When you’re right in the middle of planning a wedding, it’s often difficult to find time to hang out with your family and friends. This can leave those special people with more than a few questions, from what type of wedding gift you want to the type of wedding you’re planning to have. There are a few great ways to keep your friends and family in the loop while planning your wedding.

Bridal Registry

Registering for gift items is one of the best ways to keep your family and friends updated. This gives them the option to choose a gift for you that they love, but that you will truly appreciate. Remember to select a wide variety of items with different prices so guests have a range of gifts to choose from. So, you might register for a very nice and costly cookware set, but don’t forget to register for kitchen towels and pot holders as well. Finally, link to your bridal registry on your social media sites and in your email signature so family and friends can find it easily.

Wedding Registry Items
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Create a Wedding Website

One of the greatest ways to allow friends and family to follow your progress and stay in the loop is a wedding website. A wedding website typically tells a couple’s story from the moment they met to the decision to tie the knot. It may also include wedding event information and tips, as well as information on the process of planning the wedding. This can be a fun way to de-stress during your wedding planning, and let everyone else follow along with your planning.

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Rely on Your Maid of Honor

Your maid of honor traditionally has the role of planning and informing everyone as to how the wedding is coming along, what to expect, etc. Work with your maid of honor to make sure the proper save the date cards and invitations go out, to know who has RSVP’d, and to make sure your wedding day is all you want it to be.

Maid of Honor and Bride
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By taking these steps, you can ensure that your family and friends stay informed and that your day is every bit as special as you want it to be.

Your bridal registry is a wonderful way for guests to know what you need and want, so they can purchase a gift you’ll love. You probably already have a few stores in mind that you’d like to register with. Let’s see how those compare with other brides; here are the top 5 most popular bridal registry stores.

1. Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma features high quality cookware and kitchen tools that brides adore. From silverware to baking dishes, everything a new bride needs is available here. They have a good range of prices as well, so it’s easy for everyone to purchase something from the registry.

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2. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn offers up beautiful home furnishings and décor of all kinds, from living room furniture to shower curtains. Brides love the PB registry because they can ask for items of all types, big and small.

Pottery Barn Logo
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3. Kohl’s

Another store where virtually everything is available is Kohl’s, a store brides adore. Brides can register for bedding, bath items, home décor and much more.

Kohl's Logo
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4. Target

Brides love target because they have beautiful and high-quality items for the home without being too expensive. Brides can register for home furnishings, décor, kitchen supplies and tools and more with the peace of mind that they’re not asking their guests to spend a fortune.

Target Logo

5. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is similar to Pottery Barn, with items of all kinds available. Items are high-quality without being too expensive and they have a wide range of styles that suit all brides.

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Perhaps your favorite stores were on this list! When registering, remember to select a range of items in different price categories so guests can choose something you will love that is within their budget.

Wedding planning stress can be a real bummer. Don’t let it take all of the fun out of the wedding planning process! Try these tips to blow off some steam before you walk down the aisle.

If you’re on the verge of pulling your hair out because of wedding planning stress, it’s time to slow down and blow off some steam before the wedding day. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the wedding planning process and to let your downtime fall by the wayside. However, if you don’t take some time for yourself during the planning process, you’ll quickly fall victim to wedding stress burnout, and there’s nothing fun about that! After all, planning your wedding should be fun, so don’t let the stress that accompanies the planning take all of the enjoyment out of the experience.

Here three effective ways to blow off steam before the wedding day:

Take some time for solitude. One of the best ways to blow off some of that wedding stress is to take some “you” time. Slip away to your favorite spot at the beach for a day, grab a good book and hit the pool, or go treat yourself to a day of pampering. Surround yourself with peace and quiet and take some time to reflect on your life and the things you’re grateful for.

Get moving. Without a doubt, the best way to kill stress before the wedding day is to get active and exercise. Kick up the intensity of your daily workouts or work more cardio into your routine. You can also take a yoga class a few weeks before the big day to help strengthen your muscles and clear your head. Make exercise a habit and you’ll find that managing your wedding day stress is much easier.

Paint the town. Another surefire way to blow off steam before the wedding day is to paint the town with a girlfriend or two. Go shopping, have some dinner and some drinks, and have a few laughs. Nothing kicks wedding planning stress to the curb like a fun night out!

Let your hair down and blow off steam before the wedding day with these three easy tips.

Do you have to have a bridal registry to receive gifts on your wedding day? What are the pros and cons and should they matter to you and your partner? We answer those questions and more right here.

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to start researching bridal registries, but there are definitely some advantages to doing so if you plan on asking for specific types of presents. Many couples today don’t need items for the house or they’d prefer to give to charity instead of collect monetary gifts on their wedding day. The way to receive gifts and the types you receive vary greatly and the options are endless.

Keep the following in mind as you decide on the right bridal registry for you or whether or not you even need one:

Bridal registries make gift giving easy—One of the nicest advantages of using a registry is that you are able to receive gifts easily and guests are able to give you those gifts just as easily. You can choose one of your favorite stores and select items you need for the house, and guests can simply look at the list on-line and shop for you right from their own homes.

There are bridal registries for just about everything—If you or your partner aren’t crazy about receiving gifts from a department store or don’t need items for the house, it’s not a problem. There are bridal registries available for just about everything nowadays, including charity registries that allow your guests to make donations to a cause you care about on your behalf and even honeymoon registries to help you pay for your travel expenses.

Do you have your heart set on specific items?—Bridal registries are designed to help you and your partner get the gifts you want and need with ease and to make the giving process more convenient for your guests. If you really need a new car, want money for your honeymoon, or are moving into a new place and need items for the house, signing up for a bridal registry is worth considering.

Bridal registries can be very helpful tools to use for your wedding day, but the method you choose to receive gifts is entirely up to you and your partner.

Excited to start planning your bridal registry but aren’t sure where to begin? Here are some basic bridal registry options you can choose from for your special day.

Setting up your bridal registry is a lot of fun, but if you’re confused about the many bridal registry options to choose from, you might not know where to begin. Many brides love to set up bridal registries that request certain items for the home, while others prefer to keep things simple by requesting monetary gifts. Still, some brides prefer not to receive gifts at all and choose to set up a registry that accepts donations for a certain charity that they care about.

Whatever route you decide to go with, first familiarize yourself with some of the following basic bridal registry options to determine which one is right for you and your partner:

Home Goods—A bridal registry that is made up of a list of items you’d like for the home is one of the most common, popular bridal registry options to choose from. This is an ideal option if you are moving into a new home together or if one person plans on moving in with the other and leaving some of their belongings behind.

Honeymoon Funds—Another popular bridal registry option that is becoming more and more accessible to brides, grooms, and wedding guests alike is a honeymoon registry, which is an excellent option if you really want or need financial help with your honeymoon travel plans. Guests can contribute financially to everything from your room service and airfare to your luggage and accommodations.

Charity Funds—If you and your partner have certain organizations in mind that you’d like to give to, choosing a registry that allows your guests to give charitable donations is the perfect registry option. You can also combine this registry option with some of the other registry types. For example, many wedding websites today allow brides and grooms to customize their registries and to choose two different kinds of registries. This allows their guests to decide which bridal registry options they’d like to give to.

Setting up your bridal registry but aren’t sure which items to request? Here are some items to consider adding to your bridal registry that you might not have thought about.

There are some items to consider adding to your bridal registry that you might not have thought about when you began compiling your list. Whether you’ve yet to set up your requests or you’ve already made your list and feel like you are forgetting something that might be useful, there are some items to consider adding to your bridal registry that can come in handy when you start your new life together.

If you’re putting together a bridal registry, chances are you’re already taking note of the things you’d like to get. However, if you’re ready to set up your bridal registry and are clueless when it comes to the types of items to add to your list, here are some helpful gifts you can request:

Appliances—Appliances and accessories for the home are some of the most common types of gifts to request on a registry, and with good reason. Whether you’re buying a new home, moving into a new apartment, or are moving into one another’s existing home, you’ll likely need new things for the house, especially essentials, such as a blender, crock pot, coffee maker, or a new washer or dryer.

Bedding and Bathroom Accessories—New bedding, towels, sheets, curtains, or rugs are also items to consider adding to your bridal registry. Along with appliances, bedding and bathroom accessories will also come in handy even if you’re not moving into a new home. They will help spice up your existing decor and make your life together feel even more brand new.

Honeymoon luggage—Luggage to take with you on your honeymoon is often an overlooked need, but it’s something your guests can give you and have shipped to you before your big day or before you actually leave for the trip. Baggage essentials are more examples of items that are worth considering adding to your bridal registry for your wedding occasion.

Choosing a store for your wedding registry is a lot of fun, but there are so many options to choose from. Here are some tips for picking the right store for you and your partner.

Are you trying to figure out how to choose the right wedding registry store for you and your partner? Shopping around for the perfect store for your registry is loads of fun, but it can also be overwhelming due to the number of choices you have at your disposal. Before you go through the trouble of setting up a wedding registry, consider the following tips to make sure you get the kinds of gifts you really want and that you make it easy for your guests to give them to you:

Prioritize—Sit down and talk with your partner about which kinds of gifts you want or need the most. Are you moving into a new home after you get married? Are you moving from one apartment to another and plan on downsizing? Determine whether or not you want money for your honeymoon, household items, or fun extras like credit toward memberships or activities you enjoy. Then begin looking for a store or wedding registry that specializes in that area.

Wide Selection—Choosing a store that offers a wide selection is ideal for both you and your guests. Different guests will have different budgets, so if you select a wide array of items that run the gamut as far as budget is concerned, you’ll extend a courtesy to your guests and receive a wider range of gifts at the same time.

Easy Access and Convenience—Not everyone you invite will be able to attend your wedding, so it’s a good idea to choose a store for your registry that is very convenient for your guests to shop from. Choose a store that allows purchases over the phone, on-line, or by mail to make your registry accessible to out-of-town guests, and try to select one that offers a reasonable exchange policy. Choosing a convenient store is an important part of choosing the right wedding registry for you and your partner.

Not sure what to put on your wedding registry? Check out some of these popular wedding registry items.

If you are like many couples, you may not be sure which items to put on your wedding registry. In many cases, it is because the bride and groom already live together and have everything they need for their home. However, there is a solution to this all-too-common dilemma.

Around-the-House Items to Put on Your Wedding Registry

Couples that already live together may still be missing a few items for their home, or they may decide that they want to ask their guests for something they have been wanting, like a new cookware set or dish set. Other big items include bed and bath items that can spruce up the romantic areas of your home. You may even want to ask for some romantic candles to add to your home’s ambience.  This can be especially great for a romantic bubble bath or for the bedroom or living room atmospheres.

Honeymoon Registry

If putting household items on your wedding registry just doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, you may want to consider a honeymoon registry. This growing trend allows your guests to pay for parts of your honeymoon in lieu of actual gift items. This can allow you to enjoy a more eventful honeymoon than you might have if you had funded it yourselves. Honeymoon registries are becoming much more popular than traditional registries, especially since they can cost a significant amount of money for newlyweds whose budget may be tight right off the bat.

Home Repairs and Upgrades

Does your home need repairs or upgrades? You might want to consider registering at a home improvement store or at a store that sells home improvement items. Windows, doors, electrical wiring, tools, or anything else that you need to make repairs or upgrades on your home will do. Just remember to place items on your wedding registry that will vary in price so that guests from all income streams can purchase you a gift.

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