVPs any other way can lead to problems, but worst of all, the awkward un-invite. Don’t let that happen, be sure to use our Total RSVP online wedding RSVP solution to manage your RSVPs the best way possible. You will be glad you did.


Don’t have an account yet? Start here: https://app.ewedding.com


Want a sneak peak at the guest setup and RSVP management tools?

My Guests‘: This is the page where you will add your guests and select which RSVPs they should be able to see and RSVP for.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 7.00.33 PM


My RSVPs‘: This is the page where you will see the status of your Closed RSVP. You will see who is coming, not coming and even who hasn’t responded yet.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 7.00.07 PM


Posted by Amy Kelly

Amy is a Co-Founder of eWedding.com and the mother of 5 crazy little ones. Along with her husband Matt, they have developed the Net’s most advanced wedding website builder.

Simple and sophisticated

Simple and sophisticated

My fiancee and I were looking for a wedding site that was easy to put together, simple, user friendly and sophisticated. eWedding met all those criteria. Everyone we shared our site with loves it. I think our favorite feature is the mp3 background music. Their customer service is even better. This is a site I would def recommend to any newly engaged couple.

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