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DIY Wedding Food: Creating Delicious. Elegant Meals on a Budget

These days, brides are taking more things into their own hands when it comes to their weddings. Rather than hiring wedding planners, DJs, and a whole slew of individuals, a lot of brides are doing things themselves or recruiting friends and family for help. Wedding food is no different, and your meal can be even […]

7 Unbelievable Wedding Cakes

While the simple and elegant wedding cake will always have fans, many brides are more demanding when it comes to their wedding cakes. If you’re a bride who can appreciate immaculate details, then these 7 cakes are going to blow your mind. This 6-tiered beauty is absolutely amazing. It features tiers that are ruffled, textured, […]

Non-Alcoholic Wedding Reception Cocktail Hour

If you love the idea of a cocktail hour but don’t want any alcohol at your wedding, there are plenty of alternatives. Check out these super cute ideas for a non-alcoholic cocktail hour: Chocolate Milk/Milk This idea can be really cute! Simply utilize tall shot glasses or milk bottles and start by melting some chocolate […]

Ideas for a Summer Wedding Drink Station

If you’re planning a summer wedding, especially if it will be outdoors, you’ll need something to keep your guests cool and refreshed. A drink station can do exactly that! Here are a few great ideas to help you create a fantastic summer wedding drink station. Cool Drink Ideas There are lots of cool drinks you […]

Wedding Cake: How Large Should It Be?

Choosing the wedding cake can be a lot of fun, especially since you get to taste several different delicious flavors! However, it’s important to know how large your wedding cake should be. You never want to end up without enough cake to serve your guests, so here’s a great guideline when it comes to ordering […]

Golden Recipe for Wedding Dessert Bars

If you’re a chocolate and peanut butter fan, you’re going to love this recipe. It’s absolutely perfect for the wedding dessert bar, or you can place these in a pastry cup and put them inside your wedding favor bags and boxes. They’re absolutely delicious and super easy to make. This recipe was found at Baker […]

The New Fashion in Wedding Cakes: Ombre

If you’re planning a spring or summer 2013 wedding, you’ve probably already seen the ombre wedding cakes that have been posted across social networking sites and decorating bridal magazine pages. There are many different kinds of ombre cakes, and they can be made to fit with every possible theme. If you’re still on the fence […]

Spring Wedding Ideas 2013

If your spring 2013 wedding is currently in the planning phase, you’ll really appreciate these fresh new ideas. After all, a bride can use all the help she can get! See if something here strikes your fancy – at the very least, these ideas will inspire some great ideas of your own. Rose Napkin To […]

5 Ways to “Green” Your Wedding

If the environment is important to you, you’re going to want to do what you can to make your wedding as eco-friendly as possible. Here are 5 ways to “green” your wedding that will really help take the guilt away from your special day. The Rings Rather than purchasing brand new ones, go for vintage […]

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