Erin Soo and Andrew Erlandson

July 9, 2011

Our Story...

Better Together!

Andrew and I have been together for almost 6 years and with each other's support we have overcome many challenges we have faced in our lives and careers. Here's a quick look into the past 6 years together!


In 2005, Andrew and I graduated from high school, and started our college and university careers. Andrew went to George Brown for a Construction Science and Management degree, while I attended York University for a degree in Biology.


In 2007, we went took a vacation to the Dominican Repblic, to enjoy some sand and sun!


In 2008, we took a trip to San Franciso during Reading Week with Andrew's family and had an awesome time! We also visited Chicago for our 3 year anniversary and fell in love with the Shed Aquarium. In August of 2008, I took my first trip to Saskatchewan with Andrew and his family for the Erlandson Family Reunion. What a beautiful province! Can't forget to mention the adorable kittens! 


We joined the Habitat for Humanity Campus Coalition in 2008 and 2009, and helped raise over $10,000 for the fight to end the cycle of poverty in Toronto.


In the March of 2009, Andrew proposed to me at our favourite sushi resturant! And I said YES! That spring, Andrew and I both graduated with our completed degrees and in April we took a trip with my Mom to visit my family in my home country of Malaysia. We travelled to my hometown of Ipoh, visited other areas in Malaysia such as KL, Pengang and Redang. We went over to visit my cousins in Singapore, then caught a flight to Hong Kong to do some sightseeing. We spent an amazing month in Asia!





In August of 2009, Andrew started his full time position working for Vanbots on the Royal Victoria Hospital site in Barrie. While I started my second degree in Nursing at York University.

We both knew that the next two years were going to be tough! Andrew was working over an hour away, I was in an intense fast track program and we had a wedding to plan!

In the fall of 2010, my mom moved out and Andrew moved in! We are currently working out how people live together without killing eachother! haha! But no matter what we disagree on, we never let that get in the way of our love!

2011 has finally come! We are so excited to be getting married and we both agree that the best years of our lives are still to come!