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Hollywood’s Most Secretive Celebrity Weddings

No matter how hard they try, Hollywood celebrities can’t always keep their private lives secret—not even on their wedding days! Here are some of Hollywood’s most secretive celebrity weddings in recent years. Everyone who likes to follow their favorite movie stars loves to know all of the juicy details about Hollywood’s most secretive celebrity weddings, […]

The Latest Scoop on Kim Kardashian’s Fairytale Wedding

If you haven’t been following Kim’s wedding, not to worry. We have the latest scoop right here! Kim Kardashian’s fairytale wedding to Kris Humphries is anything but secret. Surprisingly, most of the details have been leaked by none other than the bride-to-be herself. Despite Kim spilling the beans on a lot of details, it is […]

Pull Off a Great Celebrity Look for Your Wedding Day

Want to look like a celebrity on your big day without spending a fortune? Here are some great celebrity trends that you can try without the cost! Do want to pull off a great celebrity look for your wedding day but don’t have a fortune to spend? Never fear! There are many ways that you […]

How to Have a Celebrity Cake for Your Wedding Without the Cost

Celebrity wedding cakes are beautiful and extravagant, yet very few people can afford designs similar to them. If you want a celebrity-style cake on a budget, try a few of these tips. If you want to have a celebrity cake for your wedding without the cost, there are a few tips you can follow. Following […]

Borrow Bridal Style from Celebrity Weddings

You may not be able to live like the stars, but you can fashion your wedding day after them by borrowing some of the hottest celebrity bridal looks and décor ideas! From cakes and reception décor to bridal gowns and hairstyles, borrowing bridal style from various celebrity weddings is a fun way to be inspired […]

Current Celebrity Wedding Trends

Everyone wishes they could be like a celebrity in some way, and it’s no different when it is time to plan our wedding. Some of these current celebrity wedding trends may help spark a few ideas for your upcoming wedding ceremony. When a celebrity wedding is happening, everyone –no matter where they are on the […]

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