Congratulations! You’re engaged. Now it’s time to start planning your wedding. Most women aren’t even sure where to start and it can be a little overwhelming at first. By sticking to these simple steps, you can get the big stuff out of the way before worrying about the smaller details.

Engaged Couple
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Picking the Date

The first step is to choose the best date. Talk it over with your fiancé and choose a date that is special to both of you.

Create a List of Needs

While talking with your fiancé, create a list of the things you MUST have in order to get married. This will include things like the dress, the tuxedo, the officiant, a venue, etc. Remember that this list is only for the things that are absolutely necessary for getting married.

Wedding Dress
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Make a Budget

You probably already have a good idea of what you can afford to spend on your wedding. By creating a budget, you can plan your wedding without having to go into debt.

Plan Your Theme

Now that you’ve got your budget together, decide on a theme. Do you even want a particular theme? Many brides choose themes like these:

  • Victorian
  • Literary
  • Tropical
  • Rustic/Barn
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Create a Timeline

Creating a timeline will help you stay on target so you can have everything completed by the big day. On your timeline, you’ll want to list everything – from all of the dress fittings and makeup trials to the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, vendor meetings, etc.

By following these 5 steps, you can stay organized and ensure that everything’s covered without getting too overwhelmed to enjoy the process.

If you’ve seen those cute DIY vintage wedding signs floating around Pinterest, you know how adorable they look at a rustic or even a shabby chic wedding. The great news is that they’re super easy to make, even if you don’t have any vintage wood lying around.

Vintage Wedding Signs

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Coffee grounds (you can use the ones you brewed coffee with already)
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 White paint marker (to create the lettering on the sign)
  • 1 sign post or easel
  • 1 steel wool
  • Nails and hammer, or staple gun
  • 1 2×2 wood post (only $3 at Lowes or Home Depot)

Okay, now what?

  1. Start by adding the coffee grounds to the vinegar. Allow it to sit overnight until the vinegar soaks up the color of the grains. Don’t be stingy with the coffee grounds.
  2. Use the steel wool to apply the vinegar mixture to the wood. Rub the steel wool against the wood in circular motions, allowing the vinegar to stain the wood. The result will be a deep, muted brown that looks like vintage varnished wood.
  3. Let dry for at least 24 hours.
  4. Start painting! (You may want to write our your text in pencil lightly first to make sure your spacing works well)
  5. Nail or staple the wood to your post, or set on easel.

You can also embellish the sign with ribbon, bows, flowers or lace to make it more unique.

It’s just that easy – and your sign will have that same vintage look but without the years and years of aging. These signs are great for pointing out various parts of the wedding (food, restrooms, dancing, etc.) and are really impressive!

Vintage Wooden Wedding Sign
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So you’ve heard of these brides who end up creating everything themselves and getting married for $30 and throwing a reception for $12.50. Whether you’re trying to save money or you’re eco-conscious, you too can create some fantastic wedding items using recycled stuff. You may not get away with a free wedding, but you can certainly conserve. Here are 5 DIY ideas for a recycled wedding.

Recycled Invitations

Find your favorite homemade paper tutorial and create some beautiful recycled invitations. These are perfect for any theme and will lend an artistic feel to the invitations, impressing your guests. Plus, you won’t be contributing to paper waste.

Recycled Paper Wedding Invitation
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Recycled Centerpieces

Collect a bunch of glass containers and then spray-paint them all the same color. Use them to hold your wedding flowers or even as candleholders for your centerpieces.

Recycled Centerpieces with Glass Jars
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Recycled Lanterns

Your old glass jars can be cleaned and painted with whatever color paint you’d like. Then, use gold or silver puff paint to create filigree designs. Tie thin wire around the top and hang for a recycled lantern that is very boho-looking.

Recycled Lanterns with Mason Jars

Recycled Bouquet

Look through old clothes and even bedding to collect fabric. Then, find a high-quality fabric flower tutorial and use the fabric to create fabric bouquets. You can create an eco-friendly bouquet and get rid of some clothing clutter at the same time.

Recycled Fabric Bouquet
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Let these DIY eco-friendly wedding projects inspire you to come up with a way to recycle as many aspects of your wedding as possible.

If you’ve seen the personalized or special champagne flutes made for brides and grooms, you know they’re not exactly cheap. However, you can make an adorable version for just a few cents more than the cost of the flutes themselves. Here’s how to create these super cute DIY hubby and wife champagne flutes for toasts.

Bride and Groom Champagne Flutes

For the Bride

Start by cutting a rectangle of white tulle that will be the “dress” of the flute. Next, pick some white lace or trim and measure around the champagne flute. Cut the trim or lace to fit. Using a hot glue gun, go ahead and glue the tulle to the lace a little at a time, about ½ an inch from the top of the tulle. You’ll want to bunch the tulle up as you go so you create “ruffles.”

The width of the tulle should be about 1 and ½ inches after you’ve glued it. Next, you can glue one end of the lace to the champagne flute with a little dot of glue and bring the other end around to meet it, gluing that one as well. Finish up by gluing rhinestones or bead embellishments around the lace.

For the Groom

Measure around the flute with a piece of white grosgrain ribbon and cut the ribbon to fit. Go ahead and glue the ribbon to the flute, as this will be your foundation to work with. Next, cut two pieces of ribbon about 2 inches long. Using a lighter or candle, quickly hold the edges of the ribbon to the flame to seal them. Then, cross one piece over the other and glue them together. Now glue them to the white ribbon on the glass, at the point where the ribbon meets. Cut another piece of white ribbon about 3 or 4 inches long and cut one end into an arrow. Seal the edges with the flame. Glue this vertically to the top of your white “x,” as this will serve as the tuxedo shirt.

Now you will want to make a bow out of black ribbon and glue it to the top of the white ribbon, where the “x” meets. Finish the shirt by placing rhinestones down the vertical white ribbon to act as the tuxedo shirt buttons. Voila – you’ve created a beautiful set of wedding champagne flutes!

While you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get stressed out and to worry about whether the day will be perfect like you hope. The easier you can make things on yourself, the better it will be and the less stressed you will be. Here are 3 genius wedding tips that will make things a little better and easier for you.

The Request a Song Option

On your RSVP cards, add a small line where guests can request a song to hear at the reception. This will allow you to prepare the DJ when it comes to the requested songs list. It makes things easier on you and your DJ, plus your guests will get to hear their favorite songs! It doesn’t take much room or effort to add this, and it’s a great time-saver for the big day.

Song Request for Wedding
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Invest in a Good Videographer

While getting pictures is important, many brides stress that a videographer is important. The day flies by and with all the excitement, it can be easy to miss and forget little details. With a video of the big day, you can revisit it and relive it any time you want. Make sure to make your videographer a priority and if you hire a student or friend to take pictures, you might want to invest in a professional videographer.

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Have Someone Else Be In Charge

Enlist help for your big day. Whether it’s your mother or your maid of honor, make sure they’re in on the plan for your wedding day. This will help you ensure that you’re having a great time and that you don’t have to take care of everything yourself.

Bride and Groom with Wedding Planner

These 3 genius tips will help your day be a success and take a lot of the stress from your shoulders!

If you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid by a friend or family member, you’re probably very honored. However, you may be worried about the cost for the event. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay to be a bridesmaid.


If the bachelorette party and wedding are in a different location, or you live far away from the bride, you’ll have to pay for travel. The average cost is about $300 for each event.

Bachelorette Party
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You should provide a gift for every event you go to – including the wedding shower, bachelorette party and the wedding itself. You should budget about $50 for each of these, unless you want to give the bride something more expensive or special to you.

Wedding Gifts

The Dress

You’ll likely pay an average of $150 for the bridesmaid dress. You will then have to factor in any alterations that need to be done to the dress.

Bridesmaid Dresses
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You will also need to budget for the accessories, hair and makeup and shoes. The cost of these will likely be around $200 total.

Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup
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Bridesmaid Shoes
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If there are no other costs associated with being a bridesmaid for you, then you’re looking at a total of about $800 to $1000. While this is rather expensive, you can save money by purchasing bargain accessories, doing your own hair and makeup, and traveling with other bridesmaids if possible.

If you’re still struggling with your wedding invitations list, maybe we can help. It can be hard to determine who you should invite and who you shouldn’t, especially if your budget will allow only a certain number of wedding guests. Use these questions and ideas to decide who to invite to your wedding.

Wedding Send-Off
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Are You Related to the Individual?

If either you or the groom is related to the individual in question, you may want to think about inviting them, simply because feelings could get hurt if you invite one family member and not another. However, wedding etiquette does not require that you invite them; consider the other questions before making up your mind.

Did He/She Invite You to His/Her Wedding?

Another question to ask yourself is whether the individual in question invited you to his or her wedding. If the answer is no, then you definitely don’t have to invite them to your wedding. If they did, again, you might want to consider inviting him or her.

Wedding Balloon Send-Off with Guests
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Is It Someone You Come into Contact with Often?

If this is someone you come into contact with often, or someone you chat with often, you might want to think about inviting them. If you haven’t seen or heard from this individual in the past 6 months, you really don’t have to invite them. This is especially true if you’re going for a more intimate wedding celebration.

The Drama Factor

If you didn’t invite the individual in question, would it create family drama or problems? If it would, it’s best to go ahead and invite them, simply for the sake of keeping peace. That said, if you really don’t want to invite the person, don’t. It’s your big day so it should be your choice.

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Using these questions and ideas, you can determine whether to go ahead and invite someone or leave them off the list.

If you want to save money, you can make your own boutonnieres easily and quickly.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 blossom

1 piece of greenery (ferns, leaves, etc.)

1 spray flower (baby’s breath, etc.)

Double sided floral tape

Ribbon in wedding color


First, you’ll want to cut the stem on the blossom down to about 1 and ½ to 2 inches. The same goes for the greenery and the spray flower. If there are any wilted leaves on any of them, go ahead and remove them so they stay beautiful for the big day. (These should be made only a few days in advance and can be kept in the freezer.

Now you will want to place all three stems together and play with it a little bit until you get the look you want. Use the double sided floral tape to secure the stems together. Don’t be afraid to tape right up to the blossoms because it will all be covered.

Next, use a small length of the ribbon to go around the floral tape. You can use a hot glue gun for this if the tape isn’t sticking well. Make sure the ribbon is wrapped tightly and hide the end of the ribbon near the back of the boutonnière.


That’s it – you’ve created your own beautiful boutonniere and you can adjust it if you want to with additional flowers, feathers, etc.

Your wedding vendors will go a long way toward making your day special, from the caterer to the DJ. It’s important that you choose vendors that suit your needs specifically, and that the vendors you choose are reputable. Here are a few important tips for choosing wedding vendors.

Wedding Photography
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Ask for Hidden Costs

After you’ve discussed the price the vendor will charge you, ask them specifically if there are any hidden costs. These can sometimes be added to the bill in the form of “charges” or “fees” you weren’t originally informed of. Have your vendor put the price in writing so they can be held to their end of the bargain.

Wedding Decor
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Ask for Referrals

Before choosing just any wedding vendor, ask friends and family for referrals. When individuals have had a great experience with a vendor, they’re usually glad to recommend them. This allows you to get some inside information on the vendor as well as giving you confidence that you’ll be a happy customer.

Wedding Cake
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Wedding Makeup
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Book in Advance

Perhaps one of the most important tips, it’s essential that you book the vendor well in advance. This gives them time to prepare for your wedding and ensures that they have a spot available at the right time. If you wait too long, you could end up missing the chance to get the vendor that you really want.

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By making sure you know how to choose the right vendor, you can avoid frustration and unpleasant surprises down the road.

Whether you’re thinking about creating a wedding website or not, there are a lot of benefits for creating a mailing list. This list should include (at the very least) your wedding party but can also include all of the guests who are attending. Here are just a few benefits of creating a mailing list:


You can allow your guests to RSVP through email. Not only will they be more ready to RSVP faster when they can do it through email but it gives you a convenient place to save your RSVPs so you know how many guests are attending the wedding.

Email RSVP
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Important Information

It’s a great way to relay important information about your wedding and reception to guests. You can remind them of the directions for getting to the ceremony and reception sites, including important information about things they should bring (such as sunscreen if your wedding will be outdoors), and answer any questions that your guests might have easily.

Wedding Directions
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Last Minute Changes

While all our plans would stick perfectly in a perfect world, it’s just not a perfect world. You might have some last minute changes to make and you want to make sure all of your wedding party or your guests receive the information. Sending a group email can ensure that your guests do receive the information or last minute changes.

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Your wedding website is the best way to create a mailing list, but you can simply call guests and ask for their email information if they want to be part of that list.