So you’re going to a wedding and you want to pick the best gift idea for your budget. Perhaps the bride and groom haven’t registered or maybe you want to get them something that will be a surprise. In any case, the following 5 great wedding gift ideas are perfect for the bride and groom!


If you were to take a survey of all brides and grooms on what their favorite wedding gift was or what they want most, the overwhelming answer would be cash. It’s great because they can use it for whatever they want – whether it’s the honeymoon or furnishing their home. When in doubt, simply give a nice cash gift!

Décor with Last Name

Another incredibly sweet idea is to give the bride and groom some sort of décor with their last name. It could be an outdoor decorative item or something for inside the home. There are a variety of different options available so you can find something that suits the couple well.

Last Name Tile
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Small Kitchen Appliance

If you’re already married, think about the small kitchen appliance that you use most often. Is it a fantastic pressure cooker or perhaps a toaster oven? This kind of gift can be fun and practical, because the couple will get a lot of use out of it.

Wine of the Month Club

The wine of the month club or (insert item) of the month clubs are very fantastic couples gifts. Make sure you know the couple enjoys this specific item first, and you’ve got a winning gift. Each month, a new wine, cheese, cookie or other goody is delivered to the couple to enjoy.

Treat Them to an Event

Treating the couple to an event is another great gift. You could buy them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, their local spa, a great theatre, etc. This ensures that they enjoy their gift double time because they’re spending time together!

These are just a few great gift ideas that the bride and groom are sure to enjoy. Use one of these ideas or allow them to inspire you to give a fantastic gift.