No matter how hard they try, Hollywood celebrities can’t always keep their private lives secret—not even on their wedding days! Here are some of Hollywood’s most secretive celebrity weddings in recent years.

Everyone who likes to follow their favorite movie stars loves to know all of the juicy details about Hollywood’s most secretive celebrity weddings, but those details aren’t always easy to come by! Many celebrity couples have the financial means necessary to go out of their way to keep their big day under wraps from the public, and after constantly being hounded by the paparazzi on a daily basis, can you really blame them?

Some have large and lavish affairs and resort to the highest level of security and the most private locations, while others slip away to remote destinations and elope when no one else is around. Here are some of Hollywood’s most secretive celebrity weddings in recent years and some details that we were able to dig up:

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig—Yup, you heard right! This secret wedding is a very recent one. The couple tied the knot this summer, on June 22, 2011 in New York City with only four people present—their children and two good friends.

Beyonce and Jay-Z—This power couple married a few years ago, on April 4, 2008, but they continue to be one of the most sought-after entertainers in the music industry, and their influence is just as large now as it was back then. They worked hard to marry privately, with about 40 close friends in the rapper’s living room.

Megan Fox and Austin Green—This celebrity couple’s wedding certainly didn’t seem secretive, did it? News spread quickly and before we knew it, the couple’s wedding news was plastered on every star magazine on the market. Still, the couple made an effort to marry privately on a beach in Hawaii, with only Austin Green’s son present. Fox wore an Armani gown with a 16-foot train and Green also donned an all-white Armani suit.

These are only a few of Hollywood’s most secretive celebrity weddings, but we’ll continue to dig up more over time as more of our favorite stars get hitched undercover!

If you haven’t been following Kim’s wedding, not to worry. We have the latest scoop right here!

Kim Kardashian’s fairytale wedding to Kris Humphries is anything but secret. Surprisingly, most of the details have been leaked by none other than the bride-to-be herself. Despite Kim spilling the beans on a lot of details, it is still an event that has everyone talking, and why not? What could be more fun to discuss than a fairytale wedding of this magnitude?

Exquisite Invitations

When it was discovered that Kardashian chose Lehr & Black, the go-to for celebrity wedding invites, it became evident that the invites would be anything but ordinary! People magazine revealed that Kardashian’s invites arrived inside a box covered with jet black hematite crystals. The actual invites, found inside the box, featured a black and white color scheme.

Venue and Decorations

Word has it that Kim Kardashian’s fairytale wedding will take place at the $20 million, Spanish-style mansion owned by Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Decorations are expected to fall in line with the silver, black, and white color theme of the black tie event, complete with white African roses flying in from Africa. Even guests have been instructed to arrive in either black or white so that the color scheme isn’t strayed from in the slightest way.

About the Cake

Kim’s cake will reportedly be from the same vendor her sister Khloe chose, Hansen’s Cakes in Los Angeles. After some taste testing, the couple finally decided on a 10-tiered white cake with chocolate chip icing. Black and white decorations will provide the finishing touches.

The Dress

Kardashian’s gown seems to be one of the only details kept under wraps. Previous reports indicated that she was really having a difficult time making a concrete decision, but that she definitely knew that the designer would be none other than Vera Wang, family friend and highly sought-after wedding gown designer. Speculations have emerged about the dress. Some think that the purpose of the black and white surrounding is to create an attention-grabbing effect for a colorful gown, but no one really knows for sure. Based on all of the other details, we do know that the gown for Kim Kardashian’s fairytale wedding will be anything but ordinary.

Want to look like a celebrity on your big day without spending a fortune? Here are some great celebrity trends that you can try without the cost!

Do want to pull off a great celebrity look for your wedding day but don’t have a fortune to spend? Never fear! There are many ways that you can copy celebrity looks for a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is take a look at the trends that they follow. Here are a few great tips to get you started.

Dress Details

The detail of your dress is one way you can pull off a great celebrity look for your wedding day. A few examples include things like crystal belts, ruffled rows, crumb catchers, and big bows. Some of the stars you have seen featuring these looks include Heidi Klum at the Golden Globes with her crumb catcher detailing, and Kate Perry’s pink Basil Soda gown that was embellished by large bows at the Grammy Choice Awards.

Show Your Shoulders

Another great way to pull off a great celebrity look for your wedding day is to bare your shoulders. Strapless dresses are bound to always be in style and they are a definite must for this season’s wedding look. You can implement this look with an asymmetrical top or halter straps. Halter straps provide a classic but sexy look, and asymmetrical looks add a demure finish to your wedding gown. Both styles can flatter a bride with almost any figure as she walks down the aisle. A few stars you have seen featuring these looks include Cameron Diaz at the Golden Globes in her pink asymmetrical gown by Chanel Haute Couture, and Kate Winslet in her black Zac Posen halter dress at the BAFTAs.

Soft and Bold

Bold blues or soft yellows are also a great must for a celebrity look on your wedding day. These are great colors for both spring and summer weddings, but they can also be incorporated into a fall or winter wedding. You can even jazz them up a little by pairing them with a soft metallic color, such as with your bridesmaid dresses. Some of the stars you’ve seen featuring these looks include Christina Applegate and Angelina Jolie. No matter what your budget, you can try any of these tips to pull off a great celebrity look on your wedding day.

Celebrity wedding cakes are beautiful and extravagant, yet very few people can afford designs similar to them. If you want a celebrity-style cake on a budget, try a few of these tips.

If you want to have a celebrity cake for your wedding without the cost, there are a few tips you can follow. Following these tips can help provide you with an extravagant cake for a lot less money! Before the end of the reception, guests will be swooning over your cake and they won’t believe it when you tell them how much you saved.

Finding Your Cake

Before visiting cake caterer, spend some time looking through celebrity wedding cakes. Look in wedding magazines, celebrity magazines, and on-line through different celebrity wedding cake pictures. Decide which ones will best fit your wedding theme and clip or print a few out. Spend some time looking over them, show them to your groom-to-be, and even ask the opinion of family and friends. You will want to narrow down your choices until you find two or three of your favorites.

Visiting the Cake Caterer

When you go to the cake caterer, take along your cake picture clippings. Let them know that you want to have a celebrity cake for your wedding, without the hefty cost. Ask them if they can create something similar to the cakes you have chosen in a scaled-down size. Ask if there are ways that you can duplicate the design without as many embellishments. They should be able to help you have a celebrity cake for your wedding that doesn’t cost as much, and they’ll inform you of the different prices and options.

Celebrity Cake Display

Another way that you can have a cake like the celebrities have is to have the cake caterer create a small cake that would be for display only. This cake could feed just you and your groom, or maybe even a few immediate family members. You could then have them create a second-sheet cake with some of the same embellishments, and it can be sliced out of the guests’ sight, saving you tremendously on the cost. If you want to have a celebrity cake for your wedding without the cost, try some of these great tips!

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You may not be able to live like the stars, but you can fashion your wedding day after them by borrowing some of the hottest celebrity bridal looks and décor ideas!

From cakes and reception décor to bridal gowns and hairstyles, borrowing bridal style from various celebrity weddings is a fun way to be inspired and get your glam on. Celebrities are the kings and queens of glamour, and they know how to pull all the stops to create a show-stopping wedding. True, they may have millions of dollars and the top wedding coordinators on their side to create such glamorous affairs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow some inspiration from their wedding day to create your own luxurious occasion on a budget!


Some of the hottest Hollywood bridal attire trends as of late include lots of vintage and retro-inspired looks. From lace and birdcage veils to cocktail bridesmaid dresses, vintage is back. Just a few years ago, the world took notice when Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl sported a chic birdcage veil, and it seems like the bridal world has embraced all-things-vintage ever since.

Netted veils are elegant and super sexy, and they work great with cocktail-style gowns or any retro-style gown. You can also pair one with a sleek, modern gown of your choice, and top it off with an Art Deco brooch or hair clip.

Location, Location, Location

Backyard receptions and ceremonies taken place at home have been all the rage recently, even in Hollywood. But some stars still opt for lavish, romantic weddings in the kind of faraway lands we only dream about. Remember when the lovely Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise? They said their vows in a breathtaking 15th century castle in Bracciano, Italy.

Last year, actress Emily Blunt tied the knot in Como Italy, and Penelope Cruz was married in the Bahamas. To celebrate like the stars at home, consider marrying on a local beach or at a historic church or museum in your hometown. When you choose a luxurious location, you don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations or floral arrangements, because your surroundings do all of the work for you. Location and bridal attire are only a few of the many aspects you can borrow celebrity style from for your wedding day.

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Everyone wishes they could be like a celebrity in some way, and it’s no different when it is time to plan our wedding. Some of these current celebrity wedding trends may help spark a few ideas for your upcoming wedding ceremony.

When a celebrity wedding is happening, everyone –no matter where they are on the globe–seems to know about it. It’s no wonder that the details of these celebrity weddings turn into current celebrity wedding trends. Suddenly, everyone wants to know about them and desires to create a wedding just like the one they saw in the gossip magazine.

Destination weddings are probably one of the most popular current celebrity wedding trends, which will probably always remain at the top of the “popular” list. Destination weddings never get old as there are so many beautiful, exotic places where you can celebrate an exciting wedding.

For example, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married in romantic Italy, while Paris, France was the city of choice for Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. Today, destination weddings aren’t just for the rich and the famous, even those that take place in the most remarkable and breathtaking countries and cities. It is more affordable today for anyone to have a gorgeous wedding in a beautiful, romantic city as well. And just think– you won’t be entertaining nearly as many guests as celebrities do, which means you are already spending less!

Another one of the current celebrity wedding trends is serving a tall cake- – actually, too tall of a cake. Apparently, Mariska Hargitay jumped on this trend, with a seven-foot tall masterpiece!  You don’t need such a large cake of course. A few different tiers with flowers placed between them, complete with a sophisticated cake topper will fit the bill perfectly. Still, the choice is yours. If you want the Leaning Tower of Pisa, by all means, knock yourself out.

Celebrities have also been spotted going all out on their table centerpieces, with huge water fountains or massive flower arrangements. They use the most expensive flowers of course, so you can always have smaller flower arrangements designed with more affordable flowers instead, or you can even use decorative bowls with bottoms lined with colorful rocks and floating candles.

As everyone is well aware, celebrities have no limitations on their spending budgets, so they can have whatever they want, whenever they want. While most of us don’t have unlimited funding options, we can still put on a heck of a wedding by borrowing inspiration from some of these current celebrity wedding trends!

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